Florida, here she comes

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New show dates released! So you lucky folks in Florida are not only lucky that it is warm there, but also that our lady of timing will be there too in March! Bea and Billy will be doing 5 shows in West Palm Beach at the Carefree Theatre March 10 through 13! Tickets are between $30 and $50. Go now! And as always, let me know how the show goes!

Also, I just got back from the video rental store and to my surprise was ‘Enemies of Laughter’ sitting there. I picked it up and am about to watch it. It looks like there just a small part where she is being interviewed as a parent to the main character. Either I forgot that it would be released, or just clueless, but I was excited to see it in the store for viewing!! Only took 5 years to get there :)

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