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Thanks for visiting the Bea Arthur in the Lime Light Archives.

This website has been active since 2000. The site was quite active in the early 2000s when the Golden Girls were rerunning on Lifetime for a new generation to discover Bea. At the same time, Bea started a one-woman show “And then there’s Bea” later changed to “Bea Arthur on Broadway”. Over the years fans contacted me often to share their experiences in seeing Bea’s show, discussing The Golden Girls, and/or ultimately meeting Bea in person. Their stories and photos were priceless and at the time were the only way to share. Group discussion took place on Yahoo Groups. Shortly after Bea’s passing in 2009, for obvious reasons, the discussions thinned out and stories slowed to a crawl. I decided to keep the website up in an archival form with an active, although sparse, news blog feed. I hope you enjoy traveling back in time and reliving the excitement Bea continued in so many of her fans.

Suggestions for getting information, apart from the Biography and Filmography pages.

Bea and Kev

• Read the fibs and facts section for quick answers to popular questions

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