After the show glimpses!

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I received an email from a fellow Bea fan, Roland, who shared his attempt in seeing Bea on Tuesday when she was on The View. I was happy to see the photos and very happy to see that Billy was continuing to be close by her side!

Roland writes ::

My name is Roland and I happen to be a huge Bea Arthur fan. The release of Maude on DVD is just a dream come true. I’m getting my copy tomorrow.
I live in New Jersey, very close to Manhattan and this morning I decided to go to The View studios with a friend to try to get standby tickets. Unfortunately, we weren’t that lucky. but decided to stay around to wait for Bea to come out after the show.
After waiting for about an hour and a half, Adrienne came out, followed by Bea. I got to take pictures, which I am attaching to this e-mail. Perhaps, you may want to post some of them on the website.
By the way, the guy next to Adrienne is not me. He happens to be an autograph hunter and is a big fan of hers.

Thanks Roland!

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  1. Alex

    You did a great job, Roland! Thanks so much for sharing with us those beautiful photos; Bea looked so great and it was very nice to see Adrienne and Billy too!


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