Funko’s Golden Girls Bowling Uniform figures drop February 15

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Throughout the early 2000s, scouring the internet for anything and everything Golden Girls and Bea Arthur was rough. Although we were fortunate to get some DVD season sets, there wasn’t much else to choose from. eBay was really the only outlet and that is where my collection grew. Photos, magazines, TV Guides, random clippings, and printed out photos from someone’s home printer shoved into a plastic clock. Needless to say, it was a wonky time for collectibles.

Today, we are flooded with Golden Girl merch. From figures to board games to costumes, we now have choices. ABC Studios, who hold the rights to the Golden Girls, finally saw the dollar signs and most are more than happy to shovel it out.

In 2021, the fan website is going to have a curated list of some of these new releases. To start off, we are going to focus on four newly released Golden Girl Funko Pop figures. The Bowling Uniform series is inspired by the unforgettable episode “The Competition” in season 1.

funco dorothy golden girls

A must-have in addition to the original four releases or separately by themselves.

Currently, the curated list refers to These referrals help with keeping the site up and running on the backend. In the near future, other retailers will be added. Please check back often so you don’t miss out on any GG goodness!


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