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12.29.01 – My apologies for not updating the site lately, been extremely busy with work and the holiday season. Look forward to January and February when I make updates and major changes to the site! In the meantime, Happy Holidays!!! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday with family and friends. Click HERE to receive your present from! 

12.01.01 – Bea’s Broadway performance and dates have been officially announced. For more information on this finale event visit Also, sign up and join the discussion in the Yahoo club (link above).

11.10.01 – Sign up now to the LimeLetter! This will be the official newsletter for Bea Arthur on the LimeLight website, as well as its mother site Limegreen Tangerine. The first newsletter will be released within the next few weeks. An online archive of newsletters will be available within the next few months.

11.09.01 – Announced today from the NewYorkPost that Bea will hold her grand finale show in New York City at the Booth Theatre for 6 weeks. Please check back to the ‘tour information‘ section for updates about this event. It will be a biggy! I’ll ‘bea’ there!

11.03.01 – Bea is still at it. Her show has been continuing without a hitch and there have been a lot of great reports and feedback from the press. See up to date links to these online articles at the And Then There’s Bea Yahoo! Club today!


10.10.01 – The senior editor of A&U magazine asked if I would put up their article with Bea in their September 1998 edition. Of course, I would, and did! Check it out in the ‘Collection’ section for the complete, full-page scanned, article. Super article with some wonderful, home front pictures of Bea with her dogs!

10.06.01 – Been adding a few new user-submitted stories in the “And There’s Bea… in Chicago” mini-tour site. More photos of people meeting Bea will be posted soon as well. Just click on the upper right corner of this page on And “Then There’s Bea … in Chicago” and check them out!

09.25.01 – Exciting news for this website:: I have uploaded a ton of new videos, with many more to come within the next few weeks. Also to follow in the next few weeks, many more stories and pictures from people who have met Bea and experienced Bea’s show and a well deserved update in the ‘biography’ section!

There will be much more content to come very soon, so keep checking back! Thanks for making this site the number one resource of the great Beatrice Arthur!

09.17.01 – First of all, I would like to give my condolences to all the families out there affected by the tragedies this past week. My heart goes out to all of you.

I have disabled all the Quicktime movies in the Collection section due to a lack of finances for server space. I am in the process of restructuring this and all of my web sites. I’m doing everything in my power to keep this site alive, but currently, it is not looking so good. If the site should go down, I will do everything to get it back up.

Thank you all for your support. Take care.

08.26.01 – Though there hasn’t been any personal news regarding Bea lately, Bea is still in headlines all over the country. If your interested in the little tidbits of Bea news, then I urge you to go to my Yahoo! club that is dedicated to her show. Many people continue to post their stories of seeing the show and meeting Bea.

08.07.2001 – I’m excited to announce BeaLive. BeaLive is a streaming audio radio station that I have started. Songs include hard to find, originals by Bea Arthur from all her performances starting back in the ’50s. In addition, the original artists of the songs that Bea sings in her ‘And Then There’s Bea’ tour. Keep checking in for new songs added to the playlist soon. 56k connection minimum is required.


08.06.2001 – First of all, today is my birthday. Yippy Skippy. Anywho, on a more important note: for those who do not already know this. The song, recently released by Rufus Wainwright, called California has a notable mention of Bea Arthur in it. It’s a great song besides this delightful surprise, so check it out! Also go to this link from the Rufus Wainwright message board:

07.21.2001 – Quick note: Updated Bea’s tour schedule. There seems to be some changes from the original, so here is the most up-to-date version.

 – Though I haven’t had any recent meetings with Bea lately, you have. I’ve been getting some wonderful emails from people, sharing their experiences of meeting Bea. I have posted some on the ‘And Then There’s Bea…in Chicago’ part of this site. Even more, fun, are the photos that some of you have sent me. I just can’t get enough of seeing Bea and others enjoying her company!

I have also been trying to update the articles section on the tour mini-site. Tedious, but worth it… been adding scans of local and national newspapers. So check them out… they include some new images of Bea as well!

Finally, I have been collecting all the web sites that have covered Bea’s show from around the country. Soon, I will have them all available in PDF format for eternal storage. Stay tuned & Bea Happy.

 – Sad day in Norman Lear’s television history. Carrol O’Connor died today of a heart attack at the age of 76. For the ones that don’t know this: Bea Arthur’s Maude television sitcom was a spinoff of Carrol O’Connor’s All in the Family sitcom. Beatrice is my favorite actress, Carrol was my favorite actor.

