Nyack, NY Show

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Another new show has appeared magically! This time if you are in the state of New York you may get excited! From March 4th through 6th at the Helen Hayes Theatre Company in Nyack, New York Bea will be performing her one-woman show! For more information click HERE! The prices of the tickets are unknown at this point.


Florida, here she comes

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New show dates released! So you lucky folks in Florida are not only lucky that it is warm there, but also that our lady of timing will be there too in March! Bea and Billy will be doing 5 shows in West Palm Beach at the Carefree Theatre from March 10 through 13! Tickets are between $30 and $50. Go now! And as always, let me know how the show goes!

Also, I just got back from the video rental store and to my surprise was ‘Enemies of Laughter’ sitting there. I picked it up and am about to watch it. It looks like there just a small part where she is being interviewed as a parent to the main character. Either I forgot that it would be released, or just clueless, but I was excited to see it in the store for viewing!! Only took 5 years to get there :)


Cy Coleman Celebration

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Bea makes an appearance today at the celebration of Cy Coleman’s life at Broadway’s Majestic Theatre. In addition to many other stars’ performances, Bea sang “It Amazes Me” in tribute to Cy. Unfortunately, the first few lines of her rendition were inaudible due to a sound system problem. Nevertheless, it is the thought that counts, right!


A New Year!

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Happy Belated New Year (I’m always a few days late, nevertheless, it’s the thought that counts!) I’m not sure what is in store for this year with Bea, but if it is anything like the past few years, I’m sure we will all be delighted! Last year we finally saw the release of the Golden Girls on DVD. Maybe this year we’ll see Bea’s one-woman show on DVD. One can hope right!

Be sure to check back to this web site now and again for any breaking news and/or shows and appearances updates.

Cheers to a new year!


News posts for year 2004

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12.28.2004 :: FYI. Bea’s January performances for the Orange County Performing Arts Center has been postponed, possibly until the fall of 2005. I will update the information on this site as soon as I find out more.

12.26.2004 :: Happy Belated Holidays! Hope you all had a great holiday season and got the Golden Girls on DVD as one of your many presents (if you didn’t have it already!) Anyone get more than one copy?? :) So, I have been scalded for not sending out a card and/or ecard this year. I apologize, however, time wasn’t on my side this year… but that means next year will be twice as good as before! Past cards are viewable in the collection/misc area of this site. Don’t forget that Bea is doing shows in California in the middle of January of next year… she is still going strong! Click on the tour info button on the top of this page for more information! Until next time… take care all!

11.19.2004 :: Just in from prnewswire.com, a couple of small photos from yesterday’s events! Thanks to Ironicwit in the yahoo group to have found these photos!

copyright prnewsfoto; ko
copyright prnewsfoto; ko

11.18.2004 :: Well, I know this is a little late, but interesting never the less. Today, the Original cast and crew reunion for a special screening and Q&A presentation, moderated by Melissa Rivers, to celebrate the DVD release of The Golden Girls: The Complete First Season from Buena Vista Home Entertainment took place. Attending were, Emmy Award-winning stars Bea Arthur, Betty White and Rue McClanahan; along with series writer/creator Susan Harris, executive producer Paul Junger Witt and producer Marc Cherry (“Desperate Housewives”). I imagine that they may put this event in GG Season 2 or 3 DVD set… however that is only my guess/hope. I’ve seen this kind of thing done before. I’m sure we’ll be seeing something from this event one way or another though, so keep your eyes and ears open!

11.14.2004 :: Just when you thought it was getting quiet, Bea has popped up with 5 news shows to bring in your 2005 New Year! If you either live in California or have a sugar daddy that will take you there, this is an event you can’t pass up! To learn more, visit the Tour Information section of this web site and buy your tickets today! As always, feel free to write me on your experiences of seeing Bea if you are planning to go!

10.20.2004 :: Though I posted about this earlier, just wanted to remind people of Bea’s show that will take place on October 30th at the RiverCenter Bill Heard Theatre in Columbus, Georgia! Remember, if you are attending this show, drop me a note on how it went!

10.18.2004 :: Bea Arthur has agreed to be the Chairperson for the Art Attack Foundation, a nonprofit performing arts scholarship organization. Our mission is to inspire community leaders, businesses, and individuals to participate and contribute in the education, enhancement, and development of young performing artists. We nurture and support talent through scholarships, education, training, stage performances, and other cultural activities. If you go to the website www.artattackfoundation.org. and click on about AAF you will find the letter from Bea Arthur at the bottom of the page. If you go to “how can I help” and print the donation form and donate $50 or more, and send a note that you heard about this through this website, she will send you an autographed picture for your support. You can make a difference in the lives of many who otherwise would not have the opportunity. Thank you for your support.

09.13.2004 :: So, summer in the States is practically over, Bea hasn’t been heard from since the knife incident, what else can you do but go pre-order the Golden Girls Season One DVD set right now! Click on the image towards the top of this page.

08.25.2004 :: For fun again, I’m posting a video clip that I captured from a quick mention of our loved terrorist, Bea Arthur, that appeared on MSNBC a couple of days ago! Enjoy!

Bea Arthur the Terrorist

(from USAToday.com) Bea wasn’t so golden in Boston: Former Golden Girls star Bea Arthur reportedly triggered a security scare at Boston airport when she tried to board a short-haul flight with a pocketknife in her handbag. “She started yelling that it wasn’t hers and said ‘the terrorists put it there.’ She kept yelling about the ‘terrorists, the terrorists, the terrorists,’ ” United Press International quotes a fellow passenger as telling the World Entertainment News Network. It reported that after the knife was seized, the exasperated 81-year-old actress pulled a key ring from her bag and told the agent it belonged to the “terrorists,” before throwing it at staff. She continued her apparent taunting of security officials as she boarded her flight, allegedly telling an agent “We’re all doomed,” according to Philadelphia Daily News entertainment columnist Howard Gensler.

08.25.2004 :: Bea is back in the headlines, but not because of her show. This is just fun ::

Join in the discussion on this either on the BeaBoard or the Yahoo! Group :: And Then There’s Bea

08.13.2004 :: This just in… Bea and Billy will perform at Provincetown Town Hall on Cap Cod on Saturday, August 21st in a fundraiser for the Provincetown Business Guild!

08.11.2004 :: Bea’s performance has finished at the El Portal Theatre. Here is an excerpt from an email that I received from a friend, Neal, who went to the show ::

This was my 2nd time seeing it. It was a little different. There was an intermission and she sang “If He Walked Into My Life.” The first time I saw it, it hadn’t gone to Broadway yet, and there was no intermission. It’s been awhile since I’ve listened to the cd. So, I’ll start listening to it again.

There was ONLY 1 empty seat in the theatre and it was right in front of us. So, you could have come out here! Ha, ha……

She looked and sounded great! She’s such a great storyteller. Here she’s been doing this show for 2 years plus, and when she tells her story’s, it’s as if she’s telling it for the first time. She keeps everything so fresh!

Full press release available HERE about Bea’s new show at the El Portal Theatre.

07.01.2004 :: UPDATE on the 06.26.2004 news.

06.26.2004 :: This just in… :: Bea will be doing her show again in the L.A. area, August 5, 6, 7, and 8 at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood! More information on this will be forthcoming! What a wonderful birthday present for me (August 6th) :) (if I get to go that is) Stay Tuned!!

