Bea Update :: Hearing loss and future project

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Thanks to Deb, who tipped me off this morning that Bea would be on E.T. tonight talking about her hearing loss. I’m glad that this subject was finally addressed, as I know from personal experiences in meeting her that hearing was quite fragile, making conversation sometimes frustrating to the both of us. Anyway, I recorded the interview and have put it up on YouTube for all of you to get caught up with! Still no slowing her down, however, as she is still planning to be on TVLand’s Back To The Grind early next year!

Click HERE to view!

Funny how many hits this site gets every time Bea is on the news… hopefully, doesn’t crash my site :) Welcome all!


7 Responses to “Bea Update :: Hearing loss and future project”

  1. Alan

    well, I wish her the best…deaf or not. Lets hope she stays busy on up till her number is called

  2. Alex

    Thanks a lot Kev for sharing this awesome video with all of us. Bea is extraordinary woman! She’s so sensitive, courageus and strong! Despite her slight hearing loss, she’s still going strong, she’s not slowing down and she looks much better and great for her age! We love you Bea and wish you all the best!

    Alex in Italy

  3. Peter

    Thank you so much for sharing this bit of information with us. Well, she is an old lady and these things are bound to happen sooner or later. I don’t think this will be much of a “handicap” for her because her attitude is fantastic. She is so young at heart! Her youth radiates through her, despite the age. I also wish her all the best and hope that she keeps going as long as she can.

  4. Peter

    I don’t mean “old lady”, I meant “an elderly lady”. Sorry if it sounds derogatory. I hope you all understand what I was trying to say.

  5. Nicholas Mancini

    I am very distraught to hear of Bea’s hearing loss. I am sure with all of her fame, she will have the best doctors, and will be back to her self in no time. Bea Arthur is one of a kind. I hope you live to be two hundred Bea! Love Ya!


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