More wonderful things to come in the future!

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Two thing to look forward to ::

It’s official! A&E Biography will be filming a special on Bea Arthur in October.  Release date unknown at this time.
Second, all the ‘girls’ are being interviewed for the 7th season of the Golden Girls DVD… saving the best for last!

That’s what I have for now… stay tuned for more when I know more!
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5 Responses to “More wonderful things to come in the future!”

  1. Thérèse

    It’s really nice to have some news.
    Although, about the interviews… Isn’t there a chat with the cast for season 6 of The Golden Girls features?

  2. Roger Eugene Corell

    This is a great website. Loved it from begining to end. I hope you continue to update it. What a great tribute to a great actress! Thank you much.

  3. Tom

    You say all the girls will be interviewed. Can you confirm Estelle will be included. I find it unlikely she will be due to her illnesses.


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