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Funko’s Golden Girls Bowling Uniform figures drop February 15

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Throughout the early 2000s, scouring the internet for anything and everything Golden Girls and Bea Arthur was rough. Although we were fortunate to get some DVD season sets, there wasn’t much else to choose from. eBay was really the only outlet and that is where my collection grew. Photos, magazines, TV Guides, random clippings, and […]

10 years since Bea’s passing

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Hard to believe it has been 10 years since Bea passed away. The previous 10 years were a special time for Bea and her fans with the beginning of internet communities, while at the same time, Bea was revving up her last act. Most of us here got to enjoy her one-woman show during this […]

The Amazing World of the Golden Girls

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A good start to bringing over the Golden Girls legacy into 2018 has quickly occurred. Even better, it is with the help of a long time Bea fan. Luke has been a fan for many years and recently graduated with a BA in theatre to pursue his own unique path. Luke writes, “My first role is […]

The Bea Arthur Residence Building Dedication

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Embed from Getty Images New York November 30, 2017 New images have appeared via Getty Images from the November 30, 2017, Bea Arthur Residence Dedication. Read more details about the Bea Arthur Residence development here. November 30 was also declared “Bea Arthur Day” by New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio. Thanks to Bea fan Alex for passing on […]

A Place At The Table

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Bea continues to make an impact on lives and future lives to come in 2016. On October 21, The Ali Forney Center’s A Place at the Table gala honored the memory of Bea Arthur, who during her life advocated LGBT rights, as well as, their own center. Bea, who died in 2009, included a $300,000 donation to […]

Legos no, Funko figures YES

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Our hearts were broken when we learned the proposed Golden Girls Lego set did not become a reality. However, just as fun, Funko Pop! is releasing all four of the girls as figures later this summer! It is really happening. How can you not Bea excited! We will keep an eye on this in July when […]

It’s that Bea time of the year

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Every time of year, specifically April 25 thru May 13, I along with many fans think of Bea. We lost Bea on April 25, 2009, and celebrate her birthday of May 13, 1922. Therefore, it’s a great time of year to reflect and remember the talent she shared with us over the years. Going over some of […]

Bea continuing on in unique ways

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From The son of the late ‘Golden Girls’ star reveals how star Ryan Reynolds personally asked permission to wear her image on a tank top in the blockbuster film. Fox’s $600 million box-office juggernaut Deadpool is introducing a new generation to the unlikeliest of heroines: Bea Arthur. The face of the Golden Girls star, […]

Celebrate 30 Years of The Golden Girls with your memories

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Friends over at Golden Girls News are celebrating the 30th Anniversary of The Golden Girls. As the image reads above, use the Twitter hashtag #GoldenGirls30 to participate in some of your favorite moments that you have played over and over in your mind for the past 30 years. Also, wanted to share this image of Bea’s family in […]

Bea Arthur Residence for LGBT Homeless Youth Breaks Ground

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From On Monday, July 20, 2015, there will be a groundbreaking ceremony for the Bea Arthur Residence, an 18-bed residence for homeless LGBT youth operated by the Ali Forney Center. In 2012 the New York City Council and the Manhattan Borough President awarded $3,300,000 for the renovation of a long-vacant building owned by the […]