Maude DVD News … it’s official!

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Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will release Maude: The Complete First Season one March 20th. Prolific TV producer Norman Lear’s groundbreaking spin-off from “All in the Family” starred the ever-lovely Bea Arthur as the outspoken and strong-willed title character. The three-disc set will include all 22 episodes presented in remastered fullscreen and Dolby Digital 2.0 tracks. Retail is $29.95.

Funny cause I was in Virgin Megastore yesterday and saw that they had Archie Bunkers Place on DVD. I thought to myself about someone once saying that Maude would then be released, so my hopes got high once again. Then when I return home, Alex had sent me an email about this wonderful news! Let’s hope it is accurate! Keep your eyes peeled and keep checking back for more info when I get it!


UPDATE :: It is official now, more info from

01. Maude’s Problem
02. Doctor, Doctor
03. Maude Meets Florida
04. Like Mother, Like Daughter
05. Maude and the Radical
06. The Ticket
07. Love and Marriage
08. Flashback
09. Maude’s Dilemma Part 1
10. Maude’s Dilemma Part 2
11. Maude’s Reunion
12. The Grass Story
13. The Slumlord
14. The Convention
15. Walter’s 50th Birthday
16. Maude and the Medial Profession
17. Arthur Moves In
18. Florida’s Problem
19. Walter’s Secret
20. Maude’s Good Deed
21. The Perfect Marriage
22. Maude’s Night Out

8 Responses to “Maude DVD News … it’s official!”

  1. Fred

    I’m going to buy “Maude” on DVD the day it goes on sale; no pre-order shipping for this Bea fan! Oh, I hope she does a signing for it. Please, here in Los Angeles. I would dearly love to meet this wonderful, fabulous lady. She has taken the place of my mother in my life, who passed away 2 years ago.

  2. Alex

    I’m looking forward to getting all six seasons of “Maude” on DVD and really hope Bea does a signing for at least one of them, there in Los Angeles for you Fred and all her other fans!

    Alex in Italy

  3. Fred

    I found out Virgin Megastore will be selling Season One of “Maude” at 12:01 AM on March 20. I will be there to purchase it at that time. I’m sure I won’t be alone! I really can’t wait any longer than that. I consider “Maude” to be the funniest TV sitcom of all-time. Bea Arthur really has no equal. Season One – bring it on!

  4. Fred

    I taped the A & E Biography on Bea, and keep watching it over and over. I like what Angela Lansbury said regarding Bea: “She’s just so damn funny”.

  5. Fred

    Again, regarding Biography, in it, Bea talks about her early stage work, in serious plays, and she says “I couldn’t act my way out of a paper bag”.

  6. And Then There's Maude

    Is she doing a DVD signing in New York City??? She & the cast are scheduled to be on The View on Mar. 20, so maybe she will do a DVD signing in the Gay Village like she when appeared for The Golden Girls DVD signing!!!


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