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More of the nitty-gritty of Bea on the screen. Television, movies, DVDs, episode guides… all here! This page is currently in progress, come back again soon for more details of Bea’s enormously large body of work!

The following information has been organized from the following sources, compiled for your convenience (and mine!) :: and other articles from print and web from 1970-2007, as well as, self compiled notes and lists that I have been using for personal organization.



Theatre was Bea’s true first love, however, she is mostly known for her impeccable, larger then life personality, television roles. Below are some well known television appearances with in depth listings for her major hits Maude, Golden Girls and even the lesser known Amanda’s (a favorite among her hard core fans).

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Maude; 09.12.1972 – 04.22.1978; 141 episodes; 6 Seasons; Buy on DVD

Maude was one of the most popular shows during the 70s. Not only was it one of the most popular, it was one of the most controversial. The show was real and told it like it is – much like the show that first introduced us to Maude, All in the Family .

Maude was outspoken and stong-willed… which lead her to many interesting and controversial situations. Maude wasted no time becoming one of the most controversial shows ever when she, at age 47, became pregnant and decided to get an abortion (the first show to ever have the lead character get an abortion). By the end of the show Maude was heading to Congress, ready to take on a new world. And it seemed we would get to see Congresswoman Maude, but Bea Arthur decided to leave the show. Maude remains as part of TV history and has since become a true classic.

Spin-off of: All in the Family
Spin-offs: Good Times


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Amanda’s (by the sea); 02.10.1983 – 05.25.1983; 13 episodes; 1 Season

This short-lived series was based on the popular British series Fawlty Towers. Amanda was the formidable owner of “Amanda’s By The Sea,” a homey little hotel overlooking the Pacific. Her staff included Marty, her hotel-management graduate son; Arlene, his spoiled, citified wife; Earl, the excitable chef; and Aldo, the confused bellhop of foreign extraction. Stories revolved around burnt steaks, fussy guests, and travel-guide writers who had to be impressed. There was also Mr. Mundy, the banker who always threatening to foreclose; and brother-in-law Zack, who was out to meddle and woo Amanda.



01 All in a Day’s Work 2/10/1983
02 You Were Meant For Me 2/17/1983
03 The Man Who Came on Wednesday 2/24/1983
04 I Ain’t Got Nobody 3/3/1983
05 My Cheatin’ Staff 3/10/1983
06 Aunt Sonia 3/24/1983
The hotel may not survive a visit from Amanda’s aunt, a golf tournament, a shortage of rooms, and the appearance of a dancing chicken in the cabaret.
07 Last of the Red Hot Brothers 5/5/1983
The hotel is operating at its usual low rate of occupancy, but when Amanda’s brother-in-law arrives, suddenly there’s not enough room for the two of them.
08 I’m Dancing as Close as I Can 5/12/1983
Amanda begins to get that old romantic feeling when her late husband’s brother asks her for a date.
09 One Passionate Night (1) 5/19/1983
A full moon seems to be having a romantic effect on the hotel staff–especially Amanda and Zack.
10 One Passionate Night, the Aftermath (2) 5/26/1983
After accidentally walking in on Amanda and Zack in bed, Marty finds his marital passion diminished.
11 Amanda’s Number One Son (Never aired)
12 I Was Wild About Harry (Never aired)
13 Oh, Promise Me (Never aired)

>Golden Girls; 09.14.1985 – 04.09.1992; 180 episodes, 7 Seasons; Buy on DVD

The Golden Girls , which ran on NBC from 1985 until 1992, centers around four women all near or above the age of 50. Created by Susan Harris ( Soap , Empty Nest ), the series was an immediate hit in it’s Saturday night timeslot. The show mainly involved four women. The stories involve dating and solving various problems. The story of the week sometimes included issues such as harassment, homosexuality, impotence, AIDS, death, and adultery.

Spin-offs: Empty Nest, Nurses (indirectly), Golden Palace, Brighton Belles (British remake)


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Mrs. Arthur hasn’t had a large movie career, but as with anything that she does, her roles are sweet and memorable.

Title Year DVD
That Kind of Woman 1959
Lovers and Other Strangers 1970 Buy
Mame 1974
History of the World: Part I 1981 Buy
My First Love (TV Movie Special) 1988
For Better or Worse 1996 Buy
Enemies of Laughter 2000 Buy

Other On Screen Appearances as herself 

Here are a few more, smaller noted, appearances of Bea. These videos are usually found in only the racks of hard core Bea fans or strangely scattered though random video sites such as YouTube. See what you can find!

