A Place At The Table

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Bea continues to make an impact on lives and future lives to come in 2016. On October 21, The Ali Forney Center’s A Place at the Table gala honored the memory of Bea Arthur, who during her life advocated LGBT rights, as well as, their own center. Bea, who died in 2009, included a $300,000 donation to the center in her will. Construction of the Bea Arthur Residence, an 18-bed shelter for homeless LGBT youths run by AFC, is soon to be completed.

You can view some of the photos from this event over at Getty Images.


In other recent events, we learned of Terry “Maude” McCann passed away this year at the crowning age of 100. You may know of Terry from her appearances on The Carol Burnett Show as a ridiculously perfect Maude look-a-like, act-a-like, everything-a-like. Truly a memorable moment. Take a look at this clip as a pleasant reminder. 

While you are over on YouTube, be sure to check out the mega Bea playlist we have over there. As of this post, 190 videos have been added!

November 16, 2016 update : 16 minutes into this video, footage can be found of Ali Forney Center honoring Bea Arthur and the opening of her named residence.

December 3, 2016 update


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