Never Will Retire

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Hello all! More stuff going on, so lets get to it ::

If you missed Bea on Comedy Central’s Roast of Pamela Anderson, then run to your TV Guide, as the show will replay a few more times over the next few days. No excuses not to see the show! The show was taped on August 7th and was a huge success for Pamela who would only do the show if Comedy Central would donate to PETA, which they did. Bea, who is also affiliated with PETA, was there taking the punches and giving them right back. So, be sure to see Bea at her finest, as she reads excerpts from Pamela’s book! Great stuff!

UPDATE :: I have added a clip from this show on the video page… it’s the best part :)

More updates to Bea’s schedule, so yet again, be sure to visit the tour information section on this site!

Lifetime will be releasing the Golden Girls Intimate Portrait series on DVD! All four IPs will be available on November 15th! So November will be a busy month, as the Golden Girls series 3 DVD will also be released! More information can be found HERE!

I never thought this would be released, but Thank You For Being A Friend: A Golden Girls Trivia Book by Michael-Dante Craig is now available to buy online! You can buy it right HERE! I haven’t seen it in person, but I’m sure it will go great on any coffee table or toilet tree!

I’m sure more surprises will be around the corner in the next few months, so stay tuned as hopefully more information about Bea’s one woman show being released on DVD will become more of a reality! Also, keep keeping your eyes peeled for Bea’s appearance on Curb Your Enthusiasm!

Until next time!….

9 Responses to “Never Will Retire”

  1. alex

    Perfect title, excellent and eloquent images.
    Bea Arthur is an exceptional woman and never will retire! Long live Bea!

    Alex of Turin, Italy.

  2. nicole

    Bea Arthur is the best. she is funny and beautiful and my favorite celebrity. She is so cool. You rock Bea

    Nicole from New Zealand

  3. JohnnyBerry

    FYI: Bea’s Intimate Portrait will be on again on Lifetime Real Women at 8:00ET, Tuesday, August 23.

  4. Sam Miller

    Well…I guess I should say that I’m only 14 years old, but I have a serious satisfaction with Bea Arthur. She is a great actress and although I am very young, she is still a great actress to me. I know most girls my age are interested in Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan, but I’m into more classic acting. Bea Arthur is somone I aspire to be when I begin an acting career of my own someday. Thanks Bea, you have been a great inspiration to me!

  5. Mandy

    I think Bea Arthur is one of the greatest actress in the world. I’m her biggest fan and i just 15 years old. My school librarian looks so much like Bea Arthur. And every time i see my librarian it feel likes i’m talking to Bea Arthur. You rock Bea

    From biggest fan in New Zealand

  6. Sam Miller

    I know that Bea’s Intimate Portrait is on Lifetime Real Women, but is that regular lifetime or not? Because I think I only have 2 and I’m not sure which two I have.

  7. Carol

    Hello me and my sister Mandy are from New Zealand. We are great fans of Bea Arthur. I am 12 years old and she is my role model. At school we had to write whos our role model and i chose Bea Arthur.I go to St Caths and our school librarian looks so much like Bea Arthur.When i talk to her she reminds me of Bea Arthur. But our school librarian is called Frances tough.But she acts like her too. For example kind to others, smiles all the time, Has the same dress style, the same height, the same voice a bit,same sense of humor .Bea Arthur is so so so pretty and amazing. You Rock Bea

  8. Marianne Grieshaber

    I love Bea’s clothes. The are always so stylish and comfortable. Could you please tell me where she purchases them? I am also tall and its hard to fine good outfits.
    Bea the golden girls is one of my favorites. I love your sense of humor and the looks you give. I am hoping to get to see one of your shows soon.
    A friend who Loves You,

  9. Johnine

    Ms. Arthur, my mom,myself, my beloved Daddy in heaven[not to mention my whole family]just ADORE YOU!!! While I believe you were simply brilliant in your ‘ground-breaking’portrayal of MAUDE, I can’t help but tell you how many happy hours The Golden Girls gave to my father!!! We all watched on Saturday evenings in the 80’s & 90’s, then of course the syndication after[Sorry but The Golden Palace was not the same without all of your talents together] My Dad has since passed but my Mom & I along with my older sisters keep the faith & catch you at least once a day! Now I love you&Betty even more because of my activism with Peta! May God Bless you,Betty,Rue,& a special blessing 4 Estelle![my Dad was diagnosed sadly also with Alzheimers]


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