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Frequent Questions and Answers about Bea Arthur

Updated January 30, 2015

Bea Arthur quit the Golden Girls because she didn’t get along with the other girls?

Bea Arthur felt it was time to move on in her life, just like she did when she quit Maude. It was her personal decision and it had nothing to do with anything else. Both Golden Girls and Maude still had strong ratings when she opted to leave. She wanted to get back to her first passion, theatre. She did just that!

When is Maude Season 2 DVD going to come out?

Sony has not made any announcement as of yet to its release, be sure that it will be posted on this site immediately once announced!

Will Lifetime have an Intimate Portrait of Bea as they did with the other Golden Girls?

YES! Finally! Premiered January 20th, 2003 on Lifetime. Click here for more info.

Can I get Golden Girls and/or Maude on DVD?

Yes and Yes! Download on iTunes continues not to be available as of February 3, 2013.

Has Bea been in the Marines?

In Bea’s interview with the Archive of American Television, she denies ever being in the Marines. However, during the WWII period, there had been talking of enrollment for a short period, which has been brought up numerous times.

Was Bea Jewish?

You bet, and that is why I felt stupid after sending her a Christmas card. The following year I made sure to wish her Happy Holidays instead 🙂

Bea Arthur was a lesbian?

Bea had been divorced but had been married twice, the latter for 25 years to Gene Saks. Now I know that just because she married a guy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she isn’t a lesbian.  She did fully support the gay community!

Was it true that one of Bea’s favorite shows is South Park?

Absolutely! She thought at the time that it was one of the most unique and funniest shows on television.

When was Bea Arthur born?

Her birthdate was May 13th, 1922. She passed away on April 25, 2009, at the age of 86. Click here to read more about her passing.

Did Bea have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Bea played the character of Dorothy on the Golden Girls. The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that the character Dorothy had was based on the creator of the Golden Girls, Susan Harris.

How tall was Bea?


Was there bad blood between Bea and Betty?

How about reading Betty White on Bea’s passing instead of focusing on the negatives?  “I knew it would hurt, I just didn’t know it would hurt this much.. I’m so happy that she received her Lifetime Achievement Award while she was still with us, so she could appreciate that. She was such a big part of my life.” As her loyal huge fan, Bea was such a big part of my life!

I loved Bea’s clothes, who was the designer/where can I buy them?

I really don’t know anything about this subject… and if one day I have more information on Bea’s clothes, I will post it here. Very popular question.

How much cheesecake did Bea eat?

None! Bea hated cheesecake! Sorry to break all of your dreams!

Support The Ali Forney Center where the Bea Arthur Residence resides! This is a dedicated facility for young LGBTQ people

Questions asked about the founder of this site

How many times have you seen her show?

I have seen ‘And Then There’s Bea’ 3 times in Chicago in 2001 and again in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, in April of 2005. I have also seen her performance in ‘Strike up the Band‘ the year before in Chicago.

How many times have met her?

The first time was the night before her opening performance here in Chicago at Sidetracks bar. Then again outside her dressing trailer at the venue, she was performing. And again at Voltaire’s cabaret, also in Chicago. Finally, in Mount Pleasant, backstage, after the show.

How long have you been a fan of Bea?

Since the first run of Golden Girls in 1985. My appreciation has grown tremendously ever since.

What is your favorite performance of Bea’s?

TV: Maude | Movie: Lovers and Other Strangers; Mame | Theatre: And then there’s Bea/Bea Arthur on Broadway (I’m too young to have seen her in her original glory!)

Who the hell do you think you are?

See for yourself

At, fans of Bea can find genuine and authentic items autographed and donated previously by Bea and her friends for this worthy charity. A great cause, raising money for student scholarships in the performing arts.