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12.12.03 :: Great news for us and especially Bea fans in California! Bea is continuing into 2004 with a special one time only show for a gala event for the South Bay Conservatory’s Student Scholarship Fund. Read more at the following two sites ::

12.01.03 :: Hey Bea fans! Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving! As you probably know, there hasn’t been any real news of Bea since her London show ended in October. However, I am still keeping an ear out for anything new with her. I assume she is still resting up and enjoying the holidays.On that note, I too had to lighten the load for this web site. I have currently pulled the audio and video sections in the collection area. I know the videos are one of the most popular features of the site, but due to disk quota issues, I had to pull them for the time being. I have full intention to put them back up as soon as I jockey some files around on this web site and the other web site that shares the disk space, my personal/business web site, Thanks for understanding and I will post on this page when these pages are back up and with new content!!

Happy Holidays all!
Kevin Buckstiegel
– founder of Bea Arthur In The Lime Light, Bea Arthur Fan Web Site 

11.15.03 :: No news to report on what Bea has been doing the past month since ending her show at the Savoy. We can probably assume that she is resting up and enjoying the holidays with family and friends. However, you never know with this go getter!

Below are images sent to me from Angie who runs from when she went to see Bea in London. Thanks Angie!

 10.18.03 :: Bea’s London show ended today. Great job Bea! To read more straight from the fan’s about Bea’s show at the Savoy, visit ‘What People Are Saying‘ section and the BeaBoard. Below are images taken from a fan, Michael, a few nights ago at the Savoy!

savoy_01 savoy_02
savoy_03 savoy_04

10.10.03 :: Update on Bea’s illness. Looks like she is battling a severe ear infection according to To read more about her disappointment in canceling a few of her shows click HERE.

10.08.03 :: Bea has cancelled a couple of her shows in London, due to illness. She should be back though within two days, so fear not. I’m sure she is just working to hard… she can’t help it! Keep up the great work Bea! (only a few more days left before her London gig is over) :(

09.26.03 :: I have been receiving quite a bit of email from people in the UK with responses to Bea’s show. Overall, the majority have been positive. Critics on the other hand have not been impressed. The question is why? Is it because Bea’s material is related to only US people would know about or is it because UK people have different expectations of the theatre? Post your comments and read others in the BeaBoard Message Board.

Also take a peak at some of these articles ::
Guardian Unlimited
The Stage Review

Also the CD soundtrack to the movie version of Mame is now available for purchase HERE!

Finally, don’t forget to check out @cess the Golden Girl’s coverage of Bea in the UK. Sam, is working hard over there keeping us up to date on on-air coverage of Bea! Check it out HERE!

09.24.03 :: Bea Arthur will be appearing on the UK’s Terry and Gaby Show on Wednesday 1st October. The show goes LIVE from 11am – midday (audience arrive at 10am). If you would like FREE tickets please ring Daniel on 020 7843 9512 or email

09.06.03 :: 
We have our first fan review from London in from the message boards. Be sure to check it out! Bea is continuing to wow the rest of the world successfully. Also visit Bea Arthur at the Savoy for more info on the show!

09.09.03 :: Bea ended her show run in South Africa on the 7th and is now on her way to London to start her show on the 15th! For more local UK information be sure to check out Bea Arthur at the Savoy via @ccess the Golden Girls web site.

09.02.03 :: Add a new fan story in the What People Are Saying section. Be sure to check David’s story and picture with Bea, they come directly from South Africa where Bea’s show is a continuing success!

savoy_poster08.19.03 :: Reminder that Bea is in full swing right now on her South African tour! From what I have been hearing from people, the show has been well received, as well!

