The Amazing World of the Golden Girls

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A good start to bringing over the Golden Girls legacy into 2018 has quickly occurred. Even better, it is with the help of a long time Bea fan. Luke has been a fan for many years and recently graduated with a BA in theatre to pursue his own unique path. Luke writes, “My first role is airing on Cartoon Network. And. I’m playing Bea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The show “The Amazing World of Gumball” is doing a loving parody of The Golden Girls and they saw my Bea impression on YouTube and asked me to audition for the show. A year later it is airing. I always loved going to your site and you came to mind today as someone that might be interested! I made a vlog about it here. It airs on Cartoon Network. It’s a very cute tribute and I loved every second of doing it.”

Another start to the new year was the airing of a heavily golden gal influenced episode The Goldbergs. Paying homage to The Golden Girls right smack in the middle of the 80s. Perfect.

Check out the preview to The Amazing World of Gumball below. If you don’t have Cartoon Network, the episode is affordably available on iTunes and similar digital stores for download.

Looking forward to another year in remembering Bea!


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