Also, as a polite reminder, please do not email me asking for more information. I will post any and all information that I get about all news here. Thanks for your cooperation!

Tickets are $28. And if you want to go to the party after the show, it’s $100. More information coming soon!

06.18.2004 :: Bea Arthur to appear at the Ennis’ fund-raiser for Spinning House Oct. 30 at 8 p.m. in the Bill Heard Theatre in Columbus, Georgia.

06.04.2004 :: Bea fan, Dorothy, got the opportunity to meet Bea after her recent Saugatuck show this past May. She sent me some photos to share, which have been posted in the fan photos section. Do check them out and the beautiful scarf that she hand made for Bea too!

06.03.2004 :: For those of you who haven’t seen it, Bea is still strong with animal rights and the PETA organization. In this article and disturbing video, Bea lays it all out on how KFC treats their chickens. It’s not the easiest video to watch, but there is a good reason for it.

06.01.2004 :: After a long wait (and thank you for your patience) I have finally uploaded new videos to the video section! Included are bloopers from the Golden Girls, the wonderful CBS Morning Show interview, the hilarious Rupaul show event and more! So do check them out here!

05.28.04 :: Making its DVD debut on November 30 is “The Golden Girls“, a popular comedy about four older women living together in Miami. This half-hour sitcom connected with many viewers in its seven-season run. The First Season (1985-86) contained 24 episodes. Read more about this long awaited event here.

In other exciting news, the videos in the collection section are all available again for viewing! Thanks to JRM Services for saving the day once again! I’m getting ready to upload new videos, as well, so check back often for those!

05.25.04 :: Bea had yet another successful show(s) this past weekend in Saugatuck. I want to thank the people that had emailed me before and after the show to share their thoughts on the show. However, they were quite vague in detail. So, please email me the details of the show and I would be happy to post them to this website to share with other fans! I was in Michigan this weekend ironically but did not stop by to see Bea, however, I waived to her as I drove past Saugatuck!

Tomorrow Bea will be performing in Washington DC with two other exciting friends. If anyone is attending this performance, I urge them to email me with your experience!

Take care all… more news coming soon!

05.13.04 :: Be sure to wish a certain someone a very happy birthday today!

Happy Birthday Bea!

Even though I’m still seeing news sites listing Bea’s age wrong, I want to wish Ms. Arthur a very happy 81st birthday!

05.09.04 :: If you haven’t seen this already, then be sure to check out screenshots of Bea Arthur’s home from the UK show that it was featured on! Visit Sam’s wonderful Golden Girls site where she has added a feature from this show called, Bea Arthur on Through The Keyhole (Aired 2003, BBC One, UK) Click HERE to for the exclusive images!

05.02.04 :: New performance alert!

A Celebration of Life : Whitman-Walker Clinic’s 11th Annual Spring Gala featuring Divas of a Lifetime! Three leading ladies performing on an intimate stage in the round. Join Bea Arthur, Dixie Carter, and Elaine Stritch together on one stage, Wednesday, May 26th at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C. Click HERE for more info!

Anyone that can go to this, please let me know… I would love to learn of the details. It would be amazing to see these three on one stage, let alone the VIP Reception.

Update on the Saugatuck performance of Bea’s on May 22nd and 23rd… looks like I will most likely not be able to attend, due to lack of funds to get me there, etc. So, if you are going to this performance, again, please let me know so you can do some reporting for us!

More to come soon…

America’s favorite Golden Girl of comedy is coming to Saugatuck, MI and you’re invited!

03.22.04 :: Breaking news from BeatriceArthur.com!

Bea Arthur performs her Broadway and London hit show Just Between Friends with Billy Goldenberg at the piano.

A benefit for Mason Street Warehouse, an uptown theatre in downtown Saugatuck.

Saturday, May 22, 2004
6:30 pm cocktail gala in the theatre lobby, 7:30 pm curtain – $100
6:30 pm cocktail gala in the theatre lobby, 7:30 curtain AND post-show special reception with Bea Arthur – $200

Sunday, May 23, 2004
2:00 pm curtain – $75

Tickets go on sale April 10, 2004, and maybe purchased by calling the Mason Street Warehouse box office at 269-857-4898 or by calling TicketsPLUS at 1-800-585-373.

For questions, contact Mason Street Warehouse at 269-857-4898.

03.17.04 :: Tonight’s premiere of the TV Land Awards was well worth the wait! Half way through the show, Bea appeared in a 5 minute spoof on the girls of Sex in the City. In addition to the gals, listed below that also appeared with her was also the delightful Abe Vigoda (whom you may remember from Barney Miller!)

Great fun, I will be re-watching this over and over! If you missed the awards show, you should be able to catch it again soon on TV Land, as they tend to reply the awards quite a bit within the first few weeks of the premiere! So check your local listings.

Click on the pictures to the right to view more screenshots from this fun-filled event!

Full press release available here via Yahoo News

03.07.04 ::
 Time to set your VCRs again! Even though I’m sure you planned on watching this year’s TV Land Awards on March 17th at 9:00pm (Eastern), now you have another reason to watch: Bea Arthur, Sally Struthers, Katherine Helmond and Charlotte Rae appear in a hilarious spoof of Sex and the City.


I just ran out to the store to pick up this week’s People Magazine where they have a very cute picture of Sally Struthers, Charlotte Rae, Bea Arthur and Katherine Helmond posing for a spoof of Sex in the City. I had to scan it immediately and stick it up here for all of your enjoyment ! Love the hair Bea :)

03.06.04 :: A wonderful article by a huge fan of Bea’s, Deborah Danskin, has just been posted. Do check it out and post your feedback on the BeaBoard! “A Bea Arthur Type” – by Deborah Danskin

Bea in L.A. :: 2004 :: The Fan’s Stories
03.01.04 :: 
I am excited to announce that I have just uploaded the stories that I have received so far from fans on the L.A. performances that Bea did this past January 31 and February 1, 2004. I’m still waiting on a couple more stories and those will be posted as soon as I receive them. So do check back soon!

I also have a gut feeling that this will be a special year with Bea, so do not give up hope or lose interest in that Bea may stop performing… as for there is no stopping our favorite Golden Gal!

02.16.04 :: Thanks to a new Bea friend in Texas, Debbie, I have a renewed excitement about Bea. She, as well as, 2 other people have contacted me about their experiences from the recent performance in Los Angeles. They are still collecting their stories and will be sending me their own personal accounts of the show. I will be making a special dedicated page(s) to this being that there is something extra unique and special about this certain performance. One of the unique things is that all 3 people, learned about the performance via this web site! They also went to great lengths in going to see Bea traveling from Texas and as far as Pennsylvania! So check back over the next week or two, for I am hoping to have collected all the information from these people to have posted up here!

02.12.04 :: Bea Arthur and Rita Moreno are to be part of the Peggy Lee Tribute this year at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood California on July 14th at 8pm. If anyone is going to be at this event please email me so we can set up a reporting spot for you! More info on this closer to the date of this event!


02.02.04 :: 
Bea wrapped up her two shows in California for the South Bay Conservatory Student Scholarship Fund and we will have two stories from two people who traveled across the country to see this exciting event. Check back in a week or two for their stories and photos!

01.21.04 :: 
Well, after thinking that a package from a friend in Australia that was sent over a month ago was lost in the mail, it finally came in the mail today! Well worth the wait too! Not only did he send me the show brochure from Bea’s Australia performance, but it was also signed by Bea herself! A huge shout out and thank you to Norman in Australia… thanks so much! 

