Set your Tivo for 03.20.07 to see Bea!

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Thanks to the recently resurrected Ironicwit in the Yahoo Group for finding this information popping up in television directory listings!

The View
Actresses Bea Arthur and Adrienne Barbeau; actress Melina Kanakaredes; guest co-host Audra McDonald.

March 20th 2007 – Set your Tivos, DVRs, PVRs, and VCRs (not like anyone uses those anymore) [feeling old?]


3 Responses to “Set your Tivo for 03.20.07 to see Bea!”

  1. Fred

    This is going to be fun; Bea and Adrienne were so great together on Maude, and here we will get to see them together again. Right On!

  2. Jamie

    WOW!!!! I have class on Tuesday mornings, but I think I may be home “sick!!!” I already requested off from work next Tuesday so I can stay home and watch Maude lol!!!! I love Bea and Adrienne together. They were absolutely magical together on Maude!!!!

  3. eve

    How exciting! I think this may show on w (australian foxtel) very soon. I don’t have this channel but now I want to. fingers crossed!


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