‘Maudie’ is HERE!

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What an exciting week! Two superb interviews on the radio yesterday and a television appearance on The View today, Bea Arthur and Adrienne Barbeau are at their prime and are just as excited about Maude on DVD as we are!

All the goodies that I have been working on are available on the Maude Season 1 page of the Maude minisite! Be sure to speak up and let everyone know your thoughts about this classic that is now available for the masses… finally! Enjoy!


PS :: I cannot stop glowing on how Bea’s appearance and how coherent she has been on the radio and television this week. She seems to have all her energy back and ready to continue to entertain us for years to come! Congrats to a healthy Bea!

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  1. Jamie

    OHHH YESSS!!!! i got it FIRST THING this morning!!! it’s simply AMAZING!!! i laughed when i saw the added touch on the outer wrapping– a little dialogue bubble containing the famous phrase “God’ll getcha for that, Walter!!!” i was lucky enough to get what looked like the only copy the store had in stock. i have been waiting for this ever since Maude was removed from the TV Land lineup, which is about 5 years now.
    To all other Maude fans, here’s to a happy 572 minutes of paradise!!!


  2. Fred

    I got mine at 12:01 AM at the Virgin Megastore on the Sunset Strip. I work a graveyard shift at FedEx at the L.A. Airport, so I went to work, came home this morning, slept a little, watched Bea and Adrienne on The View (great, but much too brief), and will now get some sleep. When rested, I will watch some episodes of Maude. Oh yeah!

  3. Kevin - BeaMaster

    Glad to hear you are all getting your copies!! Right after watching The View today, I sprinted out the door to my Borders store, where I was pleasantly surprised by getting one of the four on the pre-shelve rack! More surprised was the sale price of $22.99… I was prepared to pay the full price! It was mine at 11:27am :) I’m on episode four right now, watching it as I’m working! So fun!

  4. Erin

    Does anyone know if Bea has ever been a guest on The View before this most recent appearance?

  5. Alex

    Thanks very much Kev, for putting such great goodies on this website; you did an excellent job! I enjoyed very much hearing again the two superb radio interviews and it was absolutely fantastic to see Bea and Adrienne on “The View” video! I’m so happy to see Bea so fabulous and healthy; she looked great! Congratulations Bea!

    Erin, i read that Bea before today’s appearance, was a guest
    on “The View” also in the fifth season of the show, episode 246, which aired January 23, 2002.

    Alex in Italy

  6. Dave

    Bea was great on The View today (although her apperance was way too short.) Clearly, she affected Rosie deeply and it was ncie to see someone be able to give thanks to one of their heros…Great work on this site, by the way…

  7. Arista

    Im sorry i miss everything but I have to work M-F and dont have access to TiVo but I’m glad to hear she is still going strong and just knowing she is keeps me going. She’s great!!!

  8. yan

    This is a dream come true ! Finally , Maude on DVD ! I signed the petition to see this happen about 4 years ago ! Now i can’t wait for the 2nd season to come out…. Please ! Does anyone knows when the hell we’ll be able to get our hands on it ?

  9. Lana

    I finally got “Maude” on DVD this past weekend! I had heard it was out and found it. What a classic show! I was 8 years old when this show came on the air. My Mother watched it weekly and I loved this show, Especially Bea of course. Some of the shows dealt with some heavy topics that I could’nt grasp when I was a child, but I loved it! “Maude” always seemed like a play, like most Norman Lear shows. This show was special and finally people will see that Bea was not just Dorothy on The Golden Girls. A Classic comedic actress all the way and I am so happy she’s still doing her thing. Love ya Bea!


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