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12.28.2004 :: FYI. Bea’s January performances for the Orange County Performing Arts Center has been postponed, possibly until the fall of 2005. I will update the information on this site as soon as I find out more.

12.26.2004 :: Happy Belated Holidays! Hope you all had a great holiday season and got the Golden Girls on DVD as one of your many presents (if you didn’t have it already!) Anyone get more than one copy?? :) So, I have been scalded for not sending out a card and/or ecard this year. I apologize, however, time wasn’t on my side this year… but that means next year will be twice as good as before! Past cards are viewable in the collection/misc area of this site. Don’t forget that Bea is doing shows in California in the middle of January of next year… she is still going strong! Click on the tour info button on the top of this page for more information! Until next time… take care all!

11.19.2004 :: Just in from, a couple of small photos from yesterday’s events! Thanks to Ironicwit in the yahoo group to have found these photos!

copyright prnewsfoto; ko
copyright prnewsfoto; ko

11.18.2004 :: Well, I know this is a little late, but interesting never the less. Today, the Original cast and crew reunion for a special screening and Q&A presentation, moderated by Melissa Rivers, to celebrate the DVD release of The Golden Girls: The Complete First Season from Buena Vista Home Entertainment took place. Attending were, Emmy Award-winning stars Bea Arthur, Betty White and Rue McClanahan; along with series writer/creator Susan Harris, executive producer Paul Junger Witt and producer Marc Cherry (“Desperate Housewives”). I imagine that they may put this event in GG Season 2 or 3 DVD set… however that is only my guess/hope. I’ve seen this kind of thing done before. I’m sure we’ll be seeing something from this event one way or another though, so keep your eyes and ears open!

11.14.2004 :: Just when you thought it was getting quiet, Bea has popped up with 5 news shows to bring in your 2005 New Year! If you either live in California or have a sugar daddy that will take you there, this is an event you can’t pass up! To learn more, visit the Tour Information section of this web site and buy your tickets today! As always, feel free to write me on your experiences of seeing Bea if you are planning to go!

10.20.2004 :: Though I posted about this earlier, just wanted to remind people of Bea’s show that will take place on October 30th at the RiverCenter Bill Heard Theatre in Columbus, Georgia! Remember, if you are attending this show, drop me a note on how it went!

10.18.2004 :: Bea Arthur has agreed to be the Chairperson for the Art Attack Foundation, a nonprofit performing arts scholarship organization. Our mission is to inspire community leaders, businesses, and individuals to participate and contribute in the education, enhancement, and development of young performing artists. We nurture and support talent through scholarships, education, training, stage performances, and other cultural activities. If you go to the website and click on about AAF you will find the letter from Bea Arthur at the bottom of the page. If you go to “how can I help” and print the donation form and donate $50 or more, and send a note that you heard about this through this website, she will send you an autographed picture for your support. You can make a difference in the lives of many who otherwise would not have the opportunity. Thank you for your support.

09.13.2004 :: So, summer in the States is practically over, Bea hasn’t been heard from since the knife incident, what else can you do but go pre-order the Golden Girls Season One DVD set right now! Click on the image towards the top of this page.

08.25.2004 :: For fun again, I’m posting a video clip that I captured from a quick mention of our loved terrorist, Bea Arthur, that appeared on MSNBC a couple of days ago! Enjoy!

Bea Arthur the Terrorist

(from Bea wasn’t so golden in Boston: Former Golden Girls star Bea Arthur reportedly triggered a security scare at Boston airport when she tried to board a short-haul flight with a pocketknife in her handbag. “She started yelling that it wasn’t hers and said ‘the terrorists put it there.’ She kept yelling about the ‘terrorists, the terrorists, the terrorists,’ ” United Press International quotes a fellow passenger as telling the World Entertainment News Network. It reported that after the knife was seized, the exasperated 81-year-old actress pulled a key ring from her bag and told the agent it belonged to the “terrorists,” before throwing it at staff. She continued her apparent taunting of security officials as she boarded her flight, allegedly telling an agent “We’re all doomed,” according to Philadelphia Daily News entertainment columnist Howard Gensler.

08.25.2004 :: Bea is back in the headlines, but not because of her show. This is just fun ::

Join in the discussion on this either on the BeaBoard or the Yahoo! Group :: And Then There’s Bea

08.13.2004 :: This just in… Bea and Billy will perform at Provincetown Town Hall on Cap Cod on Saturday, August 21st in a fundraiser for the Provincetown Business Guild!

08.11.2004 :: Bea’s performance has finished at the El Portal Theatre. Here is an excerpt from an email that I received from a friend, Neal, who went to the show ::

This was my 2nd time seeing it. It was a little different. There was an intermission and she sang “If He Walked Into My Life.” The first time I saw it, it hadn’t gone to Broadway yet, and there was no intermission. It’s been awhile since I’ve listened to the cd. So, I’ll start listening to it again.