Shows at two different locations will be taking place in South Africa, as Bea takes “Just Between Friends” to the following places before performing in London ::

August 12th – 24th :: Pieter Toerien’s Montecasino Theatre
[Johannesburg & Reef]

August 26th – September 7th :: Theatre on the Bay
[Cape Town]

08.04.03 :: My, my, my how time flies! Sorry for the lack of updates here lately. However, there really hasn’t been anything Bea news worthy going on to announce. I’ve also had people ask me about the book of fan stories that I will be sending to Bea. I have decided to wait to send it to her until after she gets back from her latest shows in Africa and Europe. I’m sure she is preparing for them as we speak and therefore wouldn’t either receive or pay much attention to the book. So, please continue to send your stories and pictures over the next few months and they will be included in the book. I have been really impressed with what I have received from you guys already! Keep up the good work. I’m excited to receive stories from people who have seen her show in Africa and Europe, as well, to include in this. I have already had contact from people in both Africa and Europe… thanks again!

That’s all for now. Be sure to check in once in a while to get the latest!


07.04.03 :: I am extending what I posted on 06.06.03 to the end of July. I have received some great stories from fans already and want to extend this to a few of you that have been procrastinating. I am the king of procrastination so I completely understand!

dorothy06.26.03 :: It’s official, Bea is taking her show to South Africa and London! Click here for the scoop!

06.06.03 :: Ok guys… Bea has given us so much, it’s time to give back. I have decided to send Bea a high quality book of stories from her fans. I will be using the stories that are currently posted on this site [here], as well as, any new submissions that are sent to me by 06.30.2003. So here is your chance to get your story told directly to her! I will also be including pictures that have been sent to me from you. So, if you have any images of your meeting experiences, be sure to send the to me by the end of this month. Also, please take time to write your story. I am not the best writer myself, but I have found out that there are a lot worse writers our there!!! So, please take your time in articulating your story. If it ends up being 5 or 50 stories submitted I will still send them to her.

I’m sure that Bea will really get a kick out of this, so I do hope you participate. Email your stories and photos to me at no later then 06.30.2003.

I will post any feedback I get back from her to share back with all of you!

That’s all for now!

06.03.03 :: It was a great moment on television last night with the premiere of The Golden Girls: Their Greatest Moments which aired on the Lifetime TV Channel. It was a fun filled 90 minute show hosted by Bea, Rue and Betty. Though they were never seen together, which has disappointed many fans, it was still a great way to enjoy the Golden Girls with the girls themselves! If you have missed this special, I’m sure it will be replayed many times to come. It was a great time with a sad undertone of Estelle being absent. Though it wasn’t a E True Hollywood story dishing out the dirt of the show as some expected, the show included some never seen before bloopers and behind the scene footage, as well as, a special performance for the queen of england! Click here for details from Lifetime TV’s web site.


05.25.03 :: A few interesting new worthy events to mention today!

First, one more week until Lifetime’s Golden Girls reunion special. June 2nd, at 8pm (EST). I’m really looking forward to the bloopers and hopefully some behind the scenes footage that they will be showing… and of course Bea! Don’t forget to watch!

Second, a member of the Yahoo Group, Ironicwit, found a great article online about the people who grew up with Bea (Bernice Frankel) in Maryland. This is a really fun and interesting article, clickhere to read it.

Third, Ironicwit, also found a interesting article on Rupaul’s very own web site :) Click here to read about the possibility of Bea taking her show to South Africa and Europe this summer!

And finally, I just received an email from someone notifying me of a tribute album to the late Peggy Lee in which Bea will be performing on! Click here to read the article!

That’s all for now, be sure to check back soon for more exciting information about Bea and the Golden Girls reunion soon!

05.15.03 :: Two pieces of news. One, just uploaded a human interest story that you might enjoy called ‘BEA’ing Friends’. Click on the link above to read. Second, a new video of Bea has been added to the video collection. Be sure to check it out. It is the appearance of Bea on the Graham Norton show. Special thanks to Darran for sending it to me!

05.13.03 ::

bea80Bea would kill me for using this image of her…
I’ll take that chance… love ya Bea :)
04.29.03 – Clips of three of the four Golden Girls were on Entertainment Tonight for the Golden Girls reunion show tonight. They have announced the air date being June 2nd at 8:00pm (EST). I have a feeling the show will revolve around Estelle missing out in the reunion. Quite sad, being Estelle loved the girls so much. Read more here.

