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12.10.02 – Well, Bea has ended her Toronto show and now we ask ourselves… now what? The truth is, nobody knows. Bea has surprised us many times before, so lets hope for an announcement of sometime soon on what she has in store! Perhaps London? We’ll see! In the meantime, have safe and blissful holidays! Happy Holidays from


11.19.02 – The following is a message I recieved from a production coordinator on a Canadian talk show called ‘Because I Said So’ with Maggie Cassella, taped once a week in Toronto in front of a live audience.
“On Monday November 25th 2002 we have Bea Arthur as a guest and I would love it if you could post some info about the appearance on your site. The show’s topic is Have sitcom’s lost their edge? Bea will be appearing with a Toronto Sun columnist Jim Slotek to debate that topic at 7:45pm at the CHUMCity building located at 299 Queen Street West. Taping takes 1 hour. Individuals or groups interested in free tickets can call our audience reservation line at 416 591 5280 or email
The show airs nationally on Star! the Entertainment Station and Citytv several times weekly.”

11.06.02 – Special Request from :: I want to strongly urge Bea fans to send me their stories and any pictures they might have taken when seeing Bea’s show in either Toronto or Sydney. We would love to hear and see your take on Bea’s show to compare with when she was in the USA earlier this year and year before. Thanks for you feedback! Check in the ‘What People Are Saying‘ section to read fan stories!

10.30.02 – Important Update :: Bea Arthur’s Intimate Portrait on Lifetime television will premiere on January 20th, 2003. The air date has been moved from the previously announced date for no given reason. Please update your calendars.

10.23.02 – Continuing the good news. Word of The Golden Girls series released on DVD has finally appeared. For more, extensive information about this click HERE!

10.22.02 – A review of Bea’s show in Melbourne, Australia has been posted in the Tour Information section.

10.21.02 – BREAKING NEWS :: exclusively from
I have just been notified from Feury Grant Entertainment that the Bea Arthur Intimate Portrait has been completed. The scheduled air date is November 25th on the Lifetime Channel. Check your local listings for time.

09.09.02 – Exciting news for the people of Toronto, Canada! Bea’s coming to town. I know a lot of you will be excited for I have received a lot of emails from Toronto. Here is the link to the news article about this. I will also update the tour information page with this information as well! I might be able to attend as well, so I’ll keep you all up to date about that as well!

09.04.02 – Update on E! TV Tales – Golden Girls, the air date has been changed to Wednesday, September 18, 2002 at 8pm. Please made a note of it on you calendars :)

08.27.02 – I have just received official information that the E! TV Tales episode featuring the Golden Girls will be first aired on September 16, 2002 at 8pm [eastern]. It will be a must see show.

08.26.02 – What we’ve been all waiting for… Lifetime’s Intimate Portrait of Bea Arthur! Check out the first press release about it HERE.


So far I’ve learned…
Lee Grant, herself, was the one to finally convince Bea to do the intimate portrait!! They have interviewed Bea, her sons, Rue, Bill Macy, Conrad Bain, George Swatter (?), Paul Witt (executive producer of the Golden Girls), and Norman Lear.

08.16.02 – Attention Bea fans in New Mexico. Click here for a Bea performance near you!

07.31.02 – I decided to post some screenshots from Bea’s appearance in the 1979 episode of Saturday Night Life, in which she hosted. I’m posting this slide show in a different fashion, using Flash, so please send me your feed back on how you like it.

Click here to launch Bea :: SNL 79′
:: 857k file size :: must have Flash 6 player installed ::

As for the show goes, the show never really ramped up to my expectations and certainly did not seem like Bea was the host, appearing in so little of the hour. To be fair, however, I tend to get my expectations up on everything that Bea is in, and can tend to be dissappointed at times. Nevertheless, we finally got to see this episode! I’m still excited about that. Something is better then nothing, and though it was edited down, I feel that much more complete :)

I really apprecaited seeing Bea and Gilda together. Gilda was such a wonderful person and it’s nice to take a step back in time and see them together!

07.27.02 – Thanks to the collective efforts and knowledge in the Bea Yahoo! Group, it has been announced from E! online, that the Saturday Night Live where Bea hosts will be aired Tuesday [07.30.02] at 7:00pm [eastern]. If you miss this airing, it will be on again August 6th [my birthday!] at 3:30pm [eastern]. All of us Bea fans have been waiting for this to be aired for years!! Very exciting for some of us, a must see for everyone else! Thanks again to the people in the Bea group!

07.18.02 – Wow… didn’t realise that it has been this long since a news posting. Just goes to show, when the curtain falls, it’s over. Anyway, just wanted to post that there is a new fan story posted on the ‘what people are saying‘ page and click on ‘Michael’. Also, more info about Bea performing in Australia on the ‘tour info‘ page. Check it out now… or next month, we’ll wait. :)

06.08.02 – Exclusive news from! I have been fortunate to be informed or any new, upcoming events and appearances from Bea’s business manager to be passed along to her fans via this web site! Therefore, I have the following announcements ::

It has been confirmed that Bea had been ill for the Tony awards, that being the reason why Bea was not present. Good news is that she is doing better!

Second, attention Golden Girls fans! Currently in the works at E! networks is an episode of TV TALES about the Golden Girls! Rue McClanahan, Betty White, Harold Gould, Leslie Nielson, and other writers, etc. of the show have already been interviewed for the show. On June 4th, Bea Arthur agreed to and was interviewed for this show as well! Estelle will be on the show as well, but clips from a few years ago will be used, being that she can no longer do interviews because of her condition.

