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I am, um, behind… but just in case you missed some stuff, here is a recap of upcoming events to take note of and dates to mark on your calendar! First, Tuesday, November 15, run to the store and buy the Lifetime’s Intimate Portraits: Golden Girls DVD so you can see my name at the end of Bea’s program again :) or preorder by clicking on the icon to the right. On November 22, run back to the store and buy Season 3 of the Golden Girls on DVD. But first, go to Lifetime’s web site and sign up to their contest for a chance to meet the Golden Girls in NYC… they are really making this a big, special event, so pay attention! Especially, on Friday, November 11, watch Lifetime all day long (literally) as they are running a very special, 20th anniversary gala party and Golden Girl marathon. Gosh, it almost sounds like I work for Lifetime these days, huh! Unfortunately, I will be out of town that day, so hopefully I will be able to watch it later assuming it records properly.

Also, I have posted the new dates to the rescheduled shows that were postponed due to Bea’s recent illness for both Chicago and Salem. Check out the tour information section for more information!

{edit} Golden Girls Season 4 will be released on February 14, 2006… getting quicker with the releases!

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  1. Alan

    I am hearing from other sourses that Bea, Betty & Rue all 3 will be signing copies of the DVD in NYC on Nov.22nd, can you confirm?

  2. Kevin - BeaMaster

    Sounds like it from what is on Lifetime’s web site. I don’t know the where or when for the general public, if that is what you are wanting to know. I suggest New Yorker’s do some digging around!

  3. KimFongToi

    I cant wait! I will be seeing her at Symphony Space on the 21rst! {Symphony Space is a block away from my home}
    My Fang surprised me with the tickets Sunday Evening.

    Of course they are not the VIP tickets but I am not complaining….LOL

    I wish I could catch the ladies at the dvd signing, but I will be working most of the day and all evening.

    Thanks for all the updates Kev. Its even more appreciated knowing how busy you’ve been.

  4. Elaina Dunson


    I’ve been holding tickets to see Bea Arthur for a year now. She was supposed to be at the Carefree Theater in West Palm Beach, Florida last spring..March 11th, 2005.
    But it was cancelled, to be re scheduled at a later date.
    That later date was to be next weekend and I just found out it is to be rescheduled again.

    Does anyone have any idea as to when she might be here? These tickets were a gift to my parents who love her and are so eager to see her.

    Thanks… Elaina Dunson
    Lake Worth, FL


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