Audio in mp3 and wav formats from my collection [NOTE :: You may have to right click on the files to download them to your desktop for playing]
Golden Girls
Mame 66′ & 74′
*What’ll I do [MP3]

*Hard Hearted Hanna [MP3]

*Miami is nice [MP3]

*Miami you’ve got style [MP3]

*Miami beach [MP3]

*Mr. Sandman [MP3]

I love you, yeah [WAV]

Little Prune [WAV]

Thank you [WAV]

What the hell [WAV]

*I got you babe [MP3]

Bosom Buddies – 1966 [MP3]

Man in the moon – 1966 [MP3]

Dark ages [WAV]

Duke [WAV]

Your fat [WAV]

Big mouth [WAV]

God [WAV]

Heart [WAV]

Love Hate [WAV]

Lungs [WAV]

Right wing [WAV]

Star Wars 1978 [WAV]

Fiddler on the roof – The Rumor [MP3]

All in the Family – Maude’s visit [MP3]

Interview 08.31.01 [MP3]

* from Mess Enterprise’s Meet The Golden Girls online album. Click here for more tracks!