There was ONLY 1 empty seat in the theatre and it was right in front of us. So, you could have come out here! Ha, ha……

She looked and sounded great! She’s such a great storyteller. Here she’s been doing this show for 2 years plus, and when she tells her story’s, it’s as if she’s telling it for the first time. She keeps everything so fresh!

Full press release available HERE about Bea’s new show at the El Portal Theatre.

07.01.2004 :: UPDATE on the 06.26.2004 news.

06.26.2004 :: This just in… :: Bea will be doing her show again in the L.A. area, August 5, 6, 7, and 8 at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood! More information on this will be forthcoming! What a wonderful birthday present for me (August 6th) :) (if I get to go that is) Stay Tuned!!

Also, as a polite reminder, please do not email me asking for more information. I will post any and all information that I get about all news here. Thanks for your cooperation!

Tickets are $28. And if you want to go to the party after the show, it’s $100. More information coming soon!

06.18.2004 :: Bea Arthur to appear at the Ennis’ fund-raiser for Spinning House Oct. 30 at 8 p.m. in the Bill Heard Theatre in Columbus, Georgia.

06.04.2004 :: Bea fan, Dorothy, got the opportunity to meet Bea after her recent Saugatuck show this past May. She sent me some photos to share, which have been posted in the fan photos section. Do check them out and the beautiful scarf that she hand made for Bea too!

06.03.2004 :: For those of you who haven’t seen it, Bea is still strong with animal rights and the PETA organization. In this article and disturbing video, Bea lays it all out on how KFC treats their chickens. It’s not the easiest video to watch, but there is a good reason for it.

06.01.2004 :: After a long wait (and thank you for your patience) I have finally uploaded new videos to the video section! Included are bloopers from the Golden Girls, the wonderful CBS Morning Show interview, the hilarious Rupaul show event and more! So do check them out here!

05.28.04 :: Making its DVD debut on November 30 is “The Golden Girls“, a popular comedy about four older women living together in Miami. This half-hour sitcom connected with many viewers in its seven-season run. The First Season (1985-86) contained 24 episodes. Read more about this long awaited event here.

In other exciting news, the videos in the collection section are all available again for viewing! Thanks to JRM Services for saving the day once again! I’m getting ready to upload new videos, as well, so check back often for those!

05.25.04 :: Bea had yet another successful show(s) this past weekend in Saugatuck. I want to thank the people that had emailed me before and after the show to share their thoughts on the show. However, they were quite vague in detail. So, please email me the details of the show and I would be happy to post them to this website to share with other fans! I was in Michigan this weekend ironically but did not stop by to see Bea, however, I waived to her as I drove past Saugatuck!

Tomorrow Bea will be performing in Washington DC with two other exciting friends. If anyone is attending this performance, I urge them to email me with your experience!

Take care all… more news coming soon!

05.13.04 :: Be sure to wish a certain someone a very happy birthday today!

Happy Birthday Bea!

Even though I’m still seeing news sites listing Bea’s age wrong, I want to wish Ms. Arthur a very happy 81st birthday!

05.09.04 :: If you haven’t seen this already, then be sure to check out screenshots of Bea Arthur’s home from the UK show that it was featured on! Visit Sam’s wonderful Golden Girls site where she has added a feature from this show called, Bea Arthur on Through The Keyhole (Aired 2003, BBC One, UK) Click HERE to for the exclusive images!

05.02.04 :: New performance alert!

A Celebration of Life : Whitman-Walker Clinic’s 11th Annual Spring Gala featuring Divas of a Lifetime! Three leading ladies performing on an intimate stage in the round. Join Bea Arthur, Dixie Carter, and Elaine Stritch together on one stage, Wednesday, May 26th at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C. Click HERE for more info!

Anyone that can go to this, please let me know… I would love to learn of the details. It would be amazing to see these three on one stage, let alone the VIP Reception.

Update on the Saugatuck performance of Bea’s on May 22nd and 23rd… looks like I will most likely not be able to attend, due to lack of funds to get me there, etc. So, if you are going to this performance, again, please let me know so you can do some reporting for us!

More to come soon…

America’s favorite Golden Girl of comedy is coming to Saugatuck, MI and you’re invited!

03.22.04 :: Breaking news from!

Bea Arthur performs her Broadway and London hit show Just Between Friends with Billy Goldenberg at the piano.

A benefit for Mason Street Warehouse, an uptown theatre in downtown Saugatuck.

