May 13th forever etched in our memories

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I just received an email from Jessica who reminded me a few things. She and most of us have May 13th etched in our memories as a exciting day, Bea’s birthday. Many fans took the time to write Bea on her birthday and enjoyed doing so. Today many fans are somewhat lost in what to do with themselves. Some are feeling the same emotion as in losing their own grandmother and yes, it is ok. Jessica also linked two videos off of YouTube that I would like to share with you too. One I had seen, one I had not. They are both quite special. Especially if you got the chance to see her one woman show… memories come flooding back! Hopefully these videos will give you something to do today that will bring a smile!

Happy birthday Bea. – embedding was disabled on this one

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  1. Alex

    Thanks for sharing such lovely thoughts, Kev and those two well-known special videos. Bea was absolutely unique! She such an important part of my life, of our lives. Her passing was shocking, terribly sad for me, for all of her true loyal fans. But Bea will be forever in our hearts, in our memories; she will go on forever! Bea’s birthday, May 13th, will be etched forever in our memories! Thank you so much and Happy Birthday Bea!

    Alex from Italy

  2. Fred

    Thanks for these videos. There are quite a few more clips that have sprung up on YouTube to watch and enjoy. Our dear, wonderful Bea can be treasured for all-time. How lucky we are!


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