PETA 25th Anniversary

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Bea Arthur will be part of the 25th anniversary of PETA on September 10th. The gala and humanitarian awards show will be at the Paramount Pictures in Hollywood on that Saturday. Save your pennies though, these gala events usually cost a pretty penny, starting at $500 a chair. For more information visit ::

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  1. Jake Benjamin Jacoby Wellborn

    I’m not sure if this is Bea Arthur from this post, since it’s addressed to everyone in third person. Nevertheless, I am both an admirer of Beatrice Arthur’s work (especially from ” The Golden Girls”) and a member/donater to PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals). I Tivo every single re-run of ” The Golden Girls” on Lifetime every day (I have a season pass), and I make sure that both my father and I see every episode at least ” Thrice” (From the episode ” Big Daddy’s Little Lady”; 1986; in which ” Dorothy” and ” Rose” compose a song about Miami; ending up in second place). So really, I must thank Bea for two things: Giving me a new way to look at life (For my friends and I, heart-to-hearts over cheesecake are always in residence), and showing me that being witty and sarcastic can make you a very likeable person.

    Jake of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. (thirteen years of age)

    P.S.- Please, if you get a chance (If this is updated by Beatrice Arthur), please feel free (I beg of you!) to e-mail me at


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