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If you haven’t noticed by now, I’ve been hard at work over the past two weeks getting new videos up of Bea on this web site to share with all the fans. Some of the new videos are from Bea’s performances on Dave’s World, Enemies of Laughter, Maude, Lovers and other Strangers and her short lived 80’s sitcom, Amanda’s (by the sea). I have a ton more to share with you as well, all from my personal collection, within the next few weeks. I have also been replacing some of the current videos that I have already been posting. Some of these videos were created 5 years ago, so the video codecs were quite out of date. Now, all the new videos are in the pleasant 320×240 viewing size and instead of multiple files, are now one file with multiple clips from that performance edited together. I have been having a blast working on these and I hope that you have been enjoying them as well!

For some reason, possibly because of the recent Pamela Anderson Roast, I have been getting a lot more hits to the web site lately. Furthermore, the videos that I have posted have been downloaded at a much higher rate. As we all know, videos take up a lot of server space and bandwidth traffic. I tried to help this issue by hosting some of my videos on my dot.mac account where bandwidth cost are unlimited. But, the rest of the videos are on my main hosting server. JRM Services, has been wonderful by donating the hosting to this web site, which I cannot thank enough and they have also gave a gracious amount of server space and bandwidth for me to use. However, it still hasn’t been enough to hold the traffic recently. I am also going to lose my dot.mac account due to my own financial reasons. So, I had no choice but to temporarily remove most of the videos from the web site. I’ve been getting over a gig of traffic a day and I don’t expect the hosting company to keep up with that.

So, basically I just wanted to let all the visitors know what is up. I still have some videos up that are either hosted off site or on the dot.mac account server. I will also continue to work on new videos in hope of some day that I can put them up on the server! Thanks for you patience and visiting!


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  1. Petra

    Hi Kevin,
    I’m from Germany and a huge Golden Girls and Bea Arthur fan. You’re doing a great job with this site, for which I want to thank you very much! But I’m also very sad, that it is currently not possible to see all of the videos. I just wanted to view some of them (especially the GG-Bloopers!) and then read your news about the problems with the server space and the traffic on your site. A lot of fans would surely be very thankful, if you found another possibility for the videos to be downloaded!
    Well, apart from that, once again: Thanx for this great site and many greatings from Germany!
    Love, Petra


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