Bea’s best friend on TV, Rue McClanahan passes

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Sad news today, Rue McClanahan, whom I knew had been sick recently, passed away from a massive stroke. I was really hoping just a year ago that I would be seeing her in her own one woman show right here in Chicago! She was talking about this event of her book, My First Five Husbands being turned into a theatre show at a Chicago Theatre gala that I was lucky enough to attend last year in May. Everyone was speculating that she would play herself, if all the contracts agreed, that is. :)

I was then lucky enough to kneel by her chair where she was sitting and talk with her for a while. She asked more questions about me then I could of her which I felt was very sweet and kind. I had met her 2 years prior at a book signing, but failed to mention that as I was so tongue tied at the time, all I said was ‘it is such a pleasure to meet you’. So, getting the chance to meet her a second time and talk in a more intimate space was a dream!

We’ve been missing Estelle and Bea for quite some time, now we have to add Rue to that lineup. I’ve been watching more Maude lately then anything and Rue’s participation in that show made it the one of a kind that it is known for. Rue and Bea had a special connection in life and we get to enjoy it on screen!

Miss you all.


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  1. Kimberly

    Thank you again for this site. Solace…
    I’m hoping that now that the ‘Norman Lear set’ has been out they can bo gack to finishing MAUDE.
    Do you think so?

    I’m shocked….as I was watching Maude and GG dvds, Rue was …. can’t bring myself to type the word. I was so shocked to see the news later that night.
    –Too soon and too young for Rue and too soon after Bea and Estelle.
    —I last saw the three ‘Golden Girls’ on TVLAND’s AWARD show…the following yr. Bea passed on the day the next TVLAND Award show aired. Strange sad coincidence…

    I’ve read Rue’s book and reread passages…Read it last night when I couldn’t sleep. She had survived so much!

  2. Alex

    Thanks for the memories. That’s another sad news and big loss. My thoughts and condolences go out to her family and friends.

  3. BeaFan

    I know Bea was fond of Rue but after Bea’s passing Rue said some not so nice things about her pal Bea. Starting at the memorial service which I attended as a fan of Bea. Thank you for being a friend!! ??? In the end I say RIP Rue. Their work on the Golden Girls and Maude were phenomenal.

  4. Dave

    Right now Rue is sitting around a table with Estelle and Bea, eating cheese cake and catching up on old times (and of course talking about sex) waiting for Betty to bring the ice cream. We’ll see them soon, until then, we have all of the television gold they left behind for us to enjoy.


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