Bea Arthur’s Maude part of Norman Lear 19-disc DVD box set

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Got some extra cash? Then donate to this web site! (Sorry, first thing that came to mind) Or, treat yourself to the new 19-disc DVD box set that is due to release on June 9th! Obviously, I am a fan of anything that Bea is in, but aside from her work alone, I have been a fan of Norman Lear just as long, if not longer. Growing up on hits like All In The Family, Good Times and The Jeffersons, it wasn’t until years later when focusing on Bea’s career that I put it all together of Lear being the brains behind all of these shows. So, click HERE to check out the full run down of what is in this box set. If interested in it, you can pre-order it now at a dandy of a reduced price on Amazon today!

Also, be sure to watching THIS video trailer of the release. There are some, short but sweet, clips of our Bea in it! They are quite recent and she is looking great as usual!

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  1. Fred

    The interview material is of interest of course. Whether it warrants purchasing the pricy set is debatable. It seems like a “coffee table”-type item; one to impress guests with. As much as I admire Norman Lear, I’m not found of bulky box sets, whether it’s a DVD or CD collection. My interest is restricted to “Maude” and wouldn’t buy the other shows individually. I did check Amazon and they have Seasons 2-6 of “Maude” listed as items you can be notified of when they are to be released. At least it gives us a sign that the remaining seasons will come out eventually. Oh, the waiting…


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