Meet the Golden Girls TODAY in NYC!

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Go, go, go and take pictures and videos and we’ll all love you :)

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2005 12:30 PM

Other stuff ::

Bea’s show at the Carefree Theatre in West Palm Beach, Florida , November 25-27 has been posted to sometime in 2006. New dates will be announced shortly, hopefully.

New show announced for January 6th and 7th in San Francisco! As always, check out the tour information page.

I’m scatterbrained, more later :) … have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Listen up, recap

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I am, um, behind… but just in case you missed some stuff, here is a recap of upcoming events to take note of and dates to mark on your calendar! First, Tuesday, November 15, run to the store and buy the Lifetime’s Intimate Portraits: Golden Girls DVD so you can see my name at the end of Bea’s program again :) or preorder by clicking on the icon to the right. On November 22, run back to the store and buy Season 3 of the Golden Girls on DVD. But first, go to Lifetime’s web site and sign up to their contest for a chance to meet the Golden Girls in NYC… they are really making this a big, special event, so pay attention! Especially, on Friday, November 11, watch Lifetime all day long (literally) as they are running a very special, 20th anniversary gala party and Golden Girl marathon. Gosh, it almost sounds like I work for Lifetime these days, huh! Unfortunately, I will be out of town that day, so hopefully I will be able to watch it later assuming it records properly.

Also, I have posted the new dates to the rescheduled shows that were postponed due to Bea’s recent illness for both Chicago and Salem. Check out the tour information section for more information!

{edit} Golden Girls Season 4 will be released on February 14, 2006… getting quicker with the releases!

Updates and crab cakes

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Ok, no crab cakes, but it kind of rhymed :) So we have some new information coming in… and again, I post all that I know, so emailing me for more info will get you nothing but a ‘sorry, you are screwed’ email back from me :)

For all you fans of Bea in the Chicago area, we have some good news for you!! The performance which was cancelled this past month has been rescheduled for March 19, 2006! I’m sure more info will follow, but at least we have the reschedule date!! Click here for info.

Other news, I keep missing it, but Bea has been on TV Land confidential program a few times, so be sure to check that out… I’m getting messy and keep forgetting to record it, ooops!

DVDs to look out for in 2005 and 2006 :: Golden Girls Season 3 (which you can preorder to the right), Golden Girls 4th and 5th season (for 2006), Bea Arthur Just Between Friends (HELLO!!), Maude (Finally!), Mame (Finally!), Star Wars Holiday Special (It’s cute), Beggars and Choosers (with the four fun episodes that Bea was on… trust me their good!) and Curb Your Enthusiasm (though I’m still waiting for it to appear on HBO, I know I’m going to miss it, ugh).

So, damn, we are getting what we have been wanting in 2006… so stop complaining :) I’m very excited if you can’t tell!

Again, special thanks to my secret agent in Italy, Alex… he has been sniffing out the hard core details that I post on here. So, thank you again for everything Alex!

That’s all for now, until next time…

What is going on? You ask.

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I just wanted to make a quick post on the recent events that has been going on with Bea. I’m trying to sort through the information people have been emailing me and also what has been posted on various web sites, but the gist is this. Bea became ill during afternoon rehearsal at the Historic Elsinore Theatre where she was to perform October 8th. The show will be rescheduled. People are asking about upcoming performance, such as her performance here, near Chicago on the 15th. This performance too has been postponed. After that, I do not know of any other information on this. So lets all keep Bea in our thoughts and hope for a speedy recovery. I will post more information, when I learn more.

Maude on DVD… someday

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Here is the first proof that we will get Maude on DVD!! However, in the article its very vague and no release date set… but at least someone is getting their act together on this. Every time I go to Best Buy and look at the DVDs, I see so much crap and always think to myself, “how the hell is Maude not released on DVD yet!” Well, we are now getting closer!

Article here!

Meet Bea!