 – Well life has dealt me some crummy cards lately, so it’s been hard to do the things I love, like this site. However, I finally managed to get up about 75% of the new mini-site dedicated to Bea’s tour. Click on the top right corner to check out all the activities. Check back soon for many more additions and tweaks to this new mini-site. I’m still excited about Bea coming to Chicago, just like it was yesterday! This means I have to travel to another city soon, to see Bea again. It’s like another of my friends has moved away from me here in Chicago. I miss Ms. Bea :(

06.01.2001 – 3 is a charm! Last night was Bea’s last night in Chicago. It was also the 3rd time that I saw her show here… and I still haven’t had enough! I felt it was the best show out of the three that I saw. The audience was extremely receptive. After the show, a few of us ran to the side of the building where Ms. Arthur’s dressing trailer was. Everyone starts singing the theme to Golden Girls. She opened the door and stuck her head out and thanked everyone for coming. Then she asked that everyone sing it again, which she loved. She then signed people’s show brochures and was very pleasant.

I then got a tip from a friend earlier that day that she was making another unannounced appearance at a local gay cabaret bar called Voltaire here in Chicago. So, after seeing Bea at her trailer, we hopped into a cab and bolted down to the bar. Sure enough, she came in. Though she was very tired she sat with everyone else and watched the cabaret show. After a few drinks, she and Billy got up and sang one song to everyone. She sang ‘Some People’ that she also covers in her show. It was wonderful… absolutely wonderful.

Today I’m sad to know that Bea is no longer in Chicago. It was a wonderful 10 days. I collected many pictures and articles from the newspapers and anything else that I could find. I can’t wait to see Bea and Billy soon… possibly in New York next spring, or some other city that she is touring sooner! We love you Bea…


05.28.2001 – Mmmmm… Bea is on a roll! Bea sung the ‘Take me out to the ball game’ for the Cubs game here in Chicago yesturday. If i knew that would be singing, I would have been there in a heart beat. Unfortunately I didn’t find out until this morning. However, I saw the clip on the news and grabbed a few frames (below).


Also, I started a new Yahoo! club dedicated to Ms. Arthur’s show, specifically. Please stop by and blab your head off about the show and Ms. Arthur.

05.26.2001 – Interesting thing happened here in Chicago on the radio! From the Chicago Sun Time: Actress Bea “The Golden Girls” Arthur just got censored? Arthur, who is in town for a few weeks for her one-woman show, “. . . And Then There’s Bea,” encountered an unexpected radio flap. Sneed is told that Bea recorded her own radio spots for the show, but WGN radio wouldn’t air it because they think it’s too lewd. Calls to WGN were not returned.


Also, thanks to my friend Jessica for pointing this out to me… Bea’s show has an official website! How could I have missed this :) has her up-to-date tour schedule, radio spots, video clips, and much more! I was delighted to see this site listed in the links section as well!! Thanks again for letting me know Jessica!!

Photo by Joan Marcus from the Chicago Free Press newspaper – 05.23.01

05.25.2001 – Thanks to Jam Theatrical’s, Jeffrey, I was hooked up with free, front rows, seats last night. It was awesome to see Bea so up close again. This time I could really see her facial expressions and feel the songs that she sang from her heart. But, three will be a charm, when I see her again next Thursday for her closing night performance. Again, the show was unbelievable and just as entertaining. This time I took a notepad and jotted down everything, minute by minute. But during the show, I decided not to post this on my site. It wouldn’t be fair to people who haven’t seen the show yet, as well as Bea herself. It’s a must-see show, therefore… go, Go, GO, and see it for yourself. Period. If you have to fly halfway around the world, it will be worth it. I promise that. I will continue to work on a ‘And then there’s Bea in Chicago’ subsite, with more local articles, pictures, and personal experiences. But, again, will not be posting a minute-by-minute review.

I want to thank everyone who has emailed me. It’s been overwhelming to say the least. It’s been great to hear all your own personal stories, as well as, how passionately you feel towards Ms. Arthur. I try to get back to all of you, but forgive me if I’m a little slow. I also try to answer your questions as best to my knowledge, but please remember, I am not Bea, nor do I work for Bea (yet :) so please be realistic with your questions! Thanks.

05.24.2001 – “Bea Arthur in the Lime Light” web site makes it in the Chicago Free Press. View the side-bar article HERE. Also, check out the main article and interview “Queen Bea”, by Web Behrens.