01.17.04 :: Looks like Bea is in high demand in California! A second show has been added for February 1st, in addition to the January 31st performance for the South Bay Conservatory’s Student Scholarship Fund. Unfortunately, it looks like there is no reception with the second show. See the Torrance Cultural Arts Center online calendar for more information:: http://www.tcac.torrnet.com

Also, a couple of Bea fans have contacted me that they are lucky enough to attend Bea’s event and reception in California at the end of the month. So, expect some exciting pictures and stories from them in February!

01.10.04 :: Happy New Year Bea Fans! I’m hoping for a few things this year for Bea fans. My wish list for the year is basically for DVDs and Bea’s continuing health and entertainment. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they started to release the following shows and movies for us on DVD :: The Golden Girls (all seasons), Maude (all seasons), Bea Arthur On Broadway, Mame, Lovers and Other Strangers and anything else really!! Well, we can continue to cross our fingers and hope for the best for this year. Be sure to check back to this site for any breaking information throughout the year!


News posts for year 2003

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12.12.03 :: Great news for us and especially Bea fans in California! Bea is continuing into 2004 with a special one time only show for a gala event for the South Bay Conservatory’s Student Scholarship Fund. Read more at the following two sites ::


12.01.03 :: Hey Bea fans! Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving! As you probably know, there hasn’t been any real news of Bea since her London show ended in October. However, I am still keeping an ear out for anything new with her. I assume she is still resting up and enjoying the holidays.On that note, I too had to lighten the load for this web site. I have currently pulled the audio and video sections in the collection area. I know the videos are one of the most popular features of the site, but due to disk quota issues, I had to pull them for the time being. I have full intention to put them back up as soon as I jockey some files around on this web site and the other web site that shares the disk space, my personal/business web site, LimegreenTangerine.com. Thanks for understanding and I will post on this page when these pages are back up and with new content!!

Happy Holidays all!
Kevin Buckstiegel
– founder of Bea Arthur In The Lime Light, Bea Arthur Fan Web Site 

11.15.03 :: No news to report on what Bea has been doing the past month since ending her show at the Savoy. We can probably assume that she is resting up and enjoying the holidays with family and friends. However, you never know with this go getter!

Below are images sent to me from Angie who runs www.angelalansbury.net from when she went to see Bea in London. Thanks Angie!

 10.18.03 :: Bea’s London show ended today. Great job Bea! To read more straight from the fans about Bea’s show at the Savoy, visit ‘What People Are Saying’ section and the BeaBoard. Below are images are taken from a fan, Michael, a few nights ago at the Savoy!

10.10.03 :: Update on Bea’s illness. Looks like she is battling a severe ear infection according to Playbill.com. To read more about her disappointment in canceling a few of her shows click HERE.

10.08.03 :: Bea has canceled a couple of her shows in London, due to illness. She should be back though within two days, so fear not. I’m sure she is just working too hard… she can’t help it! Keep up the great work Bea! (only a few more days left before her London gig is over) :(

09.26.03 :: I have been receiving quite a bit of email from people in the UK with responses to Bea’s show. Overall, the majority have been positive. Critics on the other hand have not been impressed. The question is why? Is it because Bea’s material is related to what only US people would know about or is it because UK people have different expectations of the theatre? Post your comments and read others in the BeaBoard Message Board.

Also, take a peek at some of these articles ::
Guardian Unlimited
The Stage Review

Also, the CD soundtrack to the movie version of Mame is now available for purchase!

Finally, don’t forget to check out @cess the Golden Girl’s coverage of Bea in the UK. Sam, is working hard over there keeping us up to date on on-air coverage of Bea!

09.24.03 :: Bea Arthur will be appearing on the UK’s Terry and Gaby Show on Wednesday 1st October. The show goes LIVE from 11 am – midday (the audience arrives at 10 am). If you would like FREE tickets please ring Daniel on 020 7843 9512 or email terryandgabyaudience@umtv.tv

09.06.03 :: 
We have our first fan review from London in from the message boards. Be sure to check it out! Bea is continuing to wow the rest of the world successfully. Also, visit Bea Arthur at the Savoy for more info on the show!

09.09.03 :: Bea ended her show run in South Africa on the 7th and is now on her way to London to start her show on the 15th! For more local UK information be sure to check out Bea Arthur at the Savoy via @ccess the Golden Girls web site.

09.02.03 :: Add a new fan story in the What People Are Saying section. Be sure to check David’s story and picture with Bea, they come directly from South Africa where Bea’s show is a continuing success!


08.19.03 :: Reminder that Bea is in full swing right now on her South African tour! From what I have been hearing from people, the show has been well received, as well!

Shows at two different locations will be taking place in South Africa, as Bea takes “Just Between Friends” to the following places before performing in London ::

August 12th – 24th :: Pieter Toerien’s Montecasino Theatre
[Johannesburg & Reef]

August 26th – September 7th :: Theatre on the Bay
[Cape Town]

08.04.03 :: My, my, my how time flies! Sorry for the lack of updates here lately. However, there really hasn’t been anything Bea newsworthy going on to announce. I’ve also had people ask me about the book of fan stories that I will be sending to Bea. I have decided to wait to send it to her until after she gets back from her latest shows in Africa and Europe. I’m sure she is preparing for them as we speak and therefore wouldn’t either receive or pay much attention to the book. So, please continue to send your stories and pictures over the next few months and they will be included in the book. I have been really impressed with what I have received from you guys already! Keep up the good work. I’m excited to receive stories from people who have seen her show in Africa and Europe, as well, to include in this. I have already had contact with people in both Africa and Europe… thanks again!

That’s all for now. Be sure to check in once in a while to get the latest!


07.04.03 :: I am extending what I posted on 06.06.03 to the end of July. I have received some great stories from fans already and want to extend this to a few of you that have been procrastinating. I am the king of procrastination so I completely understand!


06.26.03 :: It’s official, Bea is taking her show to South Africa and London! Click here for the scoop!

06.06.03 :: Ok guys… Bea has given us so much, it’s time to give back. I have decided to send Bea a high-quality book of stories from her fans. I will be using the stories that are currently posted on this site [here], as well as, any new submissions that are sent to me by 06.30.2003. So here is your chance to get your story told directly to her! I will also be including pictures that have been sent to me from you. So, if you have any images of your meeting experiences, be sure to send them to me by the end of this month. Also, please take the time to write your story. I am not the best writer myself, but I have found out that there are a lot worse writers out there!!! So, please take your time in articulating your story. If it ends up being 5 or 50 stories submitted I will still send them to her.

I’m sure that Bea will really get a kick out of this, so I do hope you participate. Email your stories and photos to me at no later than 06.30.2003.

I will post any feedback I get back from her to share back with all of you!

That’s all for now!

06.03.03 :: It was a great moment on television last night with the premiere of The Golden Girls: Their Greatest Moments which aired on the Lifetime TV Channel. It was a fun-filled 90-minute show hosted by Bea, Rue, and Betty. Though they were never seen together, which has disappointed many fans, it was still a great way to enjoy the Golden Girls with the girls themselves! If you have missed this special, I’m sure it will be replayed many times to come. It was a great time with a sad undertone of Estelle being absent. Though it wasn’t an E True Hollywood story dishing out the dirt of the show as some expected, the show included some never seen before bloopers and behind the scene footage, as well as, a special performance for the queen of England! Click here for details from Lifetime TV’s web site.


