My Bea Arthur and Rue McClanahan clips

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I ran across some videos from 2005 and 2007 recently of when I took a hand full of clips on my still camera back at that time (spoiled on the quality of phone cameras of today). I combined the small, raw clips, into one video and threw it up on YouTube. Good memories, hopefully they bring some back to you, too.

The Bea Arthur clips are from her April 19, 2005 Mount Pleasant, MI show. After the show, my friend and I met with Bea for a short time where I caught a clip of Bea giving her flowers to my friend. The clips of Rue McClanahan were from her May 17, 2007 book signing at Borders on Michigan Avenue at the time, in Chicago.

UPDATE: I also uploaded a higher quality version of my footage from Bea’s appearance at Sidetrack bar here in Chicago back in 2001.

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