05.23.2001 – Just wanted to write a quick little blurb about her opening performance here in Chicago last night. Again, I will be making a complete page wrapping up all the events while Bea was in Chicago within two weeks. I just wanted to express how wonderful she was in her show. Better than a strict autobiography of Bea, she shared all the people, performances, and songs that were dear to her throughout her life. She explained that she wanted everyone to feel like they were at her home for a visit. To sit down and have a visit with Bea! And that’s how she made everyone feel.

It is a must-see show… do not miss it for anything! So, check back in a few weeks, after her show wraps up here in Chicago, for an exclusive sub-website of ‘And Then There’s Bea in Chicago’!

05.21.2001 – Today was the day I have dreamt about for years. The day that I finally met Bea Arthur. I have been 10 feet off the ground ever since. The pictures below were taken at our local gay bar here in Chicago, Sidetracks. Left, is Bea and Me, and to the right is Bea and my boyfriend Matthew. I was fortunate to be tipped off earlier that day, that Bea would be making an unannounced appearance at Sidetracks. My heart was pounding from then to when Bea pulled up in a white Lincoln Town Car outside of the bar. After talking to some people from Jam Theatricals, who were organizing the show, I was confirmed that she would be appearing and that I would be able to talk to her. I was also fortunate to be sitting just a few feet from where she was sitting and could watch her throughout the night like a hawk. After waiting patiently for the right moment, I was introduced to Ms. Bea Arthur. After talking with her for a few intense minutes, I introduced Matthew to her, where they talked for a few additional minutes. I then asked her if we could get a picture with her. At the moment she agreed, the digital camera that Matthew had ready, shut off automatically because it wasn’t being used for a bit. So, Matthew had to turn it back on, which took a few moments. Bea then turned to me and said, “if he doesn’t take the picture soon, I’m going to prune”, then after a few more moments of Matthew frantically turning back on the camera, Bea reached her hand out and yelled, “Take the fucking picture”, and at that very moment the picture took. She started laughing because it captured her in the prime Maude moment….

Bea was so amazing, so sweet, so approachable, which surprises people, thinking that she is like Maude in real life. But, she isn’t. I will be making a separate web page that will be capturing Matthew and me meeting Bea and her show while she is here in Chicago. I will write about the words exchanged between Bea and me, about the Christmas card that I re-gave her and this website. I will be seeing the show 3 times, therefore, I will be able to give a moment by moment review of her show. Also, I have been collecting anything newspaper clippings from the Chicago area for the next two weeks. I will be collaborating it all in one web site presentation. So check back in a few weeks!

05.19.2001 – Made a couple of small changes to the site. Changed the ‘about’ section to ‘news’. I then moved the ‘about’ section into the ‘contact’ page. I also started archiving the news section, because luckily there has been lots of news!

Three more days until I see Bea on her opening night here in Chicago. I can’t express how excited I am! I have been going through all the newspapers in the Chicago area and have been clipping away. I will be posting them soon on here, probably a couple of weeks after the show ends. That way I can post the reviews of her show as well. This also made me think: if Bea’s show came to a town near you, and you have some newspaper clippings saved, then scan them in and email them to me. I will also post anything you send.

Also, HERE is a collage that I made from the Comedy Central website of the award that Bea won for her performance in Malcolm in the middle appearance.

Look forward to my own reviews of Bea’s show here in Chicago. I will be going to her opening AND closing night’s shows, so I will have a comparison review of both shows as well. So much going on… so keep coming back!!!

05.05.2001 – Just got back from a wonderful, 10 day, vacation in Hawaii, therefore, I’m a little behind in updating the news. A lot has been going on though. Bea is well on her way performing her shows. On her opening night in Minneapolis, she fell off the stage. Quite the scare. Luckily, she was fine and finished the show. Received my tickets for the opening and closing nights to her show here in Chicago. Now it’s just a waiting game… so excited! As always keep looking below for up-to-date postings on her tour dates.

Also, another congrats to Bea for winning the American Comedy Award for her performance in Malcolm in the middle. I’m so happy for her. See I told you a lot has happened while I was on the islands :)

04.21.2001 – Just received my issue of OUT magazine in the mail and to my surprise towards the end of the magazine in the horoscope section… :)

04.13.2001 – BREAKING NEWS… I finally got the dates and location confirmed for Bea’s show here in Chicago. To my surprise and fortune, she will be here for over a week… and better yet… in walking distance from my house :) I plan on going opening and closing nights, if not more!!

