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So, it seems that The Globe has a recent article, that I have only seen online (short version) about Bea’s declining health. I’m starting to receive emails about this and wanted to have this opportunity to remind you about this website, where I stand and what I know.

This is a fan web site that I have run for 8 years now. Simply that. I am a fan and wanted to share my appreciation for Bea with other fans. It is that simple. I have met Bea a couple times, but it was nothing more of an experience different from when any other fan that has met her. I do not get special treatment, secret information or any of the sort other then what is in public domain to the rest of us. So, I would apprecaite you keeping that in mind during any phase of rumors and gut feelings you might have!

My grandmother is going on 99 in October and it wasn’t until just this year that she has started to go down hill. So, don’t let the age factor alone make you believe that there is something wrong automatically. We just will never know until we know. From my experience with the media and the personal lives of celebrities… they often contradict each other. Media wants dirt because that gains headlines much better and celebrities want their privacy for understandable reasons. Let’s just wait and see shall we, because I know that is all that I can do personally. In the meantime, lets keep watching Maude and the Golden Girls and apprecaite Bea’s body of work. That is what this site is for and why you are here reading this now!

Thanks guys!

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  1. Roop

    Some guy just called Steve Labelli on WBZ Boston and said that he just heard that Bea died. (Called at: 1:25 am EST) :(

  2. Fred

    Well said Kevin. We want to think Bea is fine and we should unless we get any concrete information that says otherwise. I wish people would refrain from posting anything that is heresay or rumor. It is disturbing and doesn’t accomplish anything. We love Bea and wish the very best health for her. I think we need to leave it at that.


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