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12.14.2000 – Launched message board with heavy moderating.

 – Lots of Bea news! for me anyway. I’ve been buying Ebay clean of Bea Arthur auctions and well worth it! I’ve created a Bea shrine in my living room because of it. With all the items I’m collecting, I’ve decided to create a full fledge Bea Arthur fan site. It will be filled with tons of images, articles, sounds, and video clips with Bea. Secondly, I finally saw and recorded the Malcolm in the middle episode that I missed, finally! I also obtained the rare star wars 1978 holiday special where Bea appears for about 15 minutes. She came across successful as a Maude meets bartender. So, lots happening, and more to come soon.

10.06.2000 – I’m still so bummed about TVLand taking Maude off. I missed so many episodes. I filled up 4 video tapes of Maude, but its not enough. I wish they would release the Maude box set. I finally saw ‘Lovers and other strangers‘. It was wonderful to see Bea in 1970, little would she know the success of work laid ahead for her. And finally, I’m kicking myself that I didn’t take off work and travel to go see Bea in her one woman act in Connecticut.

7.8.2000 – Last night I saw Mel brooks ‘history of the world – part 1’, where Bea had a minute cameo (yet fabulous) part. After seeing this short clip, I decided in the next few months that I will be collection Bea shorts and converting them into downloadable Quicktime movies. These will only be available here, so check back soon!

Bea was recently in ‘Malcolm in the middle’, and I MISSED It If anyone has seen it and/or has it on video tape, please email me. I just kick myself when I miss a Bea event! [update: I finally recorded the rerun of Bea’s appearance in Malcolm in the middle! video clips of her performance will be posted soon!]

I recently was extremely fortunate to see Bea here in Chicago performing in a George and Ira Gershwin musical – strike up the band. This was a double pleasure, being a fan of Gershwin music. To see Bea, who is 76 years old, sing I’ve got a crush on you’ was a true delight.
article: [2.13.2000] – Chicago tribune

3.14.2000 – National Enquirer posted a recent Bea sighting’.
barefoot Bea

Bea also recently made a cameo appearance on Showtime’s ‘Beggars and Choosers’. She audition for the part of Ethel merman. It was a short but sweet appearance!
episode 4 – hat trick

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