5 Responses to “Happy 85th Bea!”

  1. Chris von Luckner

    Happy Birthday dear Bea & all the very best! Thanks for giving us so much joy and thanks for what you are!

    Greetings & best wishes from Germany,

  2. Matthew Motyka

    I don’t believe Bea bothers with the net, but I still hope she had the happiest of birthdays! However, wasn’t she born in 1923, making her 84, not 85? To quote Maude: “God’ll get you for that!” Thank you for entertaining us so regally over the years.

  3. Kevin Buckstiegel

    I knew the age thing would cause some emails and comments to me :) Please be sure to read the biography section here on the site for an explanation. More and more references are now saying 1922, so I am sticking with it for the meantime! Thanks!



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