04.25.03 – has announced the following… there is currently no additional information about this at this time… be sure to check back for further details when announced ::

Pssst…Have we got “Golden Girls” gossip for you! Are you ready for a spectacular summer with Betty, Bea and Rue? The fab trio will be featured in a 90-minute “Golden Girls” special. We’ve got new and exclusive interviews with the actresses, who reveal their favorite show moments and much more! The best part? The ladies might answer your question on video. All you have to do is submit your query by clicking below now! 
Click HERE 
And stay tuned for plenty of juicy details about the summer special that promises to be hotter than Miami in August! Pussycat, this is one show you won’t want to miss.

04.22.03 – Thanks to great folks at, who host this web site, is now available. Two easy ways to get to this site and extremely easy to remember! I can’t thank JRM Services enough for keeping an eye out for this domain. If your looking for a hosting company for your web site, definitely check out JRM… they have my endorsement!

04.01.03 – No joke here! Two years and two months after first launching, a well deserved clean up of this site has taken place. In addition, new content has been added to the collection section under clippings (starting with #56 and on). A generous guy from Australia sent me a wealth of Bea clippings from over there. Again a huge thank you to him! (Hi Peter!) Upcoming in the next month or two, new videos! So be sure to check back. In the meantime, be sure to sign up to the BeaBoard and leave your comments and questions for either myself or other Bea fans to answer!

03.20.03 – Nothing new with Bea since the TV Land Awards, which is now a definite part of TV history. I would like to make an announcement regarding contact information. I strongly urge any questions you might have about Bea, be posted on the BeaBoard. I am no longer able to answer all individual questions and emails about Bea. I have fallen months behind, so it would be nice to have the chance of other Bea fans who are just as, if not more, knowledgeable then me to answer your questions.

Also a redesign of the Bea site will be coming soon, incorporating the BeaBoard as well as a couple other features to the site. The main redesign will be behind the scenes in the programming, so don’t expect a black and white difference in the design.

Thanks again for all your support and keep having fun!

03.11.03 – Just a friendly reminder to watch the TV Land Awards (Wednesday, March 12th, 2003) (filmed on March 2nd, 2003) where Bea will be appearing! Further info will be posted on theBeaBoard!

03.01.03 – BeaBoard – NEW beta version – try out the new Bea message board and become a part of the Bea fan community!

02.21.03 – For all of you who have been waiting for the Bea Intimate Portrait to be re-air, wait no more! Tune into Lifetime tv at 7pm (Eastern) on Wednesday, February 26, 2003.
Also, I noticed that the Cartoon Network is rerunning Futurama, where Bea guest stars (voice only) as Femputer. It’s really cute! This will air Tuesday, February 25, 2003 at 11pm (Eastern).

01.26.03 – It’s now been almost a week now since the premiere of Bea’s Intimate Portrait. I have received a lot of feedback from Bea’s fans, and am excited to report an overwhelming positive response to the show. I’m still very excited about this extremely well biography of our Bea Arthur!

One request. Please do not email me and ask for copies of the show. For obvious reasons I cannot fulfill these requests. The show will be repeated eventually, so keep a look out on your local listings. I will also update you on this when I learn of the air dates. Thank you for your cooperation!

ip_small_0701.20.03 – The moment we have been waiting for over 3 years has finally happened. Tonight Bea Arthur’s Intimate Portrait finally premiered on Lifetime TV. And to fan’s welcome, the show was true and full of Bea as a person and entertainer. Click here for a special overview.

01.19.03 – Maude is back… for some! So, I’m watching Maude right now on tv? Did we know it was back on? I do now… but not sure for how many people. I’m in Chicago, on the RCN network and on Ch. 14 they air a station called ME-TV… I guess it stands for Memorable Entertainment Television… never heard of it. Anyway they air Maude every Monday through Friday. This is great for me… but was curious to if how many of you get it? So check your local listings. It airs here in Chicago from 1:30 – 2:00pm.

01.11.03 – Just a friendly reminder from Don’t miss the premiere of Bea’s Intimate Portrait on January 20th on the Lifetime channel at 7pm Eastern!!

01.10.03 – I received this press release from PETA today. They asked me to post this to the site. Click HERE to read the submission.


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