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Hello all!

Hope you had the chance to see the TV Land Awards! From what I hear and have seen on the internet, Bea looked great! Unfortunally, my Tivo didn’t record the show twice now, so I still haven’t seen it! Hopefully, this Thursday, all will go smoothly!

Quick update on this site. To cut down on cost, I’m back to hosting this site on my own server and am going through some backend changes. You may come across some broken links in the meantime. I’m most likely aware of this, so be patient and check back a little later, as I will be fixing these as quickly as possible. More updates will occur over time. So, I basically just wanted to let you know what is going on with this site. As usual we will still available at, but the files will now be downloaded from my own, which is also going to be going under major changes. Just makes it easier for me!

Take care and come back again, as I always hope to be posting good news for fellow Bea fans!


9 Responses to “Bea fan web site update”

  1. Kimberly

    I’m 43 and love Bea Arthur! I watched “Maude” as a child and I love all the Golden Girls, but she is my favorite!!! Just hoping she reads these comments and knows she is entertaining me and others every day. Thanks, Bea!

  2. Kimberly

    I’m another Kimberly, just a few yrs. younger :)

    Kev, thanks for this site.

    I hope you were able to see the show or perhaps see some videos on their site. I haven’t checked yet to see if they have online interviews w/ the girls.

    Thank you for this site for it cheers me up while I sit at a uncomfortable public computer.
    P.S. Does anyone else listen to Bea’s JUST BETWEEN FRIENDS cd duing dinner? A ‘delicious’ dinner theater at home!

  3. Kevin - BeaMaster

    Hi Kimberly(s) and everyone!

    Yes I did, finally, see the show. Great to see the girls all together and seemingly happy to be back together as well! I am hoping to put the full clip up on the video section soon. I am revamping the video section, which will take some time, but will release the video when the revamp is complete. So be sure to check back again soon!


  4. Fred

    I saw the TV Land Awards clip on YouTube. My reaction? Is THAT all? Bea and the girls got all of 30 seconds of airtime. They didn’t even get the chance to mention Estelle Getty. Steve Carell’s introduction was tasteless and unfunny. He’s supposed to be the hottest funny guy today? If so, we’re really in bad shape. Thank goodness for home video, that’s all I can say. And while I’m on the subject, where’s Season 2 of “Maude”? Meanwhile, they’re up to Season 4 of the awful “Gomer Pyle USMC”. I don’t get it.

  5. Kimberly

    Hello Kevin – BeaMaster! (hehe)

    Thank you for all your work! I’m glad you caught the show since I didn’t see any more listings.

    When I get back online I’ll have to check Estelle’s site to see how she is doing….

    When Bea kept saying Rue is the funny one, I wondered if Bea consideres herself the “straight (wo)man” so to speak.

    It also made me think of their wonderful history together before “GG”.

    Also, Rue w/ Betty on MAMA’S FAMILY.

    I enjoyed reading Rue’s autobiography. I think they all respect one another and enjoy their history together. Rue gave more insight or different perspective into their relationships than Betty’s book. Both wonderful books to read!

    Thanks again Kev!

  6. Kimberly

    Fred, I hope you got to see the retrospective after Carell’s intro. That was a nice tribute.

    I hope they don’t delete the Maude clips on youtube.

    The “Rhoda” clips are gone! Second time…. so I’m worried they’ll take other shows off. I’m guessing they take off copyrighted material?

  7. Fred

    I watched it on YouTube and the retrospective came before Carell’s intro. Then the ladies came up on stage. I think his weak attempt at humor was inappropriate and unnecessary.

  8. Kimberly

    I guess it was out of context since he wasn’t in an episode where the characters joked about sex…. I think they made that joke based on the show…especially Blanche’s char.

    I wonder what “the ladies” thought about it or if they had any say in the writing….

  9. Fred

    Considering Carell is young enough to be the son or even grandson of any of the ladies it was in questionable taste. Anyway, to be honest, I am more of a fan of “Maude” than I am of “The Golden Girls”. I do appreciate the talents of all the ladies on the show however. But I prefer to see Bea and Rue working on “Maude”. Bea was at her peak as “Maude” and Rue was very funny as the scatterbrained Vivian. I’m baffled as to why more seasons of “Maude” have not been released yet, but will remain hopeful that we will see more by next year at least.


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