05.25.03 :: A few interesting new worthy events to mention today!

First, one more week until Lifetime’s Golden Girls reunion special. June 2nd, at 8pm (EST). I’m really looking forward to the bloopers and hopefully some behind the scenes footage that they will be showing… and of course Bea! Don’t forget to watch!

Second, a member of the Yahoo Group, Ironicwit, found a great article online about the people who grew up with Bea (Bernice Frankel) in Maryland. This is a really fun and interesting article, click here to read it.

Third, Ironicwit also found an interesting article on Rupaul’s very own web site :) Click here to read about the possibility of Bea taking her show to South Africa and Europe this summer!

And finally, I just received an email from someone notifying me of a tribute album to the late Peggy Lee in which Bea will be performing on! Click here to read the article!

That’s all for now, be sure to check back soon for more exciting information about Bea and the Golden Girls reunion soon!

05.15.03 :: Two pieces of news. One just uploaded a human interest story that you might enjoy called ‘BEA’ing Friends’. Click on the link above to read. Second, a new video of Bea has been added to the video collection. Be sure to check it out. It is the appearance of Bea on the Graham Norton show. Special thanks to Darran for sending it to me!

05.13.03 ::

Bea would kill me for using this image of her…
I’ll take that chance… love ya Bea :)

04.29.03 – Clips of three of the four Golden Girls were on Entertainment Tonight for the Golden Girls reunion show tonight. They have announced the air date being June 2nd at 8:00 pm (EST). I have a feeling the show will revolve around Estelle missing out on the reunion. Quite sad, being Estelle loved the girls so much.

04.25.03 – Lifetimetv.com has announced the following… there is currently no additional information about this at this time… be sure to check back for further details when announced ::

Pssst…Have we got “Golden Girls” gossip for you! Are you ready for a spectacular summer with Betty, Bea and Rue? The fab trio will be featured in a 90-minute “Golden Girls” special. We’ve got new and exclusive interviews with the actresses, who reveal their favorite show moments and much more! The best part? The ladies might answer your question on video. All you have to do is submit your query by clicking below now! 
And stay tuned for plenty of juicy details about the summer special that promises to be hotter than Miami in August! Pussycat, this is one show you won’t want to miss.

04.22.03 – Thanks to great folks at JRMServices.com, who host this website, BeaArthur.com is now available. Two easy ways to get to this site and extremely easy to remember! I can’t thank JRM Services enough for keeping an eye out for this domain. If you are looking for a hosting company for your website, definitely check out JRM Services.com… they have my endorsement!

04.01.03 – No joke here! Two years and two months after first launching BeatriceArthur.com, a well deserved clean up of this site has taken place. In addition, new content has been added to the collection section under clippings (starting with #56 and on). A generous guy from Australia sent me a wealth of Bea clippings from over there. Again a huge thank you to him! (Hi Peter!) Upcoming in the next month or two, new videos! So be sure to check back. In the meantime, be sure to sign up to the BeaBoard and leave your comments and questions for either me or other Bea fans to answer!

03.20.03 – Nothing new with Bea since the TV Land Awards, which is now a definite part of TV history. I would like to make an announcement regarding contact information. I strongly urge any questions you might have about Bea, be posted on the BeaBoard. I am no longer able to answer all individual questions and emails about Bea. I have fallen months behind, so it would be nice to have the chance of other Bea fans who are just as, if not more, knowledgeable than me to answer your questions.

Also, a redesign of the Bea site will be coming soon, incorporating the BeaBoard as well as a couple of other features to the site. The main redesign will be behind the scenes in the programming, so don’t expect a black and white difference in the design.

Thanks again for all your support and keep having fun!

03.11.03 – Just a friendly reminder to watch the TV Land Awards (Wednesday, March 12th, 2003) (filmed on March 2nd, 2003) where Bea will be appearing! Further info will be posted on the BeaBoard!

03.01.03 – BeaBoard – NEW beta version – try out the new Bea message board and become a part of the Bea fan community!

02.21.03 – For all of you who have been waiting for the Bea Intimate Portrait to be re-air, wait no more! Tune into Lifetime tv at 7pm (Eastern) on Wednesday, February 26, 2003.
Also, I noticed that the Cartoon Network is rerunning Futurama, where Bea guest stars (voice only) as Femputer. It’s really cute! This will air Tuesday, February 25, 2003 at 11pm (Eastern).

01.26.03 – It’s now been almost a week now since the premiere of Bea’s Intimate Portrait. I have received a lot of feedback from Bea’s fans, and am excited to report an overwhelming positive response to the show. I’m still very excited about this extremely well biography of our Bea Arthur!

One request. Please do not email me and ask for copies of the show. For obvious reasons I cannot fulfill these requests. The show will be repeated eventually, so keep a look out on your local listings. I will also update you on this when I learn of the air dates. Thank you for your cooperation!


01.20.03 – The moment we have been waiting for over 3 years has finally happened. Tonight Bea Arthur’s Intimate Portrait finally premiered on Lifetime TV. And to fan’s welcome, the show was true and full of Bea as a person and entertainer. Click here for a special BeatriceArthur.com overview.

01.19.03 – Maude is back… for some! So, I’m watching Maude right now on tv? Did we know it was back on? I do now… but not sure for how many people. I’m in Chicago, on the RCN network, and on Ch. 14 they air a station called ME-TV… I guess it stands for Memorable Entertainment Television… never heard of it. Anyway, they air Maude every Monday through Friday. This is great for me… but was curious to if how many of you get it? So check your local listings. It airs here in Chicago from 1:30 – 2:00 pm.

01.11.03 – Just a friendly reminder from BeatriceArthur.com. Don’t miss the premiere of Bea’s Intimate Portrait on January 20th on the Lifetime channel at 7 pm Eastern!!

01.10.03 – I received this press release from PETA today. They asked me to post this to the site.



News posts for year 2002

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12.10.02 – Well, Bea has ended her Toronto show and now we ask ourselves… now what? The truth is, nobody knows. Bea has surprised us many times before, so let’s hope for an announcement sometime soon on what she has in store! Perhaps in London? We’ll see! In the meantime, have safe and blissful holidays! Happy Holidays from BeatriceArthur.com


11.19.02 – The following is a message I received from a production coordinator on a Canadian talk show called ‘Because I Said So’ with Maggie Cassella, taped once a week in Toronto in front of a live audience.
“On Monday November 25th 2002 we have Bea Arthur as a guest and I would love it if you could post some info about the appearance on your site. The show’s topic is Have sitcom’s lost their edge? Bea will be appearing with a Toronto Sun columnist Jim Slotek to debate that topic at 7:45pm at the CHUMCity building located at 299 Queen Street West. Taping takes 1 hour. Individuals or groups interested in free tickets can call our audience reservation line at 416 591 5280 or email isaidso@star-tv.com
The show airs nationally on Star! the Entertainment Station and Citytv several times weekly.”

11.06.02 – Special Request from BeatriceArthur.com :: I want to strongly urge Bea fans to send me their stories and any pictures they might have taken when seeing Bea’s show in either Toronto or Sydney. We would love to hear and see your take on Bea’s show to compare with when she was in the USA earlier this year and the year before. Thanks for your feedback! Check in the ‘What People Are Saying‘ section to read fan stories!

