More, Less, More… for the most part

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Questioning Bea’s PR people, there have been more shows popping up here and there that have been reported to me from other Bea fans. I am currently finding it hard to keep up with it all. I would hate this site to turn into a rumor mill versus dead on factual, as I try to keep it. That being said, we have reports of two new shows, one in Texas (which I need to verify before adding it officially) (please do not email me for more information, I do not have it) and a confirmed show in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Also reported from the Miami Harold is that the Bea’s Florida shows have been postponed until December, however ticket sales are still live on Ticketmaster. Either way, I don’t have definite answers yet, so please be patient on this news. [EDIT :: from Sun Sentinel :: Bea Arthur’s one-woman show originally scheduled Thursday through March 13 at West Palm Beach’s Carefree Theatre has been postponed until December (times and dates to be announced). She still is set to receive a lifetime achievement award at a March 19 fund-raiser at the Coconut Grove Playhouse.] Thank you Ironicwit.

In the meantime, I’m eagerly awaiting to hear from fans who are attending Bea’s show in Nyack, NY tonight, tomorrow and Sunday!

Finally, I appreciate some extra patience from the past month and into this next month, for I have some personal stuff going on that is interfering with my being able to be on top of all of these changes. I will continue to post information as I learn it as soon as possible, it just may be a day or two late. I ask you not email me for additional information, for I always post all the information I know on this page and the tour information page. Thank you for your patience!

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