Monday; Bea and Adrienne on Sirius

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Bea will be doing a live radio spot with Adrienne on Monday, March 19, 2007 on the Sirius Satellite Radio network, more specifically on The Frank Decaro Show. Channel 109. The interview starts at 11:15am (eastern)!

If you have access to Sirius radio, post a comment on what was said! I don’t have access to it, so love to find out through you guys! That being said, there may be a way to listen to it online, but I haven’t research that full yet.

Update :: Looks like you can sign up to a free 3-day trial at

9 Responses to “Monday; Bea and Adrienne on Sirius”

  1. Alex

    Thanks for this great news! First this great live radio spot, then Bea on “The View” and Maude on DVD!
    How exciting is this month for all of us, her fans!
    Bea is amazing and extraordinary; she will never retire!

    Alex in Italy

  2. Fred

    I have such love and admiration for our dear Bea. Her talents as a performing artist are unsurpassed. She’s one hell of a lady! I’m so glad I got to see her show at the El Portal Theatre. Looking forward to next week. Shall we call it Bea week? I’ll have to find a way to hear that radio spot.

  3. Alex

    I totally agree with you Fred! We love and admire Bea so much because she’s incomparable as woman and as artist!
    I’m looking forward to the next week too; it will be a fantastic Bea week for all of us!

  4. Kevin - BeaMaster

    Hope some of you got to listen to the show… it was a success in my eyes… and I’m not being biased at all :) Bea, Adrienne and even Frank had a pleasant and productive 30 minute discussion. Some fans called in as well! Of course, I was clueless that one could call in, darn :)

  5. Kevin - BeaMaster

    Thanks for that notice Alex! I was lucky enough to catch that interview as well and I have been ever so impressed with the quality of the interviews today! Flawless on Bea’s part, she did simply superb! I also learned a lot through new stories never told before! Great day for Bea fans, preluding tomorrows release of Maude!!


  6. Alex

    Kev, i’m very glad you caught both successful shows exactly like i did and like hope many other Bea fans did. Both interviews were excellent; Bea was superb and very funny as always and it was nice to hear Adrienne and some of very nice calls by fans too! It was really a great day for all of us, Bea fans; tomorrow it will be fantastic to see Bea and Adrienne on “The View”! Thanks so much for putting the radio interviews on the Maude section of this beautiful website as well; you’re doing a great job!

  7. Fred

    I enjoyed the radio spot with Bea and Adrienne. It was interesting how Adrienne got choked up at one point; I think she really has a lot of fond memories of the show and is quite proud of it, and she should be. The other radio show with just Bea was great, too, unfortunately I was only able to hear about half of it, and then it went berserk on me. Is there another way of hearing it besides clicking Alex’s link? I’m not too savvy with this stuff. How do I download it so I can hear the whole thing?


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