Anonymous News Tip – Back to the Grind

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Take it for what it’s worth, being that it came from someone that wouldn’t she his or her name… hmmmm… but still sounds interesting if true! This is what he/she just wrote me ::

Bea will be taping an episode of TV Land’s new show, ‘Back to the Grind’ where tv stars of the psat go perform their characters old occupations. MTV’s TVLand Network is inviting Los Angeles-area Kaplan SAT students teens to be in their new “Back to the Grind” comedy reality series in which former sitcom stars do the jobs their characters did on TV. For this episode, Bea Arthur (“Golden Girls,” “Maude,”) will “teach” Kaplan students about the SAT. Previously-filmed episodes have featured Erik Estrada (“CHiPs”) working with the California Highway Patrol and Loni Anderson (“WKRP”) as a radio personality.

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