So keep a look out for this, what should be, an exciting show! We all have been wanting a Lifetime’s Intimate Portrait of Bea… well, again, this show would fill in a lot of the missing pieces and will be a long over due dedication to the Golden Girls sitcom.

So, keep a look out for this show within the next few months and check back here for more inside news soon! 

tony_bea06.02.02 – Well, as predicted, Bea didn’t win the Tony® again, but we are all still happy for her being nominated. Congratulations to Elaine Stritch for the win.

Was hoping to see Bea in the audience or present a award, but neither happened. It seemed that Bea wasn’t there, which is a disappointment, if true. Elaine did mention Bea and the rest of the nominees in her too long of a acceptance speech :)

Next steps :: Hopefully Bea will make an appearance in both London and Australia… stay tuned!

05.06.02 – Just when you thought there would be no news about Bea… Just announced today ::

Bea Arthur on Broadway, Just Between Friends – Tony® Nominated for Best Special Theatrical Event! The Tony® Awards will be aired June 2nd, 2002 on PBS and CBS. More information clickhere!

04.15.02 – The party is over :( Bea ended her Broadway run last night at the Booth Theatre. From what I’ve heard, it was an emotional end for the dynamic due, Bea and Billy. This now completes practically a full year of Bea’s one woman show on the stage. All across the country, landing in NYC, Bea has conquered the USA.

So, what’s next? London? Perhaps, but only time will tell. I’m sure she will rest up and reflect some. She deserves it as she turn 79 next month.

Anyway, it’s been a wonderful year for me, as well. I have had a terrific time following her virtually from city to city, show to show. I look forward to the future with Bea. If she chooses to leave the lime light, so be it. We will always have fantastic memories and plenty of reruns to keep up tied over forever!

Thank you Bea… (and the rest of her fans)

03.27.02 – Announced today, Bea Arthur on Broadway will close on April 14, 2002. Get your tickets now before this unforgettable event is over!

03.18.02 – New fan story and photos uploaded in the tour section. Check them out here! Thanks Josie!

03.05.02 – Bea Arthur on Broadway has been extended indefinitely! She just won’t stop! Therefore, there is no excuse not to see Bea! For more information, click here. Also, visit for a cute, little Flash piece on Bea NOT getting slapped. Other famous characters such as Britney Spears gets slapped silly. It’s good to see that most people interpret Bea as a strong, untouchable women! 

02.18.02 – Received Bea’s CD today… absolutely brilliant. Full review of it in the next LimeLetter which be released within this next week, as well as on the Yahoo! Group. I know I will be listening to it 24/7 for the next month… at least!

02.05.02 – Happy 1 year anniversary to the ‘Bea Arthur in the Lime Light’ web site! I can’t believe it’s been a full year since I launched this site. And to my surprise, a couple months later, that Bea would start a nation wide tour and Broadway show. It’s been an exciting year, and this year will be just as exciting. Thank you for all your support and involvement on this site and on the Yahoo Club. It’s made it 100% worth the time that I put into this site!

02.03.02 – Happy days are here again… Well, today’s appearance of Bea on CBS’s Sunday Morning Show was fabulous. For all of you hoping for an Intimate Portrait of Bea, well this was a 10 minute version of one. Covered all her highlights in life, included never seen before photos and behind the seen footage from Maude. I have a few still images from this posted at the Yahoo! Club (link above). It’s been a great day of Bea. Also, listened to the Broadway’s Biggest Hit show today, which featured Bea. There they played songs from her soon to be released CD and added their exclusive interview with Bea when she was in Phoenix. The great part is, there is more to come this Friday when Bea appears on the Rosie O’Donnell show! Can’t wait!

02.01.02 – Bea is on the cover and the feature story of this weeks NEXT Magazine! Probably the best photos of Bea I have ever seen. Check it out here at

01.31.02 – Yahoo! Club is back up and running! Unfortunately, I’m still having problems remaining as the founder… Hopefully when the Clubs merge into Groups, this will be resolved.

Some exciting Bea appearances will be taking place this week. First, Bea will be on some local radio stations next week. Some of these radio stations will be available over the Internet for listening. For more information about this event visit!

Second, Bea will be on February 8th’s Rosie O’Donnell Show! Rosie is a huge fan of Bea’s and has already seen her show. Looking forward to this event. Bea normally doesn’t do the talk show thing, but always makes an exception for Rosie! Check your local stations for times!

Third, Bea on Broadway CD is now available for pre-order. Ship date is February 12th! You can do a search for Bea Arthur on and/or to order yours today! I have :)

01.25.02 – Many of you may have been wondering… where is the And Then There’s Bea Yahoo Club?? Did Kevin delete it? Answer :: No way! I would never delete my club. I plan to keep the club alive even after Bea ends her show. Unfortunately, Yahoo seems to have some problems. It is almost impossible to contact them, so I am just going to wait a few more days and see if the problem clears up. In the mean time check out Lifetime TV’s web site and take a peak at their Bea message board.

01.21.02 – Updated the tour information page. Added a new fan story and photos! In addition, it has been confirmed that Bea will be on Wednesday’s (01.23.02) The View on ABC. Be sure to check it out!

01.15.02 – Bea Arthur will be hosting a morning of the Golden Girls on the Lifetime Channel on January 21st from 9:00am to 12:30pm eastern. Should be fun!


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