Fan Photos

Hey Bea fans! This section is where I’ll throw anything and everything that I run across from Bea’s show in cities, other then Chicago. I’ll also post other peoples stories that want to share here… enjoy!

On Jessica’s 3rd time of seeing Bea’s show, Jessica finally met Bea. A well deserved treat! Congrats Jessica!


Matthew from Florida, who was lucky enough to be invited into Bea’s dressing room after her performance. Have you notice how Bea puts on such big smiles on everybody’s faces!


… Just in… two fabulous pics from Andrew and Mike. Both of them got to meet Bea while she was in Columbus, Ohio.

“The first is of us in the dressing room after the show.”

“The second is Bea being swept away by wind after the matinee.”

Here are a couple of pictures sent to me from Allison who saw Bea when she performed in Nyack, New York. Read her story here.


Here are a couple of pictures sent to me from BIll and Brad who saw Bea when she performed in Indianapolis. Read their story here.


Here are a few more pictures sent to me from another Bill who also saw Bea when she performed in Indianapolis.


These next photos are from Josie. She met finally Bea, but her photo didn’t turn out of them together. Great story though!


Outside the Booth Theatre in New York City





Which one is the real Bea???

06_backdoor_bea 07_backdoor_door

Backdoor fun :)


These next photos are from Scott’s Bea experience.
scott_01 scott_02 scott_03 scott_04


These next photos are from David’s Bea experience in South Africa.

Below, Dorothy met Bea and presented her with a hand made knit scarf that she made for Bea at the May 2004 performance in Saugatuck, Michigan!

dorothy_bea_01 dorothy_bea_02 dorothy_bea_03
From Paul :: Nyack, NY Performance

030405_01 030405_02 030405_03 030405_04-1

From David :: Nyack, NY Performance

030405_05 030405_06 030405_07


Photos from April 19th, 2005 show in Mount Pleasant, MI. from Steven Conley

fanphotos_01 fanphotos_02 fanphotos_03 fanphotos_04 fanphotos_05 fanphotos_06
Pictures from Joshua who attended the Mount Pleasant Show in Michigan on April 19, 2005!
Picture of Russell from the Atlanta City performance on June 3, 2005.”Hello, just saying thanks for the great site!! Because of your work, I was made aware that Bea would be performing in Atlantic City at the Tropicana. I got great tickets from Ticketmaster, front row and was able to meet Bea in person after the show! I had a conversation with Billy and he brought me and 3 other fans inside to the restaurant where Bea and Company were going to be having dinner =) I am including the pic of Bea and I taken last night if you’d like to include it on your site, thanks =) Russell Graves Jr”
Pictures from Jim who attended the Alexandria, Virginia show in 2005!
jim01 jim02
Pictures from Timothy who recently saw Bea in LA!
Pictures from Debbie who dined next to Bea at a restaraunt after the Scottsdale show in February of 2006!
fan_deb_01 fan_deb_02
Pictures from Scott who attended the Chicago show in 03.19.2006!
fan_scott_01 fan_scott_02


Pictures from Brandon who attended the Chicago show in 03.19.2006 with friends!

fan_brandon_01 fan_brandon_02 fan_brandon_03