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This Joint Is Jumpin 1993
Star Wars Christmas Special; Ackmena 1978


Bea’s true passion! Enough said!

Show Role Year
Lysistrata 1947
The Dog Beneath the Skin Speaking Chorus 1947
Yerma Lead 1947
No Exit Inez 1948
The Taming of the Shrew Kate 1948
Six Characters in Search of an Author Mother 1948
The Owl and the Pussycat Mother 1948
Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme Marchioness 1949
Yes Is for a Very Young Man Constance 1949
The Creditors Telka 1949
Heartbreak House Hessione 1949
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Dorothy 1951
Personal Appearance Jessie 1951
Candle Light Baroness 1951
Love or Money Nita 1951
The Voice of the Turtle Olive 1951
The New Moon Clotilde Lombaste 1953
Kurt Weill’s Threepenny Opera Lucy Brown 1954
What’s The Rush? 1955
Ben Bagley’s Shoestring Revue 1955
Seventh Heaven Madame Suze 1955
Play & Fancy Ruth Winters (understudy) 1955 & 1956
Mistress of the Inn Mirandolina 1956
The Ziegfeld Follies 1956
Nature’s Way Nadine Fesser 1957
Ulysses in Nighttown Bella 1958
The Gay Divorcee at the Cherry Lane Hortense 1960
A Matter of Position Mrs. Miller 1962
Fiddler on the Roof Yente the Matchmaker 1964
Mame Vera Charles 1966
Woody Allen’s The Floating Lightbulb 1981
Bermuda Avenue Triangle 1995 & 1996
Anne Meara’s After-Play 1997 & 1998
Broadway “Angela Lansbury- A Celebration” Herself 11.17.1996
Strike Up The Band 2000
And Then There’s Bea Herself 2001
Bea Arthur on Broadway: Just Between Friends Herself 2002-2006

Audio Performance 

Bea does appear credited on various vinal recordings, children’s reading audio cassettes and other random produced materials. Here is a listing of such materials that I have come across over the years.

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Accomplishments and near accomplishments!

Year Award Category Result
1955 Donaldson Performance Nominated
1966 Tony Award Best Supporting Actress Won
1973 Golden Globe Best TV Actress, Comedy :: Maude Nominated
1973 Emmy Actress in Leading Role, Comedy :: Maude Nominated
1974 Golden Globe Best TV Actress, Comedy :: Maude Nominated
1974 Emmy Actress in Leading Role, Comedy :: Maude Nominated
1975 Golden Globe Best Supporting Actress, Movie :: Mame Nominated
1976 Golden Globe Best TV Actress, Comedy :: Maude Nominated
1976 Emmy Actress in Leading Role, Comedy :: Maude Nominated
1977 Emmy Actress in Leading Role, Comedy :: Maude Won
1978 Golden Globe Best TV Actress, Comedy :: Maude Nominated
1978 Emmy Supporting Actress in Variety or Music :: Laugh-In Nominated
1978 Emmy Actress in Leading Role, Comedy :: Maude Nominated
1986 Golden Globe Best TV Actress, Comedy :: Golden Girls Nominated
1986 Golden Apple Female Star of the Year Won
1986 Emmy Actress in Leading Role, Comedy :: Golden Girls Nominated
1987 Golden Globe Actress in Leading Role, Comedy :: Golden GIrls Nominated
1987 Emmy Actress in Leading Role, Comedy :: Golden Girls Nominated
1988 Golden Globe Actress in Leading Role, Comedy :: Golden GIrls Nominated
1988 Emmy Actress in Leading Role, Comedy :: Golden Girls Won
1989 Golden Globe Actress in Leading Role, Comedy :: Golden GIrls Nominated
1989 Emmy Actress in Leading Role, Comedy :: Golden Girls Nominated
1990 Banff TV Festival Award of Excellence Won
1992 Bambi Readers Choice :: Golden Girls Won
2000 Emmy Actress in Guest Role, Comedy :: Malcolm in the Middle Nominated
2001 American Comedy Award Funniest Female Guest in TV Series :: Malcome in the Middle Won
2002 Tony Award Bea Arthur on Broadway:: Special Theatrical Event Nominated
2003 TV Land Award Golden Girls :: Quintessential Non-Traditional Family Won