10.30.02 – Important Update :: Bea Arthur’s Intimate Portrait on Lifetime television will premiere on January 20th, 2003. The air date has been moved from the previously announced date for no given reason. Please update your calendars.

10.23.02 – Continuing the good news. Word of The Golden Girls series released on DVD has finally appeared.

10.22.02 – A review of Bea’s show in Melbourne, Australia has been posted in the Tour Information section.

10.21.02 – BREAKING NEWS :: exclusively from BeatriceArthur.com
I have just been notified from Feury Grant Entertainment that the Bea Arthur Intimate Portrait has been completed. The scheduled air date is November 25th on the Lifetime Channel. Check your local listings for time.

09.09.02 – Exciting news for the people of Toronto, Canada! Bea’s coming to town. I know a lot of you will be excited for I have received a lot of emails from Toronto. . I will also update the tour information page with this information as well! I might be able to attend as well, so I’ll keep you all up to date about that as well!

09.04.02 – Update on E! TV Tales – Golden Girls, the air date has been changed to Wednesday, September 18, 2002 at 8pm. Please made a note of it on you calendars :)

08.27.02 – I have just received official information that the E! TV Tales episode featuring the Golden Girls will be first aired on September 16, 2002, at 8 pm [eastern]. It will be a must-see show.

08.26.02 – What we’ve been all waiting for… Lifetime’s Intimate Portrait of Bea Arthur!


So far I’ve learned…
Lee Grant, herself, was the one to finally convince Bea to do the intimate portrait!! They have interviewed Bea, her sons, Rue, Bill Macy, Conrad Bain, George Swatter (?), Paul Witt (executive producer of the Golden Girls), and Norman Lear.

08.16.02 – Attention Bea fans in New Mexico. Click here for a Bea performance near you!

07.31.02 – I decided to post some screenshots from Bea’s appearance in the 1979 episode of Saturday Night Life, in which she hosted. I’m posting this slide show in a different fashion, using Flash, so please send me your feedback on how you like it.

Click here to launch Bea :: SNL 79′
:: 857k file size :: must have Flash 6 player installed ::

As for the show goes, the show never really ramped up to my expectations and certainly did not seem like Bea was the host, appearing in so little of the hour. To be fair, however, I tend to get my expectations up on everything that Bea is in, and can tend to be disappointed at times. Nevertheless, we finally got to see this episode! I’m still excited about that. Something is better than nothing, and though it was edited down, I feel that much more complete :)

I really appreciated seeing Bea and Gilda together. Gilda was such a wonderful person and it’s nice to take a step back in time and see them together!

07.27.02 – Thanks to the collective efforts and knowledge in the Bea Yahoo! Group, it has been announced from E! Online, that the Saturday Night Live where Bea hosts will be aired Tuesday [07.30.02] at 7:00 pm [eastern]. If you miss this airing, it will be on again August 6th [my birthday!] at 3:30 pm [eastern]. All of us Bea fans have been waiting for this to be aired for years!! Very exciting for some of us, a must-see for everyone else! Thanks again to the people in the Bea group!

07.18.02 – Wow… didn’t realize that it has been this long since a news posting. Just goes to show, when the curtain falls, it’s over. Anyway, just wanted to post that there is a new fan story posted on the ‘what people are saying‘ page and click on ‘Michael’. Also, more info about Bea performing in Australia on the ‘tour info‘ page. Check it out now… or next month, we’ll wait. :)

06.08.02 – Exclusive news from BeatriceArthur.com! I have been fortunate to be informed of any new, upcoming events and appearances from Bea’s business manager to be passed along to her fans via this web site! Therefore, I have the following announcements ::

It has been confirmed that Bea had been ill for the Tony awards, that being the reason why Bea was not present. The good news is that she is doing better!

Second, attention Golden Girls fans! Currently, in the works at E! network is an episode of TV TALES about the Golden Girls! Rue McClanahan, Betty White, Harold Gould, Leslie Nielson, and other writers, etc. of the show have already been interviewed for the show. On June 4th, Bea Arthur agreed to and was interviewed for this show as well! Estelle will be on the show as well, but clips from a few years ago will be used, being that she can no longer do interviews because of her condition.

So keep a lookout for this, what should be, an exciting show! We all have been wanting a Lifetime’s Intimate Portrait of Bea… well, again, this show would fill in a lot of the missing pieces and will be a long-overdue dedication to the Golden Girls sitcom.

So, keep a lookout for this show within the next few months and check back here for more inside news soon! 


06.02.02 – Well, as predicted, Bea didn’t win the Tony® again, but we are all still happy for her being nominated. Congratulations to Elaine Stritch for the win.

Was hoping to see Bea in the audience or present an award, but neither happened. It seemed that Bea wasn’t there, which is a disappointment, if true. Elaine did mention Bea and the rest of the nominees in her too long of an acceptance speech :)

Next steps :: Hopefully Bea will make an appearance in both London and Australia… stay tuned!

05.06.02 – Just when you thought there would be no news about Bea… Just announced today ::

Bea Arthur on Broadway, Just Between Friends – Tony® Nominated for Best Special Theatrical Event! The Tony® Awards will be aired on June 2nd, 2002 on PBS and CBS.

04.15.02 – The party is over :( Bea ended her Broadway run last night at the Booth Theatre. From what I’ve heard, it was an emotional end for the dynamic due, Bea and Billy. This now completes practically a full year of Bea’s one-woman show on the stage. All across the country, landing in NYC, Bea has conquered the USA.

So, what’s next? London? Perhaps, but only time will tell. I’m sure she will rest up and reflect some. She deserves it as she turns 79 next month.

Anyway, it’s been a wonderful year for me, as well. I have had a terrific time following her virtually from city to city, show to show. I look forward to the future with Bea. If she chooses to leave the limelight, so be it. We will always have fantastic memories and plenty of reruns to keep up tied over forever!

Thank you Bea… (and the rest of her fans)

03.27.02 – Announced today, Bea Arthur on Broadway will close on April 14, 2002. Get your tickets now before this unforgettable event is over!

03.18.02 – New fan story and photos uploaded in the tour section. Check them out here! Thanks Josie!

03.05.02 – Bea Arthur on Broadway has been extended indefinitely! She just won’t stop! Therefore, there is no excuse not to see Bea! For more information, click here. Also, visit www.backsmack.com for a cute, little Flash piece on Bea NOT getting slapped. Other famous characters such as Britney Spears get slapped silly. It’s good to see that most people interpret Bea as a strong, untouchable woman! 

02.18.02 – Received Bea’s CD today… absolutely brilliant. Full review of it in the next LimeLetter which be released within this next week, as well as on the Yahoo! Group. I know I will be listening to it 24/7 for the next month… at least!

02.05.02 – Happy 1 year anniversary to the ‘Bea Arthur in the Lime Light’ web site! I can’t believe it’s been a full year since I launched this site. And to my surprise, a couple of months later, that Bea would start a nationwide tour and Broadway show. It’s been an exciting year, and this year will be just as exciting. Thank you for all your support and involvement on this site and on the Yahoo Club. It’s made it 100% worth the time that I put into this site!

