Bea Arthur on Biography Channel Announced!

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Don’t miss it over Thanksgiving dinner! Set your Google calendar alerts now!

“Bea Arthur”
Thursday, November 23 @ 8 pm ET
Biography Channel

Running Time: 60 Minutes
Genre: Documentary
Upcoming Showings:
Thursday, November 23 @ 8 pm ET

She was classmates with Harry Belafonte and Marlon Brando and a winner of a Tony Award and multiple Emmys. Bea Arthur reached the highest rungs on the TV ladder with starring roles in two enduring primetime hits–Maude and one of the Golden Girls. But, Miss Arthur’s talents extended beyond the small screen: she also starred on Broadway with key roles in Mame and Fiddler on the Roof among other notable parts.

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Bea Update :: Hearing loss and future project

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Thanks to Deb, who tipped me off this morning that Bea would be on E.T. tonight talking about her hearing loss. I’m glad that this subject was finally addressed, as I know from personal experiences in meeting her that hearing was quite fragile, making conversation sometimes frustrating to the both of us. Anyway, I recorded the interview and have put it up on YouTube for all of you to get caught up with! Still no slowing her down, however, as she is still planning to be on TVLand’s Back To The Grind early next year!

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Funny how many hits this site gets every time Bea is on the news… hopefully, doesn’t crash my site :) Welcome all!


More wonderful things to come in the future!

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Two thing to look forward to ::

It’s official! A&E Biography will be filming a special on Bea Arthur in October.  Release date unknown at this time.
Second, all the ‘girls’ are being interviewed for the 7th season of the Golden Girls DVD… saving the best for last!

That’s what I have for now… stay tuned for more when I know more!
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Good things to come for those who wait!

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A reliable source (leave it at that please) has informed me that it is true that Bea IS filming for the next 3 Fridays for the TV Land show mentioned earlier. Also, Bea is tentatively working an a biography!!! This is wonderful news for the recent lack of news and appearances over the past few months. I will let you know more as soon as I hear of more! In the meantime, please respect that this is all the information I have and emails asking for more information will be ignored. (I have to say that over and over because I continue to get emails like this all the time)


Anonymous News Tip – Back to the Grind

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Take it for what it’s worth, being that it came from someone that wouldn’t she his or her name… hmmmm… but still sounds interesting if true! This is what he/she just wrote me ::

Bea will be taping an episode of TV Land’s new show, ‘Back to the Grind’ where tv stars of the psat go perform their characters old occupations. MTV’s TVLand Network is inviting Los Angeles-area Kaplan SAT students teens to be in their new “Back to the Grind” comedy reality series in which former sitcom stars do the jobs their characters did on TV. For this episode, Bea Arthur (“Golden Girls,” “Maude,”) will “teach” Kaplan students about the SAT. Previously-filmed episodes have featured Erik Estrada (“CHiPs”) working with the California Highway Patrol and Loni Anderson (“WKRP”) as a radio personality.

Golden Girls Season 6 DVD News; Nov. 14

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Via ::

We’ve received word from our reliable retail source that the sixth season of The Golden Girls will be released on November 14, and should be announced tomorrow, or early next week. The sixth season includes appearances by Don Ameche, Martin Mull, Lyle Waggoner, Cesar Romero, Brenda Vaccaro, Debbie Reynolds, Alan Rachins, Kristy McNichol, Hal Linden, Bill Dana, and Jeffrey Tambor. You can find them, and other guest stars, in these 26 episodes from season 6:

  1. Blanche Delivers
  2. Once, in St. Olaf
  3. If At Last You Do Succeed
  4. Snap Out Of It
  5. Wham, Bam, Thank You, Mammy
  6. Feelings
  7. Zborn Again
  8. How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sophia?
  9. Mrs. George Devereaux
  10. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…Before They Die
  11. Stand By Your Man
  12. Ebbtide’s Revenge
  13. The Bloom is Off the Rose
  14. Sisters of the Bride
  15. Miles to Go
  16. There Goes the Bride Part 1
  17. There Goes the Bride Part 2
  18. Older and Wiser
  19. Melodrama
  20. Even Grandmas Get the Blues
  21. Witness
  22. What a Difference a Date Makes
  23. Love for Sale
  24. Never Yell Fire in a Crowded Retirement Home Part 1
  25. Never Yell Fire in a Crowded Retirement Home Part 2
  26. Henny Penny — Straight, No Chaser