Archive of American Television Interview with Bea Arthur

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Thanks as always to Alex, my secret Bea-Agent in Italy, who just informed me of 130 minutes of Bea Arthur interviewed by the Academy of American Arts and Sciences!

Available in 5 parts on Google Video!

I haven’t watched them yet, but wanted to let you all know ASAP!

Thanks again Alex!

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  1. Jim

    Wow, thanks for posting! The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Archive of American Television (which did that interview) has a whole weblog of links people they interviewed who are also up on Google Video– many of whom worked with Bea. Check it out at:

  2. Peter

    I saw the interview by The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Archive of American Television interview of Beatrice Arthur. It is very informative but the interviewer is a complete disaster. She sounds like a little school girl… inaudible, speaks too fast, and uses too many inappropriate colloquialisms. However, Arthur does not seem to be effected by this. Nonetheless, the interviewer is just an embarassment and it is amazing that she was able to conduct this interview. If this is the kind of quality our journalism schools are letting out into the field, God help us!!

  3. Jim

    I watched the whole interview too and I TOTALLY disagree with Peter. Those interviews are obviously done oral history style, so the interviewer was following a different set of guidelines than a journalist would. I do wonder if they were supposed to be put online in such a raw format. I too had trouble hearing the interviewer, but maybe it was a mike issue. I’ve seen Bea interviewed many, many times and although she gave many of her stock answers, the interviewer was able to pull out some insightful ones that I’ve never heard before. I think they’re doing a great job.

  4. Peter

    The interview itself is very good. I also agree with you that it is VERY informative. The interviewer, however, sounds like a college intern and comes across very insecure and sometimes even oblivious. Even Bea asks more than once to have a question repeated and there are many incidents where she says to have the question restated because she doesn’t understand it; it has nothing to do with the microphone but the way the questions are asked. Maybe I am a bit too critical.


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