Happy Bea-Day

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Wishing all the Bea fans a happy Bea-Day today! Bea would have been 92 today and many of her fans are remembering and reflecting on her performances. Other fans are pulling out their photos and stories of when they were
fortunate enough in meeting her, primarily during her one woman show. Either way, a great time of the year!

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Bea Arthur Chicago

Bea thrilled to see so many fans after her Chicago show


The Golden Girls gracefully arrives on iTunes

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iTunes, Apple’s digital media ecosystem, thriving for years now, is finally delivering all 7 seasons of The Golden Girls digitally. Each episode cost $1.99, as it is only available in standard definition resolution. Season 2-7 can be purchased for $19.99 each, while with season one, each individual episode has to be purchased. I, personally, was hoping for the episodes to be remastered in high definition in which I would have gladly re-bought all of the seasons. I remember seeing at one time a network was airing it in true high definition, so they must exist! Either way, it is nice to finally see The Golden Girls in the iTunes network. Still waiting on those further seasons of Maude. Hint hint distribution companies.

Here are the direct links below :


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Busy Bea now on iOS

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Creativity is the key.

Based from the off and on defunct Flappy Bird iOS game, Michael Denison from #BeaADay and Brian Kokernak from Headrush team up to unveil today, Busy Bea. It is just as painfully addicting as Flappy Bird has been. You will be throwing your phone in no time, but this time it will be with the playful FakeBit rendering of Bea and the Golden Girls (simplified MIDI background Golden Girls theme music).

I find it to be a fun medium to keep Bea’s memory alive and kicking, check it out. Free on iOS, Android coming soon.

Bea Arthur YouTube Playlist

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Before there was the YouTube era, video clips were provided on this website in Quicktime format. At the time, I would convert my favorite clips from the videos I was buying on VHS from eBay. Most videos were not larger then 320×240 and quality varied.

Then YouTube came along and, slowly but surely, people started to upload their own video collections. After a period of time, the videos on YouTube were the same as the ones that I had uploaded on the website. Their quality and range of compatible playing devices over performed from the ones on the website. I decided to take down the videos due to this, as well as, save on hosting space and bandwidth.

Screenshot 2014-02-17 18.29.47

Then YouTube started to get smarter and began to kill off some of those hard to find videos due to copyrights. After another  while, the availability of Bea’s performances started to remain and grow in numbers as acceptable content. Therefore, I decided to make my own playlist available to the public and now feature it as the video section to this website.

Going forward, I’d love to hear from fans that have their own special treasures favorited on YouTube to add to this playlist. Feel free to message me on Youtube or leave a comment below if you do.

Flashback in Bea Arthur History – Spring 2004

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It has been a while! I realized recently that it has been a solid decade since Bea’s one women show was at the height of its existence. Generally I think of it between 2000 and 2004. She continued on longer then 2004, however it was less frequent and staggered in performances. I also believe this site and the fans were at it’s prime. So, I thought it would be a good time to do some flashbacks from this era.

I’ll start by revisiting what was going on 10 years ago today ( for February / March 2014 ).  Bea brought her show back to her home state, California. She spent quite some time in Los Angeles specifically where there was a concentration of fans attending and writing on a particular showing. These stories were collected on a special page dedicated to this time. View it here, to relive the moment.


At the same time, the long and awaited spoof on the Sex and the City was revealed to great fan fair and the video went viral before videos went viral. This special aired on TVLand and starred Bea Arthur, Sally Struthers, Katherine Helmond and Charlotte Rae.

To this day, people are still talking about the skit and specifically Bea’s memorable roll.

In reviewing this timeframe, I found it interesting to be reminded of what our wish list was at the time. We still hoped for The Golden Girls and Maude to be released on DVD. At least that wish was granted more so for The Golden Girls then Maude. However, we were also asking for Bea Arthur on Broadway / Bea Arthur Just Between Friends on DVD and unfortunately today, we still are (and/or digital download). The soundtrack is fantastic, but many of us want to relive her performance as it was to her own vision. To be seen. So, let us not give up on that. There is also a video that some fans ask me about often that is yet to be released titled Lunching with a Legend. Hopefully that is released someday soon, as well.

If you want to flashback some more, visit these other links
Posts for 2004 here.

Bea Arthur on Broadway complete schedule archive here.

Stories from fans who saw the show over the years here.

Sex and the City parody on YouTube here.

Let me know your thoughts on these events. I remember these particular two like it was yesterday. Feel free to revisit 2004 as a whole and leave your comments on what you remember. It would be great to hear again from some of the fans again!

Bea A Day – Daily fan art inspired by John Currin

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A fun read in the Huffington Post today featuring Michael Denison who has been creating daily art work inspired by John Currin’s recent headlining portrait of Bea that was auctioned a few months ago. I have always enjoyed and encouraged fan art of Bea over the years. Bea A Day (www.beaaday.com) is Tumblr blog that hosts these drawings and will be an added favorite to my feed.

Take a peak at the Huffington Post article, as well, as they pick their favorite 10 drawings. > 10 Bizarre And Totally Awesome Bea Arthur Artworks That Are Better Than John Currin’s


Remembering Bea in 2013

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Happy Mother’s day to all! Tomorrow, the 13th, was Bea’s birthday, so wanted to remember that again in 2013. Rewatching the Golden Girls, Maude and the many other performances, it’s easy to forget she is gone. Bea’s gift of recorded performances gives us an eternity of entertainment which past, present and future fans will always appreciate. So, happy birthday and Mother’s Day Bea and to her family too!


Insight from a Golden Girls writer

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Enjoyable read as Marc Cherry shares his memories of writing for Golden Girls in this insightful Vulture article.

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 2.24.39 PMBefore he started dreaming up soapy story lines for Desperate Housewives (and the upcoming Devious Maids), Marc Cherry cut his teeth as a Hollywood writer on the final three seasons of The Golden Girls, which today faced off against Friends in the latest installment of Vulture’s Sitcom Smackdown bracket. Working with partner Jamie Wooten, Cherry got to write jokes for some of the funniest comedic actresses in TV history, while also working with the future creators of Arrested Development (Mitch Hurwitz) and Modern Family (Christopher Lloyd). Was the experience all chuckles and cheesecake? Or did Estelle Getty throw daily temper tantrums, providing Cherry valuable lessons in talent management he’d use once he arrived on Wisteria Lane? Okay, we’re not going to try to trick you: Working on Girls was just as awesome as you’d expect. Cherry took time out to share highlights of his experience, including how Rue McClanahan helped him shape one of the Housewives, why Bea Arthur wasn’t as tough as she seemed, and whether Betty White has any flaws at all (spoiler alert: She doesn’t).

– See more at: http://www.vulture.com/2013/02/marc-cherry-remembers-writing-for-golden-girls.html#sthash.mDxFvtx3.dpuf

Thank you to Bea fan Alex in Italy for passing along this link!