Bea Arthur YouTube Playlist

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Before there was the YouTube era, video clips were provided on this website in Quicktime format. At the time, I would convert my favorite clips from the videos I was buying on VHS from eBay. Most videos were not larger then 320×240 and quality varied.

Then YouTube came along and, slowly but surely, people started to upload their own video collections. After a period of time, the videos on YouTube were the same as the ones that I had uploaded on the website. Their quality and range of compatible playing devices over performed from the ones on the website. I decided to take down the videos due to this, as well as, save on hosting space and bandwidth.

Screenshot 2014-02-17 18.29.47

Then YouTube started to get smarter and began to kill off some of those hard to find videos due to copyrights. After another  while, the availability of Bea’s performances started to remain and grow in numbers as acceptable content. Therefore, I decided to make my own playlist available to the public and now feature it as the video section to this website.

Going forward, I’d love to hear from fans that have their own special treasures favorited on YouTube to add to this playlist. Feel free to message me on Youtube or leave a comment below if you do.

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