The Golden Girls gracefully arrives on iTunes

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iTunes, Apple’s digital media ecosystem, thriving for years now, is finally delivering all 7 seasons of The Golden Girls digitally. Each episode costs $1.99, as it is only available in standard definition resolution. Season 2-7 can be purchased for $19.99 each, while with season one, each individual episode has to be purchased. I, personally, was hoping for the episodes to be remastered in high definition in which I would have gladly re-bought all of the seasons. I remember seeing at one time a network was airing it in true high definition, so they must exist! Either way, it is nice to finally see The Golden Girls on the iTunes network. Still waiting on those further seasons of Maude. Hint hint distribution companies.

Here are the direct links below :


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

5 Responses to “The Golden Girls gracefully arrives on iTunes”

  1. Jason

    Why do you care if it’s in HD? LOL. You really need to see them in HD? Unless there are special effects and graphics I never buy anything in HD. What’s the point? I think it was cool of them to not try and bilk people into thinking that the HD version of something 30 years old is any different than the SD version. Like the Wonder Woman itunes. LOL

  2. dickface


    There are numerous reasons to release an older series in HD. Back in the 80s when television series such as Golden Girls was produced film was most likely used for recording. If they do a proper HD release then the HD digital version will be pulled from the original film. This will result in true HD resolution as film actually resolves more detail than regular HD. So in reality very old shows will benefit the most while shows in the 90s that were shot in primitive digital formats will benefit the least. A good example of the is the original X-files series. Despite being filmed in the 90s it was not shot digitally but on film. You can see the HD version now and it is amazing how much better it looks. The only thing that looks bad are the times when they used digital effects.

  3. James

    Sadly, GG was shot on video not film, it’s unlikely you could ever go true HD – As it turns out, the iTunes version I have is better quality than the DVD set.

    • James

      Though neither are great to be honest. It’s a shame, some of the DVD episodes are really very poor quality – probably made worse by the improved size and quality of TVs since it was first aired.


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