May 13th, always Bea’s day

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We approach what would have been Bea’s 88th birthday tomorrow. However, just by clicking through the television Bea is still celebrated daily… hourly even! Just within the past 24 hours I saw, Maude on MeTV (yes shows outside of season 1), Biography channel’s 2006 biography of Bea, Golden Girls on multiple channels, and with a little given time random showings of Malcam in the Middle and Futurama to name just a few will be showing shortly.

Thanks to Betty White’s recent resurge into pop culture, Bea has also been more on the people’s minds lately. I’m personally so excited for Betty and I’m sure Bea would be too. Win Win.

Happy Birthday Bea! May 13 will always be sketched into our minds forever!


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  1. Alex

    Certainly May 13th will be always Bea’s day in our minds! I look forward to seeing the entire interview with her from the series “Lunching With A Legend”, Maude seasons 2-6 on DVD-Blu Ray. It would be really fantastic to see her wonderful one woman show “Bea Arthur Just Between Friends” on DVD-Blu Ray as well! Fabulous and unique Bea Arthur will always be in our hearts and memories; she will go on forever!


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