02.03.02 – Happy days are here again… Well, today’s appearance of Bea on CBS’s Sunday Morning Show was fabulous. For all of you hoping for an Intimate Portrait of Bea, well this was a 10-minute version of one. Covered all her highlights in life, included never seen before photos and behind the scene footage from Maude. I have a few still images from this posted at the Yahoo! Club (link above). It’s been a great day for Bea. Also, listened to Broadway’s Biggest Hit show today, which featured Bea. There they played songs from her soon to be released CD and added their exclusive interview with Bea when she was in Phoenix. The great part is, there is more to come this Friday when Bea appears on the Rosie O’Donnell show! Can’t wait!

02.01.02 – Bea is on the cover and the feature story of this week’s NEXT Magazine! Probably the best photos of Bea I have ever seen. Check it out here at nextmagazine.net! 

01.31.02 – Yahoo! Club is back up and running! Unfortunately, I’m still having problems remaining as the founder… Hopefully, when the Clubs merge into Groups, this will be resolved.

Some exciting Bea appearances will be taking place this week. First, Bea will be on some local radio stations next week. Some of these radio stations will be available over the Internet for listening. For more information about this event visit www.broadwaysbiggesthits.com!

Second, Bea will be on February 8th’s Rosie O’Donnell Show! Rosie is a huge fan of Bea’s and has already seen her show. Looking forward to this event. Bea normally doesn’t do the talk show thing, but always makes an exception for Rosie! Check your local stations for times!

Third, Bea on Broadway CD is now available for pre-order. The ship date is February 12th! You can do a search for Bea Arthur on Amazon.com and/or CDNOW.com to order yours today! I have :)

01.25.02 – Many of you may have been wondering… where is the And Then There’s Bea Yahoo Club?? Did Kevin delete it? Answer :: No way! I would never delete my club. I plan to keep the club alive even after Bea ends her show. Unfortunately, Yahoo seems to have some problems. It is almost impossible to contact them, so I am just going to wait a few more days and see if the problem clears up. In the meantime check out Lifetime TV’s website and take a peek at their Bea message board.

01.21.02 – Updated the tour information page. Added a new fan story and photos! In addition, it has been confirmed that Bea will be on Wednesday’s (01.23.02) The View on ABC. Be sure to check it out!

01.15.02 – Bea Arthur will be hosting a morning of the Golden Girls on the Lifetime Channel on January 21st from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm eastern. Should be fun!


News posts for year 2001

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12.29.01 – My apologies for not updating the site lately, been extremely busy with work and the holiday season. Look forward to January and February when I make updates and major changes to the site! In the meantime, Happy Holidays!!! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday with family and friends. Click HERE to receive your present from BeatriceArthur.com! 

12.01.01 – Bea’s Broadway performance and dates have been officially announced. For more information on this finale event visit Broadway.com. Also, sign up and join the discussion in the Yahoo club (link above).

11.10.01 – Sign up now to the LimeLetter! This will be the official newsletter for Bea Arthur on the LimeLight website, as well as its mother site Limegreen Tangerine. The first newsletter will be released within the next few weeks. An online archive of newsletters will be available within the next few months.

11.09.01 – Announced today from the NewYorkPost that Bea will hold her grand finale show in New York City at the Booth Theatre for 6 weeks. Please check back to the ‘tour information‘ section for updates about this event. It will be a biggy! I’ll ‘bea’ there!

11.03.01 – Bea is still at it. Her show has been continuing without a hitch and there have been a lot of great reports and feedback from the press. See up to date links to these online articles at the And Then There’s Bea Yahoo! Club today!


10.10.01 – The senior editor of A&U magazine asked if I would put up their article with Bea in their September 1998 edition. Of course, I would, and did! Check it out in the ‘Collection’ section for the complete, full-page scanned, article. Super article with some wonderful, home front pictures of Bea with her dogs!

10.06.01 – Been adding a few new user-submitted stories in the “And There’s Bea… in Chicago” mini-tour site. More photos of people meeting Bea will be posted soon as well. Just click on the upper right corner of this page on And “Then There’s Bea … in Chicago” and check them out!

09.25.01 – Exciting news for this website:: I have uploaded a ton of new videos, with many more to come within the next few weeks. Also to follow in the next few weeks, many more stories and pictures from people who have met Bea and experienced Bea’s show and a well deserved update in the ‘biography’ section!

There will be much more content to come very soon, so keep checking back! Thanks for making this site the number one resource of the great Beatrice Arthur!

09.17.01 – First of all, I would like to give my condolences to all the families out there affected by the tragedies this past week. My heart goes out to all of you.

I have disabled all the Quicktime movies in the Collection section due to a lack of finances for server space. I am in the process of restructuring this and all of my web sites. I’m doing everything in my power to keep this site alive, but currently, it is not looking so good. If the site should go down, I will do everything to get it back up.

Thank you all for your support. Take care.

08.26.01 – Though there hasn’t been any personal news regarding Bea lately, Bea is still in headlines all over the country. If your interested in the little tidbits of Bea news, then I urge you to go to my Yahoo! club that is dedicated to her show. Many people continue to post their stories of seeing the show and meeting Bea.

08.07.2001 – I’m excited to announce BeaLive. BeaLive is a streaming audio radio station that I have started. Songs include hard to find, originals by Bea Arthur from all her performances starting back in the ’50s. In addition, the original artists of the songs that Bea sings in her ‘And Then There’s Bea’ tour. Keep checking in for new songs added to the playlist soon. 56k connection minimum is required.


08.06.2001 – First of all, today is my birthday. Yippy Skippy. Anywho, on a more important note: for those who do not already know this. The song, recently released by Rufus Wainwright, called California has a notable mention of Bea Arthur in it. It’s a great song besides this delightful surprise, so check it out! Also go to this link from the Rufus Wainwright message board: www.rufuswainwright.com

07.21.2001 – Quick note: Updated Bea’s tour schedule. There seems to be some changes from the original, so here is the most up-to-date version.

 – Though I haven’t had any recent meetings with Bea lately, you have. I’ve been getting some wonderful emails from people, sharing their experiences of meeting Bea. I have posted some on the ‘And Then There’s Bea…in Chicago’ part of this site. Even more, fun, are the photos that some of you have sent me. I just can’t get enough of seeing Bea and others enjoying her company!

I have also been trying to update the articles section on the tour mini-site. Tedious, but worth it… been adding scans of local and national newspapers. So check them out… they include some new images of Bea as well!

Finally, I have been collecting all the web sites that have covered Bea’s show from around the country. Soon, I will have them all available in PDF format for eternal storage. Stay tuned & Bea Happy.

 – Sad day in Norman Lear’s television history. Carrol O’Connor died today of a heart attack at the age of 76. For the ones that don’t know this: Bea Arthur’s Maude television sitcom was a spinoff of Carrol O’Connor’s All in the Family sitcom. Beatrice is my favorite actress, Carrol was my favorite actor.

 – Well life has dealt me some crummy cards lately, so it’s been hard to do the things I love, like this site. However, I finally managed to get up about 75% of the new mini-site dedicated to Bea’s tour. Click on the top right corner to check out all the activities. Check back soon for many more additions and tweaks to this new mini-site. I’m still excited about Bea coming to Chicago, just like it was yesterday! This means I have to travel to another city soon, to see Bea again. It’s like another of my friends has moved away from me here in Chicago. I miss Ms. Bea :(

06.01.2001 – 3 is a charm! Last night was Bea’s last night in Chicago. It was also the 3rd time that I saw her show here… and I still haven’t had enough! I felt it was the best show out of the three that I saw. The audience was extremely receptive. After the show, a few of us ran to the side of the building where Ms. Arthur’s dressing trailer was. Everyone starts singing the theme to Golden Girls. She opened the door and stuck her head out and thanked everyone for coming. Then she asked that everyone sing it again, which she loved. She then signed people’s show brochures and was very pleasant.

