Message from El Portal Management

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Dear Kevin,

I would like to offer a special Premium Seating code to all of the Bea Arthur fans on your excellent site for her shows at El Portal Theatre in Los Angeles February 17 – 19, 2006.

Premium seating
Cost: $75 per ticket, guaranteed seat within first four rows of center section (10 feet from Bea!)
Includes: Complimentary champagne reception following the performance with Bea and Billy.
Code word: GOLDEN

This promotion will not be publicly advertised for at least two weeks. Right now it is only offered through our website ( or through the internet. Simply type in GOLDEN in the code box. Then you may personally select your available seat within the first four rows of the theatre in the center section on the seating chart.

These tickets will go fast. I hope your audience gets some of them!


El Portal Management

Cheers to 2006!

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Just wanted to wish everyone a belated happy new year! Thanks for all of your support over the past few years, as we are going on year 6 of this web site! Special thanks to Tara for the kind donation, which goes towards more years of this fan site being online!

More exciting things to come to this web site and more exciting things to come from Bea… so as always, come back for new updates, as soon as, I hear of them! If anyone is going to see Bea on the 6th and/or 7th, be sure to let us know!

Take care all,

El Portal Pronto!

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Simply enough, if you are going to see Bea in 2006, this is the show(s) you need to go to. Do it for yourself, do it for Bea, do it for me (to report back on) and do it for the fans. Go. Go. Go. Get your clapping on DVD!

with Billy Goldenberg at the piano
Back by Popular Demand!
Friday February 17, 2006 at 8:00 PM
Saturday February 18, 2006 at 8:00 PM
Sunday February 19, 2006 at 3:00 PM

The Director will be Terry Hughes.

El Portal Theatre MainStage
5269 Lankershim Boulevard
North Hollywood, California 91610.

“Bea Arthur and Billy Goldenberg return to the El Portal with their Tony nominated show. Bea Arthur recounts her celebrated career with song and good humor”.

“Book the seats early, this show is sure to sell out”.

Buy tickets or call 1-866-811-4111

Prices: Center-Center Orchestra $55.00, Left Front-Left front terrace $45.00, Left Rear-Left upper terrace $40.00, Right-Right Terrace $45.00.

Channing replaces Arthur in April

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For whatever reasons, the April 22nd show at the University of Pittsburgh has been canceled and replaced with Carol Channing instead. What really doesn’t makes sense is what the BCPAC president, Jim Guelfi said, “Bea Arthur has canceled her 2006 tour, including her spring date in Bradford… I feel bad that Ms. Arthur needed to cancel her tour for health reasons” Meanwhile, she has added dates in January, so it’s confusing that he says that Bea has cancelled her 2006 tour in general, when there are still shows going on. All we can do is wait and see about all of this, but at this point things are obviously unclear. So, as usual, keep checking back here as I will be posting updates as soon as I hear of them!

See full article here

Thanks again to Alex for the prompt information!

Bea Advanced

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I’ve been working hard on enhancing your Bea experience! Coming soon, hopefully within the next week or two, the first podcast dedicated to Bea fandom… not only will it be about what Bea is up to, but also, more importantly, it will be about you, the dedicated fans! To subscribe, click on your RSS preference icon to the right side of the page. Soon you will be also able to subscribe to the podcasts and video blogs via iTunes!

First up, an awesome video from Alan, who met Bea, Rue and Betty at last months Border’s signing in NYC! Thank god for video cell phones! And thank you Alan for sharing this with us!

Golden Girls NYC Signing [Quicktime .MOV file – 0:20 – 0.5 mb]

More fun soon, so stay tuned… literally!



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Last night, Bea’s wish of appearing on an episode of one of her favorite shows, Curb Your Enthusiasm, came true! In a cameo spot, Bea portraid Larry’s dead mother. A short but sweet sequence that Bea keeps true to her form! A must see! If you missed it, it will be replayed a few more times on HBO and HBO2, so check your listings! It will also be on the DVD release of the 5th season of Curb Your Enthusiasm sometime next year.

In other news, the May 6th, 2006 show in Springfield has been cancelled and replaced by Debbie Reynolds. As usual, no reason was provided for the cancellation.

If you are in NYC, it looks like Peter Mac and John Schaefer are back with their show ‘Jingle Away With Judy and Bea’. Visit their web site for more information!

More exciting things to come! Keep coming back for more!!

Success!… what’s next?

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Well, that Golden Girls signing was quite the success! Thanks for posting your comments about that… very interesting stuff there! I still was hoping that you took your cameras… not even to get a snap of the girls, but I love to see the fans just as much. YOU. I want to see YOU, too! (for the most part)

Here is a link with some new photos of the event that I hadn’t seen (thanks Alex again!)

So, what is next? Well, enjoy your Christmas parties and egg nog this month, as Bea isn’t doing anything. But, her schedule is getting full soon after in January. So, keep an eye out on the schedule guys and gals. What’s next for here? I’m debating on doing a podcast and/or video blog. I need to at least do it once to see how it works out… so stay tuned for that… could be fun!

Finally, I added some more stuff to the BeaStore. Including the pre order to Pam Anderson’s Roast DVD… uncensored version. If you want to help out the longevity of this site, simply buy your Bea DVDs and CDs through this site. I get a kick back from Amazon when you do… so you get something and in return you continue to keep this site live for all the other fans. Not a bad deal huh! Through sales of this past year, I was able to recirculate the money into another year of hosting the videos! So, the videos are back up and here to stay! So, thank you all and hope you enjoy the vids!

That’s all for now! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving (if it applies to you) and looking forward to the holiday’s coming up next month!


Meet the Golden Girls TODAY in NYC!

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Go, go, go and take pictures and videos and we’ll all love you :)

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2005 12:30 PM

Other stuff ::

Bea’s show at the Carefree Theatre in West Palm Beach, Florida , November 25-27 has been posted to sometime in 2006. New dates will be announced shortly, hopefully.

New show announced for January 6th and 7th in San Francisco! As always, check out the tour information page.

I’m scatterbrained, more later :) … have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Listen up, recap

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I am, um, behind… but just in case you missed some stuff, here is a recap of upcoming events to take note of and dates to mark on your calendar! First, Tuesday, November 15, run to the store and buy the Lifetime’s Intimate Portraits: Golden Girls DVD so you can see my name at the end of Bea’s program again :) or preorder by clicking on the icon to the right. On November 22, run back to the store and buy Season 3 of the Golden Girls on DVD. But first, go to Lifetime’s web site and sign up to their contest for a chance to meet the Golden Girls in NYC… they are really making this a big, special event, so pay attention! Especially, on Friday, November 11, watch Lifetime all day long (literally) as they are running a very special, 20th anniversary gala party and Golden Girl marathon. Gosh, it almost sounds like I work for Lifetime these days, huh! Unfortunately, I will be out of town that day, so hopefully I will be able to watch it later assuming it records properly.

Also, I have posted the new dates to the rescheduled shows that were postponed due to Bea’s recent illness for both Chicago and Salem. Check out the tour information section for more information!

{edit} Golden Girls Season 4 will be released on February 14, 2006… getting quicker with the releases!