On and Off

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Just like with Bea’s show schedule, the videos on the site will be on and off again :) I won’t keep announcing it, but I will put them up for a bit and then take them out for a bit, just to ease the load. I’m happy that this site is still getting so much traffic after all this time, so I’m not complaining!

New shows just in a few days, so if you are attending the shows, please email me or even leave a comment below on how you enjoyed the show. If you get pictures, send them to me as well and they will fly up on the site as soon as I can get to them! I was hoping to hear something from the Vegas show, but still no word (hint hint).

So keep checking the tour information page for show times and dates and keep checking the TV guide for Bea’s appearance on Curb Your Enthusiasm. I’m still trying to figure out the details of this. If you happen to know when the show will air, what episode, etc., do let me (us) know!

Take care all!

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