The Smoking Gun :: Bea Arthur Was A Truck-Driving Marine

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This isn’t much of a surprise to people that have followed Bea’s life closely, but understandably so, most people haven’t beyond The Golden Girls. So, when this news broke today, it was quite the talk of the town (interwebs). What is fascinating about this article is the new images of Bea and documents from the era. A definite must see and keeper!

Visit here and enjoy! The Smoking Gun :: Bea Arthur Was A Truck-Driving Marine

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Bea Arthur to appear in Betty White comic!

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I don’t know about you, but in addition to collecting Bea Arthur anythings, I also collect comic books. Who would have guessed that one day both would come together!

“PETA has joined forces with Bluewater Productions to give fans an eerie surprise on the back cover of Betty White’s comic book debut, ‘Female Force: Betty White.’ White’s late ‘Golden Girls’ co-star Bea Arthur glares disapprovingly from a controversial PSA warning readers about the slaughter practices of McDonald’s.” (source PopEater)

Additional reads on this :: DigitalSpy, BlueWater

Pre-order today! ::
Female Force: Betty White

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Bea’s best friend on TV, Rue McClanahan passes

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Sad news today, Rue McClanahan, whom I knew had been sick recently, passed away from a massive stroke. I was really hoping just a year ago that I would be seeing her in her own one woman show right here in Chicago! She was talking about this event of her book, My First Five Husbands being turned into a theatre show at a Chicago Theatre gala that I was lucky enough to attend last year in May. Everyone was speculating that she would play herself, if all the contracts agreed, that is. :)

I was then lucky enough to kneel by her chair where she was sitting and talk with her for a while. She asked more questions about me then I could of her which I felt was very sweet and kind. I had met her 2 years prior at a book signing, but failed to mention that as I was so tongue tied at the time, all I said was ‘it is such a pleasure to meet you’. So, getting the chance to meet her a second time and talk in a more intimate space was a dream!

We’ve been missing Estelle and Bea for quite some time, now we have to add Rue to that lineup. I’ve been watching more Maude lately then anything and Rue’s participation in that show made it the one of a kind that it is known for. Rue and Bea had a special connection in life and we get to enjoy it on screen!

Miss you all.


May 13th, always Bea’s day

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We approach what would have been Bea’s 88th birthday tomorrow. However, just by clicking through the television Bea is still celebrated daily… hourly even! Just within the past 24 hours I saw, Maude on MeTV (yes shows outside of season 1), Biography channel’s 2006 biography of Bea, Golden Girls on multiple channels, and with a little given time random showings of Malcam in the Middle and Futurama to name just a few will be showing shortly.

Thanks to Betty White’s recent resurge into pop culture, Bea has also been more on the people’s minds lately. I’m personally so excited for Betty and I’m sure Bea would be too. Win Win.

Happy Birthday Bea! May 13 will always be sketched into our minds forever!


2010 – A year to review a legacy

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Happy New Year!

It’s weird thinking about 2010. I already know that there won’t be any chance that I will get to surprise all of you with a new date, time and venue that Bea would be appearing at. Though I haven’t had the fortune of doing that in a while, she always managed to surprise us and every year I never gave up hope. That being said, we now have many years of her materials to sift through. Therefore, I declare, 2010 is the year to review the legacy of Bea Arthur.

I can’t think of a better way to start reviewing her life other then reading the words from a lucky guy that got to spend the last 6 years of his life with Bea. Not just for an occasional event here and there, but as her everyday personal assistant and eventual close friend. Click here, to read some of Dan Watt’s personal stories and what exciting project he has been working on (which he kicked off with Bea, herself!).

On another note, this web site turns 10 years old next month! I never would have imagined all that would have come out of this web site back then, but am so thankful for all the fans that I have met and special opportunities that I have received from it.

As always, keep your fingers crossed in hopes of some new media releases this year. ie. Maude Season 2 – 6 and Bea Arthur on Broadway on DVD or 3-D Blu-ray ;)

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Bea’s Final Interview

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I’m sure most of you have already seen this, but wanted to post it just in case you had not. I’m a little behind as I am recovering from a cold so forgive me :)

This is a clip from an upcoming series by Merv Griffin, Lunching With A Legend, with Bea’s assistant Dan Watt via Insider. Hopefully, the full posting of the episode will appear on YouTube and/or at eventually. Keep an eye out for it!!

Bea Arthur remembered with forever love and laughter!

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On Monday, September 14th, fans and fellow celebrities gathered one more time to remember Bea Arthur. I wasn’t able to attend, however, have gathered up some links from news stories of the event. Also, heard from fellow fans who wanted to share their experiences.

Here is part of an email that I received from a fan, Rudy, who was able to attend and goes on to say ::

For me, as an Angela diehard particularly, the most moving moment was when, toward the end, she set up the playing of the clip of Bea on “Malcolm In the Middle,” which she described as a marvelous example of Bea’s magical touch she could bring to even a scene that was only four minutes long. Angela was the essence of restraint and professionalism all throughout the show until this moment – when she uttered the name of the show (“Malcolm In the Middle”) her voice suddenly buckled out. It made me start crying all over again. It was obvious that Angela meant to express her love for Bea by being the best damn host she could be. I’m absorbing old school professionalism like this while I can, because before long it will be a fossil.
I’m very sorry that you did not get to come, but I’d trade the experience for what you had anytime – seeing Bea.

Here are some news links for your enjoyment of the event ::

Finally, if you can get the change to visit The Ali Forney Center website to learn more about Bea’s dedication and possibly donate to the cause.

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Friends and family listed for Bea’s memorial

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Directed by Mark Waldrop, “Celebrating Bea Arthur” will feature remembrances and performances from the late actress’s family and friends, including Adrienne Barbeau (“Maude” co-star), Zoe Caldwell, Billy Goldenberg (Arthur’s longtime accompanist), Sheldon Harnick (Fiddler on the Roof lyricist), Charlie Hauck (“Maude” head writer), Norman Lear (“Maude” producer), Clinton Leupp, Anne Meara, Rosie O’Donnell, Chita Rivera, Daryl Roth (Bea Arthur on Broadway producer), Jerry Stiller and Rue McClanahan (“The Golden Girls”).

Read more at and at

PS. Just announced was the 5th season of SNL where Bea appeared on! Release date for December 1! Read more here!

Residence for homeless gay youth named for Beatrice Arthur

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New York, NY….The Ali Forney Center (AFC), the nation’s largest organization dedicated to homeless LGBT youth, will formally announce it’s plan to name a residence for LGBT youth in honor of Bea Arthur at her memorial service on September 14th at the Majestic Theater in New York City. The Ali Forney Center is working with a group of Bea’s close friends and colleagues to plan the memorial service…

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