2010 – A year to review a legacy

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Happy New Year!

It’s weird thinking about 2010. I already know that there won’t be any chance that I will get to surprise all of you with a new date, time and venue that Bea would be appearing at. Though I haven’t had the fortune of doing that in a while, she always managed to surprise us and every year I never gave up hope. That being said, we now have many years of her materials to sift through. Therefore, I declare, 2010 is the year to review the legacy of Bea Arthur.

I can’t think of a better way to start reviewing her life other then reading the words from a lucky guy that got to spend the last 6 years of his life with Bea. Not just for an occasional event here and there, but as her everyday personal assistant and eventual close friend. Click here, to read some of Dan Watt’s personal stories and what exciting project he has been working on (which he kicked off with Bea, herself!).

On another note, this web site turns 10 years old next month! I never would have imagined all that would have come out of this web site back then, but am so thankful for all the fans that I have met and special opportunities that I have received from it.

As always, keep your fingers crossed in hopes of some new media releases this year. ie. Maude Season 2 – 6 and Bea Arthur on Broadway on DVD or 3-D Blu-ray ;)

Until next time!
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