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Hard to believe it, but this web site, community and happiness has been going on for 5 years now! To celebrate, I’m doing a little cleaning house on the web site. You won’t notice any huge changes, but just refinements in formatting, spelling errors (lord knows I can’t spell) and other loose ends that need to be tightened on here! This is a work in progress, so if some pages are out of wack when you are viewing them, it is most likely because I am in the middle of changing it. Thanks again for all of your support over the past five years. Meeting some of you, Bea’s fans, over the past years have really made all of the hours spent on this web site worth it all! Here is to the next 5 years, cheers!

Edit :: I have made a lot more progress on the web site then I thought I would and still am making more changes as I write this. I would love to here your feedback on the updates. For example, I removed the audio from the home page video. Nothing worse then being at work and opening up a web site when you think no one is looking and music starts blasting!! Feel free to post your comments about the recent changes on the BeaBoard today! Always welcome to new suggestions, as well! Also, ordering a Golden Girls DVD and/or donating by clicking on the icons towards the top right of this page, helps me offset the storage space cost for the videos. Your help is always overly appreciated!

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