Saturday, May 22, 2004
6:30 pm cocktail gala in the theatre lobby, 7:30 pm curtain – $100
6:30 pm cocktail gala in the theatre lobby, 7:30 curtain AND post-show special reception with Bea Arthur – $200

Sunday, May 23, 2004
2:00 pm curtain – $75

Tickets go on sale April 10, 2004, and maybe purchased by calling the Mason Street Warehouse box office at 269-857-4898 or by calling TicketsPLUS at 1-800-585-373.

For questions, contact Mason Street Warehouse at 269-857-4898.

03.17.04 :: Tonight’s premiere of the TV Land Awards was well worth the wait! Half way through the show, Bea appeared in a 5 minute spoof on the girls of Sex in the City. In addition to the gals, listed below that also appeared with her was also the delightful Abe Vigoda (whom you may remember from Barney Miller!)

Great fun, I will be re-watching this over and over! If you missed the awards show, you should be able to catch it again soon on TV Land, as they tend to reply the awards quite a bit within the first few weeks of the premiere! So check your local listings.

Click on the pictures to the right to view more screenshots from this fun-filled event!

Full press release available here via Yahoo News

03.07.04 ::
 Time to set your VCRs again! Even though I’m sure you planned on watching this year’s TV Land Awards on March 17th at 9:00pm (Eastern), now you have another reason to watch: Bea Arthur, Sally Struthers, Katherine Helmond and Charlotte Rae appear in a hilarious spoof of Sex and the City.


I just ran out to the store to pick up this week’s People Magazine where they have a very cute picture of Sally Struthers, Charlotte Rae, Bea Arthur and Katherine Helmond posing for a spoof of Sex in the City. I had to scan it immediately and stick it up here for all of your enjoyment ! Love the hair Bea :)

03.06.04 :: A wonderful article by a huge fan of Bea’s, Deborah Danskin, has just been posted. Do check it out and post your feedback on the BeaBoard! “A Bea Arthur Type” – by Deborah Danskin

Bea in L.A. :: 2004 :: The Fan’s Stories
03.01.04 :: 
I am excited to announce that I have just uploaded the stories that I have received so far from fans on the L.A. performances that Bea did this past January 31 and February 1, 2004. I’m still waiting on a couple more stories and those will be posted as soon as I receive them. So do check back soon!

I also have a gut feeling that this will be a special year with Bea, so do not give up hope or lose interest in that Bea may stop performing… as for there is no stopping our favorite Golden Gal!

02.16.04 :: Thanks to a new Bea friend in Texas, Debbie, I have a renewed excitement about Bea. She, as well as, 2 other people have contacted me about their experiences from the recent performance in Los Angeles. They are still collecting their stories and will be sending me their own personal accounts of the show. I will be making a special dedicated page(s) to this being that there is something extra unique and special about this certain performance. One of the unique things is that all 3 people, learned about the performance via this web site! They also went to great lengths in going to see Bea traveling from Texas and as far as Pennsylvania! So check back over the next week or two, for I am hoping to have collected all the information from these people to have posted up here!

02.12.04 :: Bea Arthur and Rita Moreno are to be part of the Peggy Lee Tribute this year at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood California on July 14th at 8pm. If anyone is going to be at this event please email me so we can set up a reporting spot for you! More info on this closer to the date of this event!


02.02.04 :: 
Bea wrapped up her two shows in California for the South Bay Conservatory Student Scholarship Fund and we will have two stories from two people who traveled across the country to see this exciting event. Check back in a week or two for their stories and photos!

01.21.04 :: 
Well, after thinking that a package from a friend in Australia that was sent over a month ago was lost in the mail, it finally came in the mail today! Well worth the wait too! Not only did he send me the show brochure from Bea’s Australia performance, but it was also signed by Bea herself! A huge shout out and thank you to Norman in Australia… thanks so much! 

01.17.04 :: Looks like Bea is in high demand in California! A second show has been added for February 1st, in addition to the January 31st performance for the South Bay Conservatory’s Student Scholarship Fund. Unfortunately, it looks like there is no reception with the second show. See the Torrance Cultural Arts Center online calendar for more information::

Also, a couple of Bea fans have contacted me that they are lucky enough to attend Bea’s event and reception in California at the end of the month. So, expect some exciting pictures and stories from them in February!

01.10.04 :: Happy New Year Bea Fans! I’m hoping for a few things this year for Bea fans. My wish list for the year is basically for DVDs and Bea’s continuing health and entertainment. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they started to release the following shows and movies for us on DVD :: The Golden Girls (all seasons), Maude (all seasons), Bea Arthur On Broadway, Mame, Lovers and Other Strangers and anything else really!! Well, we can continue to cross our fingers and hope for the best for this year. Be sure to check back to this site for any breaking information throughout the year!

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