I then got a tip from a friend earlier that day that she was making another unannounced appearance at a local gay cabaret bar called Voltaire here in Chicago. So, after seeing Bea at her trailer, we hopped into a cab and bolted down to the bar. Sure enough, she came in. Though she was very tired she sat with everyone else and watched the cabaret show. After a few drinks, she and Billy got up and sang one song to everyone. She sang ‘Some People’ that she also covers in her show. It was wonderful… absolutely wonderful.

Today I’m sad to know that Bea is no longer in Chicago. It was a wonderful 10 days. I collected many pictures and articles from the newspapers and anything else that I could find. I can’t wait to see Bea and Billy soon… possibly in New York next spring, or some other city that she is touring sooner! We love you Bea…


05.28.2001 – Mmmmm… Bea is on a roll! Bea sung the ‘Take me out to the ball game’ for the Cubs game here in Chicago yesturday. If i knew that would be singing, I would have been there in a heart beat. Unfortunately I didn’t find out until this morning. However, I saw the clip on the news and grabbed a few frames (below).


Also, I started a new Yahoo! club dedicated to Ms. Arthur’s show, specifically. Please stop by and blab your head off about the show and Ms. Arthur.

05.26.2001 – Interesting thing happened here in Chicago on the radio! From the Chicago Sun Time: Actress Bea “The Golden Girls” Arthur just got censored? Arthur, who is in town for a few weeks for her one-woman show, “. . . And Then There’s Bea,” encountered an unexpected radio flap. Sneed is told that Bea recorded her own radio spots for the show, but WGN radio wouldn’t air it because they think it’s too lewd. Calls to WGN were not returned.


Also, thanks to my friend Jessica for pointing this out to me… Bea’s show has an official website! How could I have missed this :) www.andthentheresbea.com has her up-to-date tour schedule, radio spots, video clips, and much more! I was delighted to see this site listed in the links section as well!! Thanks again for letting me know Jessica!!

Photo by Joan Marcus from the Chicago Free Press newspaper – 05.23.01

05.25.2001 – Thanks to Jam Theatrical’s, Jeffrey, I was hooked up with free, front rows, seats last night. It was awesome to see Bea so up close again. This time I could really see her facial expressions and feel the songs that she sang from her heart. But, three will be a charm, when I see her again next Thursday for her closing night performance. Again, the show was unbelievable and just as entertaining. This time I took a notepad and jotted down everything, minute by minute. But during the show, I decided not to post this on my site. It wouldn’t be fair to people who haven’t seen the show yet, as well as Bea herself. It’s a must-see show, therefore… go, Go, GO, and see it for yourself. Period. If you have to fly halfway around the world, it will be worth it. I promise that. I will continue to work on a ‘And then there’s Bea in Chicago’ subsite, with more local articles, pictures, and personal experiences. But, again, will not be posting a minute-by-minute review.

I want to thank everyone who has emailed me. It’s been overwhelming to say the least. It’s been great to hear all your own personal stories, as well as, how passionately you feel towards Ms. Arthur. I try to get back to all of you, but forgive me if I’m a little slow. I also try to answer your questions as best to my knowledge, but please remember, I am not Bea, nor do I work for Bea (yet :) so please be realistic with your questions! Thanks.

05.24.2001 – “Bea Arthur in the Lime Light” web site makes it in the Chicago Free Press. View the side-bar article HERE. Also, check out the main article and interview “Queen Bea”, by Web Behrens.

05.23.2001 – Just wanted to write a quick little blurb about her opening performance here in Chicago last night. Again, I will be making a complete page wrapping up all the events while Bea was in Chicago within two weeks. I just wanted to express how wonderful she was in her show. Better than a strict autobiography of Bea, she shared all the people, performances, and songs that were dear to her throughout her life. She explained that she wanted everyone to feel like they were at her home for a visit. To sit down and have a visit with Bea! And that’s how she made everyone feel.

It is a must-see show… do not miss it for anything! So, check back in a few weeks, after her show wraps up here in Chicago, for an exclusive sub-website of ‘And Then There’s Bea in Chicago’!

05.21.2001 – Today was the day I have dreamt about for years. The day that I finally met Bea Arthur. I have been 10 feet off the ground ever since. The pictures below were taken at our local gay bar here in Chicago, Sidetracks. Left, is Bea and Me, and to the right is Bea and my boyfriend Matthew. I was fortunate to be tipped off earlier that day, that Bea would be making an unannounced appearance at Sidetracks. My heart was pounding from then to when Bea pulled up in a white Lincoln Town Car outside of the bar. After talking to some people from Jam Theatricals, who were organizing the show, I was confirmed that she would be appearing and that I would be able to talk to her. I was also fortunate to be sitting just a few feet from where she was sitting and could watch her throughout the night like a hawk. After waiting patiently for the right moment, I was introduced to Ms. Bea Arthur. After talking with her for a few intense minutes, I introduced Matthew to her, where they talked for a few additional minutes. I then asked her if we could get a picture with her. At the moment she agreed, the digital camera that Matthew had ready, shut off automatically because it wasn’t being used for a bit. So, Matthew had to turn it back on, which took a few moments. Bea then turned to me and said, “if he doesn’t take the picture soon, I’m going to prune”, then after a few more moments of Matthew frantically turning back on the camera, Bea reached her hand out and yelled, “Take the fucking picture”, and at that very moment the picture took. She started laughing because it captured her in the prime Maude moment….

Bea was so amazing, so sweet, so approachable, which surprises people, thinking that she is like Maude in real life. But, she isn’t. I will be making a separate web page that will be capturing Matthew and me meeting Bea and her show while she is here in Chicago. I will write about the words exchanged between Bea and me, about the Christmas card that I re-gave her and this website. I will be seeing the show 3 times, therefore, I will be able to give a moment by moment review of her show. Also, I have been collecting anything newspaper clippings from the Chicago area for the next two weeks. I will be collaborating it all in one web site presentation. So check back in a few weeks!

05.19.2001 – Made a couple of small changes to the site. Changed the ‘about’ section to ‘news’. I then moved the ‘about’ section into the ‘contact’ page. I also started archiving the news section, because luckily there has been lots of news!

Three more days until I see Bea on her opening night here in Chicago. I can’t express how excited I am! I have been going through all the newspapers in the Chicago area and have been clipping away. I will be posting them soon on here, probably a couple of weeks after the show ends. That way I can post the reviews of her show as well. This also made me think: if Bea’s show came to a town near you, and you have some newspaper clippings saved, then scan them in and email them to me. I will also post anything you send.

Also, HERE is a collage that I made from the Comedy Central website of the award that Bea won for her performance in Malcolm in the middle appearance.

Look forward to my own reviews of Bea’s show here in Chicago. I will be going to her opening AND closing night’s shows, so I will have a comparison review of both shows as well. So much going on… so keep coming back!!!

05.05.2001 – Just got back from a wonderful, 10 day, vacation in Hawaii, therefore, I’m a little behind in updating the news. A lot has been going on though. Bea is well on her way performing her shows. On her opening night in Minneapolis, she fell off the stage. Quite the scare. Luckily, she was fine and finished the show. Received my tickets for the opening and closing nights to her show here in Chicago. Now it’s just a waiting game… so excited! As always keep looking below for up-to-date postings on her tour dates.