04.8.2001 – Ok, here are confirmed and unconfirmed dates of Bea’s one women show! I will update that as soon as I find out more:

And Then There’s Bea!
April 24-29, 2001Minneapolis, MNGuthrie Theatre
May 8-13, 2001Melbourne, FLKing Center
May 20, 2001Fort Myers, FLBarbara B. Mann
May 22-31, 2001Chicago, ILPark West
June 2-3, 2001Savannaha, GALucas Theatre
June 12-17, 2001Louisville, KYBrown
June 19-24, 2001Austin, TXParamount Theatre
July 3-8, 2001Columbus, OHCaptiol Theater
July 10-15, 2001Cincinnati, OHKaplan
July 24-29, 2001Nyack, NYHelen Hayes Theatre
July 31-August 5, 2001Raleigh, NCFletcher Opera House
August 7-19Ft. Lauderdale, FLAmaturo Theatre
August 21-26, 2001San Francisco, FLAlcazar Theater
September 4-9, 2001Indianapolis, INEgyptian Ballroom
September 18-22, 2001St. Louis, MOPageant Theater
October 2-7, 2001Washington, DCWarner
October 23-28, 2001Tampa, FLPlayhouse
November 8, 2001Lakeland, FLPolk Theatre
November 10, 2001Galveston, TXOpera House
December 11-23, 2001West Palm, FLRoyal Poinciana
December 26-30, 2001Thousand Oaks, CAScherr Forum Theatre
January 2-6, 2002Phoenix, AZOrpheum Theater
 New York City, New York 

P.S. I thought THIS was funny, found it while I was searching for a cat in the Chicago area :)

03.26.2001 – Thanks to a poster at the Bea message board, named Admirer, I have been informed of some exciting information. Bea is back! “The Guthrie Theater will premiere the national tour of beloved actor/comedian Bea Arthur’s one-woman show, …And Then There’s Bea, With her Friend Billy Goldenberg at the Piano. The tour opens in Minneapolis on Tuesday, April 24, 2001, for one week only, prior to a 26 city tour and a spring 2002 New York opening.”, according to the Gurthrie Theater website. This is the best news I’ve heard since seeing Bea here in Chicago a year or two ago. And it looks like she’ll be back! And I’ll be waiting at the stage door in hopes to exchange some words of appreciation. If anyone is going to the Minneapolis show, please let me know!

Also, Admirer led me to the link at where two photos of Bea in her school days have been posted. Check them out:


That’s all for now, will be exclusively covering this show when more information is available. I would be going to Minneapolis to catch her opening show, but I will be in Hawaii that same week. Can’t pass that up either :)

Thanks for the information Admirer (what is your real name ? :)

Update: Admirer has also posted a partial listing of the cities where Bea is performing: Minneapolis, Montreal, Chicago, Kansas City, Louisville, Austin, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Columbus, Fort Lauderdale, Westhampton (in August), Boston, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Dallas, Cleveland, Toronto, West Palm Beach.

03.18.2001 – Finally had some time to upload 54 new pictures from my newspaper and magazine clippings collection. My next priority will be the ‘Fibs and Facts’ and ‘Biography’ sections.

 – Posted my 8×10 collection and miscellaneous collections. Still grinding out the videos… looking for server storage for them as well. In the meantime, I’m continuing to post all magazine clippings, paintings, and other miscellaneous items I have of Bea!

02.12.2001 – The new Bea Arthur site is released today! Luckily my work schedule has been light [not lucky for my wallet], so I have been pounding away on this site. I have decided to convert this site into a complete flash/shockwave site as well over time, should be up sometime this summer. People using 56k dial-up won’t like me too much with this site :)

Right now my #1 priority is getting my collection up. Photos, clippings, audio, and miscellaneous sections will be up this week. Videos will be up within the month, quite a time-consuming task clipping, editing, and converting video clips, but I think this will be the highlight of the site! Second, I will go back and write my biography for Bea and fibs and facts section. Lastly, I will give credit where credit is deserved, in the copyrights section.

02.05.2001 – Construction the new ‘bea arthur in the limelight’ website is under way. Meanwhile, I posted clips from Bea’s recent audio appearance in Fox’s Futurama. Who else could play such a Femputer! hoping to release the new Bea site by 03.01.2001, if not sooner… so come back often!

01.10.2001 – Here is the Christmas card that I designed and sent to family, friends, and Bea Arthur herself. Hopefully, she’ll get a kick out of it. Also, if I ever meet her, she should be able to recognize me :)


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