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That’s right, I just got it in my email box today… You Can Meet Bea Arthur! Now, I’ve had my fare share of meeting Bea, so now it’s your turn! According to Windy City Times, a gay newspaper here in Chicago, they are having an exclusive Meet and Greet for Windy City Time readers after the show! All you have to do is when you call to place your ticket orders to The Center Box Office at 708-235-2222, just mention WCT! That’s it! How easy is that! This is just for the October 15th, 8pm performance at The Center for Performing Arts at Governors State University here, near Chicago. Can you believe I’m not going… me neither. So, you have to go for me and give me the juicy details! More information on this show is in the ‘tour information’ area of this web site.

I have also just received a new fan review which I will be posting very soon from Jim (eek, whom I haven’t even responded to his email yet) who saw the Birchmere show! So, look for that soon! Here is an early thank you Jim :)

Plus, all I can say at this point is without being specific is… more exciting things coming up throughout this year and next for all Bea fans to enjoy!

Go see Bea!

P.S. I almost forgot, we are having weekly web chats again as part of the Yahoo! Groups discussion, so come and join us every Friday at 8pm (eastern) and say hi!

New shows to be taped for DVD release

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Thanks to my boy in Italy, Alex, we have just learned of four new shows that will take place sometime in February of 2006! In addition to that wonderful news, these will be the shows that will be taped for the upcoming release of Bea’s show on DVD! This is truly exciting news! The four shows will be again at the El Portal Theatre, in which had a very successful performance at back in 2004. As soon as I learn on more information, I will be updating the ‘tour information‘ page immediately, so do check back!

On and Off

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Just like with Bea’s show schedule, the videos on the site will be on and off again :) I won’t keep announcing it, but I will put them up for a bit and then take them out for a bit, just to ease the load. I’m happy that this site is still getting so much traffic after all this time, so I’m not complaining!

New shows just in a few days, so if you are attending the shows, please email me or even leave a comment below on how you enjoyed the show. If you get pictures, send them to me as well and they will fly up on the site as soon as I can get to them! I was hoping to hear something from the Vegas show, but still no word (hint hint).

So keep checking the tour information page for show times and dates and keep checking the TV guide for Bea’s appearance on Curb Your Enthusiasm. I’m still trying to figure out the details of this. If you happen to know when the show will air, what episode, etc., do let me (us) know!

Take care all!

Always Something

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If you haven’t noticed by now, I’ve been hard at work over the past two weeks getting new videos up of Bea on this web site to share with all the fans. Some of the new videos are from Bea’s performances on Dave’s World, Enemies of Laughter, Maude, Lovers and other Strangers and her short lived 80’s sitcom, Amanda’s (by the sea). I have a ton more to share with you as well, all from my personal collection, within the next few weeks. I have also been replacing some of the current videos that I have already been posting. Some of these videos were created 5 years ago, so the video codecs were quite out of date. Now, all the new videos are in the pleasant 320×240 viewing size and instead of multiple files, are now one file with multiple clips from that performance edited together. I have been having a blast working on these and I hope that you have been enjoying them as well!

For some reason, possibly because of the recent Pamela Anderson Roast, I have been getting a lot more hits to the web site lately. Furthermore, the videos that I have posted have been downloaded at a much higher rate. As we all know, videos take up a lot of server space and bandwidth traffic. I tried to help this issue by hosting some of my videos on my dot.mac account where bandwidth cost are unlimited. But, the rest of the videos are on my main hosting server. JRM Services, has been wonderful by donating the hosting to this web site, which I cannot thank enough and they have also gave a gracious amount of server space and bandwidth for me to use. However, it still hasn’t been enough to hold the traffic recently. I am also going to lose my dot.mac account due to my own financial reasons. So, I had no choice but to temporarily remove most of the videos from the web site. I’ve been getting over a gig of traffic a day and I don’t expect the hosting company to keep up with that.

So, basically I just wanted to let all the visitors know what is up. I still have some videos up that are either hosted off site or on the dot.mac account server. I will also continue to work on new videos in hope of some day that I can put them up on the server! Thanks for you patience and visiting!