Also, another congrats to Bea for winning the American Comedy Award for her performance in Malcolm in the middle. I’m so happy for her. See I told you a lot has happened while I was on the islands :)

04.21.2001 – Just received my issue of OUT magazine in the mail and to my surprise towards the end of the magazine in the horoscope section… :)

04.13.2001 – BREAKING NEWS… I finally got the dates and location confirmed for Bea’s show here in Chicago. To my surprise and fortune, she will be here for over a week… and better yet… in walking distance from my house :) I plan on going opening and closing nights, if not more!!

04.8.2001 – Ok, here are confirmed and unconfirmed dates of Bea’s one women show! I will update that as soon as I find out more:

And Then There’s Bea!
April 24-29, 2001Minneapolis, MNGuthrie Theatre
May 8-13, 2001Melbourne, FLKing Center
May 20, 2001Fort Myers, FLBarbara B. Mann
May 22-31, 2001Chicago, ILPark West
June 2-3, 2001Savannaha, GALucas Theatre
June 12-17, 2001Louisville, KYBrown
June 19-24, 2001Austin, TXParamount Theatre
July 3-8, 2001Columbus, OHCaptiol Theater
July 10-15, 2001Cincinnati, OHKaplan
July 24-29, 2001Nyack, NYHelen Hayes Theatre
July 31-August 5, 2001Raleigh, NCFletcher Opera House
August 7-19Ft. Lauderdale, FLAmaturo Theatre
August 21-26, 2001San Francisco, FLAlcazar Theater
September 4-9, 2001Indianapolis, INEgyptian Ballroom
September 18-22, 2001St. Louis, MOPageant Theater
October 2-7, 2001Washington, DCWarner
October 23-28, 2001Tampa, FLPlayhouse
November 8, 2001Lakeland, FLPolk Theatre
November 10, 2001Galveston, TXOpera House
December 11-23, 2001West Palm, FLRoyal Poinciana
December 26-30, 2001Thousand Oaks, CAScherr Forum Theatre
January 2-6, 2002Phoenix, AZOrpheum Theater
 New York City, New York 

P.S. I thought THIS was funny, found it while I was searching for a cat in the Chicago area :)

03.26.2001 – Thanks to a poster at the Bea message board, named Admirer, I have been informed of some exciting information. Bea is back! “The Guthrie Theater will premiere the national tour of beloved actor/comedian Bea Arthur’s one-woman show, …And Then There’s Bea, With her Friend Billy Goldenberg at the Piano. The tour opens in Minneapolis on Tuesday, April 24, 2001, for one week only, prior to a 26 city tour and a spring 2002 New York opening.”, according to the Gurthrie Theater website. This is the best news I’ve heard since seeing Bea here in Chicago a year or two ago. And it looks like she’ll be back! And I’ll be waiting at the stage door in hopes to exchange some words of appreciation. If anyone is going to the Minneapolis show, please let me know!

Also, Admirer led me to the link at classmates.com where two photos of Bea in her school days have been posted. Check them out:


That’s all for now, will be exclusively covering this show when more information is available. I would be going to Minneapolis to catch her opening show, but I will be in Hawaii that same week. Can’t pass that up either :)

Thanks for the information Admirer (what is your real name ? :)

Update: Admirer has also posted a partial listing of the cities where Bea is performing: Minneapolis, Montreal, Chicago, Kansas City, Louisville, Austin, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Columbus, Fort Lauderdale, Westhampton (in August), Boston, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Dallas, Cleveland, Toronto, West Palm Beach.

03.18.2001 – Finally had some time to upload 54 new pictures from my newspaper and magazine clippings collection. My next priority will be the ‘Fibs and Facts’ and ‘Biography’ sections.

 – Posted my 8×10 collection and miscellaneous collections. Still grinding out the videos… looking for server storage for them as well. In the meantime, I’m continuing to post all magazine clippings, paintings, and other miscellaneous items I have of Bea!

02.12.2001 – The new Bea Arthur site is released today! Luckily my work schedule has been light [not lucky for my wallet], so I have been pounding away on this site. I have decided to convert this site into a complete flash/shockwave site as well over time, should be up sometime this summer. People using 56k dial-up won’t like me too much with this site :)

Right now my #1 priority is getting my collection up. Photos, clippings, audio, and miscellaneous sections will be up this week. Videos will be up within the month, quite a time-consuming task clipping, editing, and converting video clips, but I think this will be the highlight of the site! Second, I will go back and write my biography for Bea and fibs and facts section. Lastly, I will give credit where credit is deserved, in the copyrights section.

02.05.2001 – Construction the new ‘bea arthur in the limelight’ website is under way. Meanwhile, I posted clips from Bea’s recent audio appearance in Fox’s Futurama. Who else could play such a Femputer! hoping to release the new Bea site by 03.01.2001, if not sooner… so come back often!

01.10.2001 – Here is the Christmas card that I designed and sent to family, friends, and Bea Arthur herself. Hopefully, she’ll get a kick out of it. Also, if I ever meet her, she should be able to recognize me :)


News posts for year 2000

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12.14.2000 – Launched message board with heavy moderating.

 – Lots of Bea news! for me anyway. I’ve been buying eBay clean of Bea Arthur auctions and well worth it! I’ve created a Bea shrine in my living room because of it. With all the items I’m collecting, I’ve decided to create a full-fledge Bea Arthur fansite. It will be filled with tons of images, articles, sounds, and video clips with Bea. Secondly, I finally saw and recorded the Malcolm in the middle episode that I missed, finally! I also obtained the rare star wars 1978 holiday special where Bea appears for about 15 minutes. She came across successful as a Maude meets bartender. So, lots happening, and more to come soon.

10.06.2000 – I’m still so bummed about TVLand taking Maude off. I missed so many episodes. I filled up 4 videotapes of Maude, but it’s not enough. I wish they would release the Maude box set. I finally saw ‘Lovers and other strangers’. It was wonderful to see Bea in 1970, little would she know the success of work laid ahead for her. And finally, I’m kicking myself that I didn’t take off work and travel to go see Bea in her one-woman act in Connecticut.

7.8.2000 – Last night I saw Mel brooks ‘history of the world – part 1’, where Bea had a minute cameo (yet fabulous) part. After seeing this short clip, I decided in the next few months that I will be collecting Bea shorts and converting them into downloadable Quicktime movies. These will only be available here, so check back soon!

Bea was recently in ‘Malcolm in the middle’, and I MISSED It If anyone has seen it and/or has it on videotape, please email me. I just kick myself when I miss a Bea event! [update: I finally recorded the rerun of Bea’s appearance in Malcolm in the middle! video clips of her performance will be posted soon!]

I recently was extremely fortunate to see Bea here in Chicago performing in a George and Ira Gershwin musical – strike up the band. This was a double pleasure, being a fan of Gershwin music. To see Bea, who is 76 years old, sing I’ve got a crush on you’ was a true delight.
article: [2.13.2000] – Chicago tribune

3.14.2000 – National Enquirer posted a recent Bea sighting’.
barefoot Bea

Bea also recently made a cameo appearance on Showtime’s ‘Beggars and Choosers’. She auditioned for the part of Ethel merman. It was a short but sweet appearance!
episode 4 – hat trick