Bea Arthur remembered with forever love and laughter!

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On Monday, September 14th, fans and fellow celebrities gathered one more time to remember Bea Arthur. I wasn’t able to attend, however, have gathered up some links from news stories of the event. Also, heard from fellow fans who wanted to share their experiences.

Here is part of an email that I received from a fan, Rudy, who was able to attend and goes on to say ::

For me, as an Angela diehard particularly, the most moving moment was when, toward the end, she set up the playing of the clip of Bea on “Malcolm In the Middle,” which she described as a marvelous example of Bea’s magical touch she could bring to even a scene that was only four minutes long. Angela was the essence of restraint and professionalism all throughout the show until this moment – when she uttered the name of the show (“Malcolm In the Middle”) her voice suddenly buckled out. It made me start crying all over again. It was obvious that Angela meant to express her love for Bea by being the best damn host she could be. I’m absorbing old school professionalism like this while I can, because before long it will be a fossil.
I’m very sorry that you did not get to come, but I’d trade the experience for what you had anytime – seeing Bea.

Here are some news links for your enjoyment of the event ::

Finally, if you can get the change to visit The Ali Forney Center website to learn more about Bea’s dedication and possibly donate to the cause.

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